The dress that turned out ugly was the one that had no reviews. Can I order on shein if I am not on USA or Europe? THEY HAVE U.S. and UK SIZES, EASY RETURNS, QUICK SHIPPING AND ARE A REPUTABLE STORE I OFTEN BUY FROM. There is a great function on the site for finding your size called “Fit Finder”. I have received my last two within 10 days which i think is great. And 345 customers said that Shein is a Great fashion store with 4 STAR. Is Shein a good website? Yes. You do need to try things on and you can’t know that something just might not be the same on you when it arrives. It is understandable i suppose to question it’s credibility as some of the ads may look a bit dodge. Yes, Shein is a legitimate fashion store, based on our findings apart from our personal experience with the store. Looking through my blog, I have A LOT more pieces by Shein..more than I realized. It is understandable i suppose to question it’s credibility as some of the ads may look a bit dodge. Digitalist Tech Media © 2020 All Rights Reserved. However, I do not believe that they send bloggers better clothing as they sent me once a dress that looked nothing like the store’s images so I declined to review or feature it. However, the online sales of items manufactured in China continued. It will never auto-recharge the card from your bank account. All rights reserved. Well more than fine , did the job and didn’t feel cheap. Right up my street. There are no contact details available in UK which means they are not contactable – do not but from them. This blog is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites, because Amazon is honestly a store I had a great shopping experience with. I am sure you have wondered: Is Shein a scam? The store continues to thrive due in part to the online store’s values in controlling its excellence of in-house production. Here, we shall display and evaluate other reviews across the internet so you know what other actually think of Shein products and services. Also Read: Coronavirus: Ten Reasons Why You Ought Not To Panic, Amena Azeez who is a frequent customer of the Chinese online fashion website Shein said, “Since the coronavirus outbreak news, I have avoided shopping from Shein. If it says One size, it cannot possibly fit all sizes, it just means that there is only one size available. I think when i weighed it up it wasn’t worth returning the one piece giving how cheap the item was. The stitching and weave of the fabric comes apart under duress. I know it sounds silly, but I freaked out when the initial news of the outbreak came out. There is no doubt that you’ll get delivered every item you order from the shop. The Holi season which witnesses a huge sale of Chinese goods like colour balloons etc. SHEIN tries to adhere to the concept that “everybody can enjoy the beauty of fashion.” This includes staying on top of the current fashion trends from around the world while at the same time quickly bringing these styles to market. Coronavirus only can survive for 48-72 hours maximum in untreated surfaces at room temperature. Shein is an online fashion store that offer affordable and fashionable women’s clothing online. Shein scam? On average, things arrive on my doorstep within a … i ordered a something from shein in july here it is october 26th still haven’t received my order, it said it was returning to the sender and i never heard anything else i don’t know how to get in contact with customer service i don’t appreciate this. Click on the images below or go to for the USA or for the UK. Is Shein safe? SHEIN right now ships to more than 220 nations and regions around the worldwide world. I’ve focused on the main questions on concerns with shopping on Shein with regards to safety, quality and sizing.