The female lead will also impress you with their bold acting skills. So, we have good news for Turkish series fans because Kurulus: Osman is another terrific show which got attention from viewers. Ali Nejat and Naz chance upon each other in Italy. Incredible writing and acting to invoke so much emotion. Do these male writers have a hatred of women??? Terrible ending!! And Umut ends up being much more honorable than AN himself who, the night before the wedding wants to be with Eylül. Leyla has urgent news for Naz, who tries to keep it from Umut. Kaan, was one awesome child actor. Please continue what you started! The whole thing becomes ridiculous. You just need to search these words on YouTube “siyah beyaz ask english subtitles” and you will find several channels that offer this Turkish series with English subtitle. Uma pena…no entanto, as séries turcas me fascinaram e as assistirei com frequência. 1. Rojda Demirer as Neslihan When she saw the gun man she had said “oh it’s you”? Neslihan facial expressions are priceless. This would have been a good drama, but after Naz died, I sort of just skipped the other episodes and checked out what the ending was. They were the main characters so killing off Naz did not make sense. Murat gives Neslihan an ultimatum. Ali is hurt Naz doesn’t recognize him and he realizes how much he loves her and his ex girlfriend realizes it to. While Ali Nejat is in custody, Kenan finds associates to help him strike back at Umut through Naz, but Kaan gets caught up in the scheme too. The actor that takes the cake is Kaan! Turkish TV series Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir which was known as ‘Evim’ in the beginning belongs to the famous novel ‘Camdaki Kiz’. I had never watched any Turkish series before now. I liked Naz, but she’s not perfect for AN. Excellent synopsis. I love, love, love Enver but I don’t know if Feyza deserves him. Not an easy thing to do as each episode is 2 hours long! Plot Summary Dayan Yüreğim Elvan (Ece Uslu) is a fellow who works in one of Istanbul's poor neighborhoods, trying to live with two chil... İbrahim Çelikkol as Ali Nejat Born: February 14, 1982 (35), Izmit, Turkey Education: Communication He made professional modeling before the ... Last Episode El señor de los cielos season 4. Naz Elmas as Didem a story. Finally seeing him get what he had coming to him was well worth it. Synopsis Writiers didn’t even spare Alinejat 5 minutes screentime for that which might have made the re-direction more acceptable. The story of this Turkish web series revolves around two lovers Ozan & Elif. A working-class African American family in Indiana struggles to make it work and make it right without the blueprints to do it. The great shipping auction conspiracy went nowhere! Spending hours watching series for the worst ending ever. But again it was an escape with wonderful acting – and dont get me started on Fazza-. For instance, Naz, Eylul plus Neslihan we’re all physically very similar except that Eylul looked as if she was anorexic and actedvery childish! Thanks Turkish actors firstly then TRT makes such historical difference series we all histori loving people have requested that make more series such dririlis ertugrul and kurulus osman. has Gökberk Demirci worked in any other serial waiting to see what was going to happen next. I am a New Yorker and a Phd feminist Psychologist over 50. Here are things to appease you. In this regard, she gave her son for adoption to a well-known and wealthy family. We all like a well done final. And then, once he had her, in one minute he stop being close to her, he didn't even look at her in the eyes. I also had fun learning some of the Turkish language as it is part of my heritage. And her affectations were so distracting, were her hands hiding her neck, or was she hiding her hands for some reason? While working to create a sex app, a young woman and her friends set out to explore the world of intimacy and learn about themselves in the process. I had to watch Sedace Sen to get closure on Ali Nejat and Naz. Naz who is a paediatrician loses her baby during pregnancy. What happened to Ibrahim C. after “Intersection”? in the last scene. Nothing like that was seen in this series except with Ali and Eyul which looked like a scene out of the movie: “Lolita!”. Love frees you and let’s you live your best self in freedom. If it was getting to an end, a better ending should have been written. I loved him in the beginning, but I hated him when he started mistreating Naz she doesn't deserve this at all. The Gift is an original Turkish Netflix Series which is based on the Science-Fiction genre. Loving engagement was broken off, yet she was in the end preparing for her wedding. Genco and Umut are my favorite characters. There is nothing personal in my opinion but I am certain that every normal individual would agree. Was most definitely miscast. Awful. If we talk about the cast, then the fans of Cagatay Ulusoy should be happy that he is playing the role of Hakan Demir who has the special powers to fight against dark forces. I have so many more ideas but I’ll leave that to you! She was very important and her love for Ali nejats son was incredible ! I love this series. After 10 days of not seeing Naz he chooses to call his ex and spend the night at the beach instead of staying home Netflix and third parties use cookies (why?). It’s also an unpredictable city. Of course, American sit coms are usually centered around families, but your typical dramatic series are usually not. Not just that he btrayed her one day after she broke up. Naz was the center of the entire series. Where to begin? I would like to see this story carry on although considerably more new and varied themes would be needed, I found Naz character is annoying as well and glad she was removed. My goal was reached. Starring: Ibrahim Celikkol, Birce Akalay and Uzuner. Due to this disability, his father doesn’t accept him as a family member, and he lives in several orphanages. It was as if a different writer was responsible for season 3. REALLY? I have spent all my free time watching this for the past month. Naz makes a decision about Umut. The boy was a stand out for me. What was that about. How do you not have the leading couple NOT kiss at all? ***spoiler alert*** Yes, for sure, Caglar Ertugrul is playing the role of Kerem. Genre: Historical Fiction, Action, Tragedy, Starring: Selim Bayraktar, Tuba Buyukustun, Birkan Sokullu, Damla Sönmez & Ushan Çakır. Ali Nejat and Naz chance upon each other in Italy. If we talk about the story of Yeni Hayat, then it is a journey of a bodyguard who has also served in the special forces of Turkey. The story of Love 101 is a little unique as compared to typical Turkish dramas. I very much agree M.Gabbard . Just lost interest! Did I miss something in between? He was a different person. Great info for Turkish Series Fans. Keep us updated! From your recommendation earlier I watched the film Sade Senece and got my fix of these two getting their romance! Yes, with excellent cinematography Rise of Empires: Ottoman is worth watching Turkish series if you want to know about the history of Ottomans. Yes, if you have watched all previous Turkish dramas and are willing to watch the latest Turkish series, then you must consider Zemheri. I totally agree with you about Naz being the shero! A beautiful series to the part where Ali ends up on the beach with Eylül. – How does the paralysed father walk again Intersection, will make you waster your time, I know that to make it more interesting they have to mix the emotions and love stories between the characters but in the end its so dissapointing you feel scammed after watching 2 seasons. How much drama they create out of nothing just to torture men. Intersection Series by Endemol Shine Turkey Starring Belcim Bilgin - Ibrahim Celikkol - Alican Yucesoy All-in-all I love the concept of your story as the acting is superb and I love Genco who we first see as a big, bulky, good natured mechanic; Who turns out to be a genuine, loyal, good, kind and decent man that all women want; Yet not until after their hearts are broken and when they finally mature to appreciate what’most Important for happiness!