The Irish Staffordshire Bull Terrier was once bred for bull baiting and then used in dog fighting so even though it has been developed to be more family friendly since, it does need experienced and firm handling still. This breed is known to attack other dogs when it is not bred and raised correctly. Kenwood’s Legacy “Erin” We are a  NON-PROFIT  organization working on a voluntary basis. Weight: Known as the “dare-devil” of the dog world, the Irish Terrier is an active breed always appearing self-assured, intelligent and fearless. Cutting there will hurt the dog and it will bleed a surprisingly large amount. The Irish Terrier is said to be a small and sometimes medium sized terrier dog. These dogs are not recommended for the first time dog owner. Pharaoh HoundPicardy Shepherd All are welcome to simply come along and have a fun day out with the family and get involved in training days provided throughout the spring and summer months. Pictured to the left a young APBT bitch by the name of coco, owners, Peter L & Gary MC of  Irish Bred Kennels "IBK". Its neck is muscular and short and its legs are wide apart with dewclaws sometimes being removed. A well bred and well socialized and trained ISBT is very good with children. This gives an annual total of $1000 as a starting figure. Medical concerns like blood tests, deworming, a physical exam, shots, micro chipping and spaying or neutering will cost about $290 a year. AzawakhBarbetBasenji Chihuahua - Longcoat & ShortcoatChien de Saint-HubertChinChinese Crested DogChinese Shar-PeiChinookChow Chow The head of the dog is large and has small eyes which are dark brown in color. At rescues or shelters there is a possibility you can adopt one for something around $50 to $400, but it is more likely to be an adult rather than a puppy. Introduce it to different places, sounds, people, situations, animals and so on so that it learns what level of response is appropriate. Spinone Italiano The English type was recognized bt the English Kennel Club and it has a breed club form. PekingesePembroke Welsh CorgiPerro de Presa CanarioPetit Basset Griffon Vendeen Therefore experienced owners really should be the only ones that consider this dog. He is affectionate, loyal and good-tempered, gentle and easygoing with his family members and an excellent playmate and companion to children. If you found any image copyrighted to yours, Please contact us , so we can remove it. In addition, the Irish Terrier is also sometimes seen working as a Therapy Dog. It will want to be a part of the family and all its activities and needs companionship, this is not a dog that can be left alone for long periods. Food which covers a good quality dry dog food and treats will cost up to $270 a year. You are also more likely to find mixed breeds rather than purebreds. Check its nails regularly and when they start to get too long clip them with proper dog scissors or clippers. It also does have a history of dog aggression and that is still the case. Polish Lowland SheepdogPomeranianPoodle (Miniature)Poodle (Standard)Poodle (Toy)Portuguese Podengo Pictured above Molly & Lily, competing in a hurdle knockout game in 2010. It is intelligent and should do well at basic level obedience or even go further. The ears of the dog are V-shaped and folded towards the eyes. Generally, the Irish Terrier is seen in various colors li… Others are more open to making new friends. Its playfulness means it helps when owners have a sense of humor! He is charming, curious, and adaptable to most types of home environments. It sheds a moderate to average amount so expect some hair in the home, the brushing once or twice a week can help with the loose hair too. Ireland's Pit Bull Terrier Association & Bull Breed Registry, Dublin, Ireland. They are obedient, courageous, and intelligent. Hello And Welcome to IPBTA & BULLBREED Registry, We are a NON-PROFIT organisation working on a … The Irish Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a powerful and muscular dog, very strong for his size with a broad head and very strong jaws. Medical annual costs will include pet insurance and basic care only like shots, check ups and flea prevention and these begin around $485. The Irish Staff will eat about 3 to 4½ cups of a good quality dry dog food a day and that should split into at least two meals. Its oral health is also something you need to take care of. where the dog is timed pulling half their own body weight  50 meters. Early socialization along with training are an essential part of responsible dog ownership. The Irish Terrier, once known as the Irish Sporting Terrier, is the only all-red Terrier and one of the oldest of the Terrier breeds. It was developed to be a bull baiter, blood sports like that, cock fighting and bear baiting were popular spectator sports in those days. Lure racing is fantastic fun for all involved, its also a great way to keep your dog fit and healthy. During World War I, Irish Terriers worked as messengers and sentinels displaying their courage, spirit, intelligence and faithfulness. It can be stubborn if it senses it can manipulate you and training should be done in a gentle and positive manner. The muzzle is short and the cheek muscles distinct. It does not respond well to scolding or physical correction. – Males: 27 lbs (12 kg) German Longhaired PointerGerman PinscherGerman Shepherd DogGerman Shorthaired PointerGerman Wirehaired PointerGiant SchnauzerGolden RetrieverGordon Setter 4.8K likes. An Irish Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy will cost about $1000 from a decent and trustworthy breed, more from a top breeder. Do not go too far down the nail as you will reach the section called the quick that has nerves and blood vessels. A Pitbull terrier is a highly sociable, good-natured, affectionate loyal pet. His colour is either a bright red, red wheaten or golden red and he may or may not have a small patch of white on the chest. Let select one from our list! Always keep them leashed when out walking, it is a good idea to check local laws to see if where you live requires them to be muzzled. Dogs tested in accordance with the parent club established requirements, that have their results registered and made available in the public domain are issued CHIC numbers.” To learn more, visit: Known as the “dare-devil” of the dog world, the Irish Terrier is an active breed always appearing self-assured, intelligent and fearless. Check its ears once a week too for signs of infection like redness, swelling or bad odor and give them a wipe clean too. drives it and understanding how to enhance that drive in a professional controlled manner. Eyes are round and brown and its ears should be half pricked. It was also bred to be gentle and friendly towards people though, owners did not need it trying to attack them when handling it. SELECT A BREEDAffenpinscherAfghan HoundAiredale TerrierAkbash DogAkitaAlapaha Blueblood BulldogAlaskan Klee KaiAlaskan Malamute Dutch Sheepdog (Schapendoes)Dutch Shepherd, English BulldogEnglish Cocker SpanielEnglish CoonhoundEnglish FoxhoundEnglish SetterEnglish Springer SpanielEnglish Toy SpanielEntlebucher Mountain DogÉpagneul BretonÉpagneul Français The physical appearance of the Irish Terrier is of a sturdy and strong dog with no signs of clumsiness. Initial costs once you have the dog or puppy home will be for medical tests and concerns as well as some items needed. It does have a past filled with aggression though and is viewed suspiciously by many for that and for its close appearance to the Pit Bull Terrier. It has a short, smooth and sleek coat and common colors are blue, black, white, brindle, red and fawn. The first thing as with all training is understanding your dog, what An Irish Staffy that is bad tempered, shy, aggressive and hard to live with is one that has not been bred or raised well and socialized and trained well. Ensure that the prospective puppy’s parents have all health clearances. At our days out its all about creating a fun atmosphere for both owner and dog while sharing each others commen interests, knowledge and experiences. It is alert and can make a good watchdog as it will bark to let you know of any intruders, and it can also act to defend you. Vizsla (Smooth)Vizsla (Wirehaired)WeimaranerWelsh, Corgi CardiganWelsh, Corgi PembrokeWelsh Springer SpanielWelsh TerrierWest Highland White TerrierWhippetWhite German ShepherdWirehaired Pointing GriffonXoloitzcuintle (Mexican Hairless)Yorkshire Terrier, Illustrated Study of the Irish Terrier Breed Standard. As his name suggests, he originates from Ireland, and was used as a ratter and guard dog as well as a soft-mouthed retriever. Cesky TerrierChesapeake Bay RetrieverChien Courant Suisse (Swisshound) The ban did see its numbers drop by a great deal and both types of Staffie became less popular and viewed as potentially dangerous because of the violent past. HovawartHungarian PuliHungarian PumiIbizan HoundIcelandic SheepdogIrish SetterIrish Red and White SetterIrish TerrierIrish Water SpanielIrish Wolfhound Make sure you teach children how to touch and play with dogs safely and in a nice way. It should not be left unsupervised with young children because its play can knock them over. It is worth noting too that in the UK there are such reports to the Irish and the English Staffie. That said when things are done properly it is friendly, affectionate, playful, extremely loyal and protective. – Females: 25 lbs (11 kg) Its head is heavy and large and it has a short muzzle and strong and powerful jaws.