CADPAT is also designed to reduce the likelihood of detection by night vision devices. Despite never having worked on camouflage, some of the era’s most avant-garde artists, including Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso, eagerly embraced association with the visually engaging dazzle. A new generation of artists is forging the way forward by entirely redefining what it means to blend in. Has Wounded Warrior Project cleaned up its act? This fact identifies them as " Students". But I could be wrong, so correct me if I'am. Instead of everyone complaining to the MP's, why are the MP's not monitoring e bay on a daily basis for this sort of illegal sale of controlled military items? ), Did dazzle painting work? Although Cadpat uniforms are being safeguarded and destroyed rather than released, this is being done in accordance with the Supply manual and not because they are controlled goods. ‘You can invent drones. As a civilian, I mean. A recent topic has come up regarding the buying and selling of current issue cadpat. DND sold a couple containers of issued CADPAT to a surplus shop in Morinville about 4-5 years ago. My understanding after discussing this matter with the supervisor of the demilitarization section at 7 Canadian Forces Supply Depot (who consulted with the Military Police on numerous occasions) is that it is not illegal for civilians to possess issue Cadpat items. Im of the opinion that wearing kit that should be in the hands of our fighting men and women is irresponsible and disrespectful. Please use this topic to discuss. If you acquired your kit New from a legitimate source then power too you (for example CPGEAR ect..). Use of CADPAT by civilians is illegal. In 2015 he introduced robotic prosthetic limbs as a way to help users sidestep gait recognition software, which identifies people based on the way they walk. I just find it odd that 3 MP's show up at your buddies house to grab gear that's been in his possession for 4 years, and he just happens to be wearing a pair of the pants at the time. And despite some resistance from ship captains, by the Second World War these multiplied into hundreds of patterns and paint combinations for both UK and US ships. Like seriously dude. My boyfriend wants one, and I'm looking to get it for him for Christmas, but I don't want to get him something that he'll get in trouble for owning/wearing. Ever since Afghanistan, however, ‘pixelated’ patterns have inspired more scepticism than confidence among US soldiers. Crye developed MultiCam, the blotchy brand of camouflage that was distributed to soldiers in Afghanistan after it became clear that the Army’s own pixelated pattern wasn’t working. I've been hearing that CADPAT is illegal to own (due to impersonating soldiers, section 419 of the criminal code of Canada.