Acids have a pH level below 7. It’s the ultimate origins question. 93. Sulfur is a nonmetal. 99. You even knew the answers to the tricky questions. Why Do Fresh Eggs Sink, and Rotten Eggs Float? What’s the Difference Between Caffeine and Theine? 67. You know your stuff! Can water stay liquid below zero degrees Celsius? What is the first element on the periodic table? One fun way to learn about chemistry is to, The next step is learning fun ways to apply knowledge and delving deeper into your favorite subject. An example of an inorganic carbon compound, Ag stands for argentum, which is an old name for, Salt is the solute because it dissolves in, On the one hand, you won't be winning the Nobel Prize in. Can We Make Anthropomorphic Molecules? Review, Chemistry Vocabulary Terms You Should Know, The Elemental Composition of the Human Body, Ph.D., Biomedical Sciences, University of Tennessee at Knoxville, B.A., Physics and Mathematics, Hastings College. Glass of Ice Water. 4. If you want to improve your knowledge, grab a kid's science text or start learning chemistry online. 90. Not all compounds that contain carbon are organic. How Does the Sun Burn without Oxygen? 55. If ice didn't float, lakes and rivers would freeze from the bottom up, basically … Do Mosquitoes Bite More Girls than Boys? 38. 56. 1. 7. Not interested in chemistry at all? What Happens to Food While Cooking it? How Hot Does a Lightning Strike Get? Martin... 3. How Does the Coke+Mentos Experiment Work? Why are there so many different kinds of forces in chemistry? 15. Is it Hotter than the Sun? It is basically a plastic tube, … What Happens if You Mix Half a Liter of Alcohol and Half a Liter of Water? Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of Chemistry Hall, all of its staff, contributors or partners.Content on this website is for informational purposes only. 10. 16. Adenine is a nucleic acid, not an amino acid. An atom is the smallest recognised division of a chemical element and is … 34. 98. On the other hand, you're probably an expert in another field! Can You Die for Drinking too Much Water? When does the breaking of chemical bonds release energy? 71. Water is good old H 2 O! How Many Water Molecules Are in a Bucket? Both proteins are strong and flexible. Review high school chemistry to make sure you've covered all the bases or perform cool chemistry demonstrations to show others why the science is so amazing! What is it about the ocean that makes it look blue when it reflects the sky? Log in Copyright by Chemistry Hall or by third-party sources, where indicated. hemistry any time soon. Why don't objects fuse to my finger when I touch them? How Much Carbon Is in the Human Body? So, ice is less dense than water and floats. How can glass be a liquid if it's so hard? Why should you care? A glow stick is a self-contained light source. Can We Reach Absolute Zero Temperature? Top Ten Questions: Chemistry 1. 92. 3. Avogadro's number is huge! You can also brush up on chemistry by taking another quiz. An example of an inorganic carbon compound is carbon dioxide. What is More Complex, the Universe or Chess? What’s Especial About Vanadium Oxide? True or false? How do I know if something is an acid so I can avoid eating it? Why Does the Planet Uranus, Rich in Methane and Hydrogen, not Burn? By using ThoughtCo, you accept our, One interesting property of water is that it achieves maximum density as a liquid, not as a solid. What Is the First Element Ever Created? What Would Happen if you Peed in Space? The term "argent" survives, meaning silvery. On the other hand, you're probably an expert in another field! 44. 4. 80. 1. Be careful you don't confuse the symbol with Sn for tin (a common tricky chemistry test question). We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. 19. Mendeleev (sometimes spelled Mendeleyev) is credited with creating the modern periodic table, although his table was based on increasing atomic mass rather than atomic number. What Are Atoms? These cookies do not store any personal information. 72. Can You Put Out a Candle with Home Made Carbon Dioxide? If you put pure magnesium in your hand, it may react with the water in your skin and ignite, but it won't melt. The reason chemists use 6.02 x 10^23 to define a unit is to avoid having to work with crazy-large numbers. Can we unravel the puzzle of life’s origins? How much salt (NaCl) is in the average adult human... 2. The state of matter of a substance is due to the kinetic energy of its components. 35. You could simply take another quiz! 36. How Do Glow Sticks Glow? We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. 14. How Was the Structure of Benzene First Conceived? 94. From here, you can hone your chemistry skills, try your hand at an experiment, or you may simply enjoy taking another quiz. You have a good command of chemistry. Bromine and mercury are liquid at room temperature. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Can you... Will chilling an onion before cutting it keep you from crying? Food coloring dispersing in water is an example of diffusion. 17. Do Metals Have Antibacterial Properties? The pH scale is used to measure how... 2. What makes a "fluorescent" highlighter marker so bright? Tritium is radioactive. 58. How Do You Make Fireworks of Different Colors? 24. 57. What are Churchane, Housane, and Padogane? Can Table Salt Adopt Other Stoichiometry Than NaCl (1:1)? Darwin told us how life … How do plants get their nitrogen from the air? If there was a million dollar prize for getting the questions right, you could be rich right now! You can melt gallium in the palm of your hand. Most of the body's iron is locked up in the hemoglobin found in red blood cells, used for oxygen transport. Which is the Heaviest Element in the World? 84. What Is the First Time that Chemistry Has Been Used? What Happens When You Add Table Salt to a Volume of Water? 73. What Is the Difference Between Glass and Crystal? Is There Helium on Earth, and How Do We Collect It? Does the Hole in the Ozone Layer Still Exist? Why Are Graphite Rods Used in Nuclear Reactors? For one thing, chemistry is everywhere in the world around you, so brushing up on it will help you choose the best foods, medicines, and household products. How can glass be a liquid if it's so hard? What ratio of … Why Does Ice Float? Why Car Airbags Are Filled with Sodium Azide, a Very Toxic Substance? This is a cation, which you can remember because the "t" in cation resembles a "+" sign for positive. A liquid takes the shape of its container (no defined shape), but has a fairly constant volume (at least compared to a gas). 2. Why do atoms always contain the same number of electrons and protons? A quasi-exception would be carbon tetrachloride, which is an organic solvent. 11. 63. Why Does Asparagus Make Your Pee Smell? 82. Awesome Chemistry Experiments For Kids To Do At Home, Awesome and Easy DIY Science Experiments to Do at Home, What Is the Color of Oxygen: Properties and Exciting Facts, Keys for the Best Chemistry Lab Notebook in 2020. 78. Most of the hydrogen in the world is protium (one proton, no neutrons), but some deuterium and tritium occurs, too. 62. Chlorine is not a noble gas. How does tomato juice make skunk smell go away? Why is plastic not used in home construction? Another reason to master chemistry is so you can do (and understand) cool science projects. Antimony and most of its compounds are toxic. One of the essential minerals in the human body is salt. What Makes Up >99% of the Normal Matter in the Universe? What Are Olympic Gold Medals Made Of? You didn't miss this one, right? Electron Microscopy at a Glance, Lab Hacks – How to Increase your Productivity in the Lab, LSD Synthesis and Discovery: What You May Not Know About It. Examples of Good Chemistry Project Ideas Can you use a black light to detect invisible spills or smelly stains in carpeting or elsewhere in the house? What Happens if You Clean Your Hands with Bleach? This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Ag stands for argentum, which is an old name for silver. Why is mass conserved in chemical reactions? What is the difference between a chemical process and a physical process in chemistry? It's OK to miss a question or two. You know just enough chemistry to get by. How Many Molecules Are in a Rubber Tire? 81. Can you light diamond on fire? The next step is learning fun ways to apply knowledge and delving deeper into your favorite subject. The average adult human body contains about 250 grams of salt, which is just over half a pound. The symbol Sb stands for … 12. What kind of crystal are crystal drinking glasses made out of? One fun way to learn about chemistry is to perform experiments. One interesting property of water is that it achieves maximum density as a liquid, not as a solid. Why Do We Add Fluorinated Groups to Many Drugs? Salt is the solute because it dissolves in the solvent (water). What is the centre of an atom called? 13. 53. Where Did Most of the Oxygen in the Atmosphere Come From? Put simply, an acid is any substance that has pH of less than 7. 30. If you don't have enough salt, your body suffers an electrolyte imbalance called hyponatremia. Tin is safe enough to use to make cans for food. What Is an Acid? What is the main gas found in the air we breathe? These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Stibnum is the old name for antimony. Why Gold Does not Present a Silvery Shine as Most Metals? How bad of an alcoholic do you have to be to have your brain affected? Not interested in chemistry at all? 76. In a mixture of two fluids, the solute is present in lesser quantity compared with the solvent. Osmosis involves water, but there has to be a semipermeable membrane, too. It's yellow and lacks a metallic luster. On the one hand, you won't be winning the Nobel Prize in chemistry any time soon. Milk is close to a neutral pH, but it's slightly acidic thanks in part to the lactic acid it contains. Why is lead used in pencils even though lead is poisonous? What’s the Role of Ethylene in Fruit Ripening? intorductory inorganic chemistry textbook, physics Nobel prize was awarded on this regard, which celebrates its 150 anniversary in 2019, account on the imaging of atoms and molecules, How To Learn Chemistry at Any Level in 2020, Thin Layer Chromatography: A Complete Guide to TLC, The BEST Chemistry Set for Kids (and Adults!) That just shows you have other interests! What is the Hardest Chemical in Your Body? Are two atoms of the same element identical? ThoughtCo uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Which Are the Only Elements Liquid at Room Temperature? How Old are Hydrogen Atoms in Our Body? If you want to improve your knowledge, grab a kid's science text or start learning chemistry online. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are as essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website.