The full interview is in this Tweet and if true could be the story of the the biggest betrayal in American History. The Iranians turned it into a fateful result and pulled him out at the 11th hour – a double agent provided DNA to CIA station chief, that it was Bin Laden in Abbottabad and they sent in Seal Team 6 and they only told Obama about Seal Team 6 kill mission after it was over, and when the Radar was put back up so they could not go back,” he said. His first book, Dr. Smith's Safari (Harper & Row), was published in 1972. IF NOTHING COMES FROM THIS AND THE GOVERNMENT SHUTS IT DOWN IT WILL BE TIME TO GET THE TORCHES & PITCH FORKS & HAVE A 25,000,000 MAN Boots on the ground meeting with Congress. No Matter What Soon-Yi Previn Says, Woody Allen is Still a Creep Soon-Yi Previn, wife of Woody Allen, broke her silence about her marriage in a recent New York magazine profile, but it didn’t do her creepy husband any favors. That is great- next time, tell which paragraph.. like 5th, 7th, whatever the number of the paragraph is from the top, and then the way you have that is helpful. The important thing is the message it brings us! We know corruptions exists, we need to see accountability action now! Wanna Find Out? CORRECTION! He can run and he does run, but I think he's become more patient and just does a better job of dealing with outlet receivers in the coverage or secondary receivers in the pattern than he did. But, after reading through the comment section; I find the petty, contentious comments regarding grammar nothing more than self-flatulence and pretentiousness! If you are interested, you can take a look at this article … bin Laden was killed by no one. Not to the delusional democrats … THEY WILL DO ANYTHING TO WIN , AND STILL THEY WILL WALK FREE. He dreamed of becoming a cartoonist from the age of six, and, at age twelve, apprenticed himself to his favorite cartoonist, Noro Shinpei. They have top scientists making nuclear bombs for them but they cant get a good doctor. His father, dismayed by the lack of opportunities in postwar Japan, decided to move to America. What a moron, patriot, your an ignorant stooge of the loony left making idiotic comments like your childish rant goes. I am going to follow up as much as I can. All Rights reserved. Paul! I am thinking of the Moms of those beautiful Seal Team 6 men. ever since Brennan referred to Jerusalem as “Al Quds” in a speech to Muslims right after the election, I knew he was a a traitor. If you want to be an editor, give the paragraph number and tell me where the typo is, what part of that is difficult to understand? – The Altar of Deceit, Šokující – nové informace o Clintonech, Bidenovi a dalších – Asociace nezávislých médií, Šokující – nové informace o Clintonech, Bidenovi a dalších | NWOO.ORG, EXPLOSIVE: UPDATE- CIA Whistleblower Exposes Biden's Alleged Role with the Deaths of Seal Team- Claims to have Documented Proof | DJHJ Media - IRUUR1, Šokující – nové informace o Clintonech, Bidenovi a dalších » - Porno Politika, Did the U.S. Government Hide bin Laden In Iran? Remember the CIA visited him on dialysis in a French hospital in July of 2001. Get the proof out there. Also, why is the left allowed to use Whistleblowers as tools, with immediate fame if they are speaking out about ICE for example, but if they are speaking out against the intel community they are vilified. I hope everyone appreciates the risk you’re taking and the strength and courage it takes to bring this truth to light. Opinion. Rance Allen Is Not Dead! CLINTON O AMAO CREATED AND PAID ISIS. That same year, Allen Say quit photography completely and dedicated himself to writing and illustrating books for children. Awesome, you got retweeted by Trump!!!! None of what the government along with the controlled mass mainstream media tells you is truthful. IISIII CALLED IT. …..How did TWA 800 crash? “You must bury Muslims on land, Brennan is Muslim and he knows it is a lie. As the only nonwhite student in the military school (and one who was half Japanese and half Korean in postwar California), Say was received as one would expect. I write my articles in OpenOffice first where the spell checker is very functional. Keep fighting!Benghazi Whistleblower explains what is Coming! If Trump doesn’t follow through, then I’ll know is just another montage and we’re all being played. The most stupidest people in the Universe, this is why God waited this long to expose this evil. Obituaries were posted in December 2001 that he had died of kidney failure. And it’s not only the murders of seal team 6 there’s more about Hunter on video torturing and having sex with pre pubescent girls in China. My interest in the story is that I have spoken to numerous Whistleblowers against the Intelligence Community and they are being shut out for some reason- so it is out there, and reporters know about it. If someone sat for the first time and laid out the Coup against our President and the Russian hoax. Never miss an update. infiltrated by communists and marxist who control by greed. Ugh.. Facebook has put a lot of blocks on the article. My congratulations to Kari for her positive attitude of willingness to correct typos and grammar without taking offense to the commenters which in our so-called modern times is uncommon. They are brave. These machines require large amounts of Dialysis Fluids, electric power, IV fluids, and numerous items to do Dialysis 3 times a week for 3-4 hours. His work mainly focuses on Japanese and Japanese American characters and their stories, and several works have autobiographical elements. In the video Parrot, the CIA Whistleblower, lays out a convincing story that needs to be investigated. He received an Academy Award nomination for his work as Max Cherry in Quentin Tarantino’s Jackie Brown. “I negotiated with Iran to transfer Osama Bin Laden, to be put in a neutral zone, I had it on tape that it was agreed to, and I went to Bill Richardson who agreed to receive Bin Laden, and it turned out Bin Laden had been transferred. By Patrick A. Coleman. For the Patriots to beat the Bills, they are going to have to slow down Allen in order to stay alive in the AFC East race. section: | slug: bill-belichick-noticed-one-big-improvement-in-josh-allen-from-last-season-and-heres-what-it-is | sport: football | route: | The boy apprenticed himself for many years to his favorite cartoonist, Noro Shinpei, an experience detailed in his book Drawing from Memory, as well as the basis of his semi-autobiographical novel The Ink-Keeper's Apprentice. A sport of the wealthy and royalty, he would have been right in the middle of action. The story went nowhere, so maybe they waited till prleople paid more attention, that is, during an election season. Lorraine tempted Say with the finest color reproduction possible, and, though reluctant, Say accepted the job and began to work on the book that was to change his life. ... You people knocking people for believing this article that he is still alive and you are saying he died in 2001, are MISSING THE POINT. Have you tried contacting whistleblower and livestream podcaster “ToreSays”? Was his death, and so many others in vain, or for a lie? too many at the top have fallen into their traps and the only way out will either a full awakening by the masses (doubtful) or a revolution/ civil war. Use your brain kid. I AM SO MAD. For their help in terrorists acts against our country and still they walk free . Give it a rest about the grammar it isn’t germane to the topic at hand. It catches things other writing tools miss, plus you can use the word files as backups. He definitely seems to be a liability to the cover up. [5], Say has lived in Portland, Oregon since 1999. That we, (citizens) are complicit for our complacency, for not being vigilant and assuming that the government is benevolent. …..Who are the “Obama children?”. He was already dead. I am using it now to write this comment, because for some strange reason as I type in the comment box the characters are not visible. The Uremic Frost is a terminal finding in ESRD. Replace santa-claus apron with ceramic Christmas tree and we have a match. The CIA will not protect whistleblowers, and Congress and even the HPSCI looks the other way. President Trump retweeted the article on 10/13. The most plausible reason why the surviving Seal Team 6 members don’t talk is because this incident has been classified. It was the encouragement of these people that led Say to freelance as an illustrator. “The architects were Hillary Clinton, John Brennan, and Panetta. Actor and director Alan Alda has starred in several films but is best known for his role as Hawkeye Pierce on the long-running television series 'M*A*S*H.'