Stir and cook for one minute, stir in two tablespoons of flour and cook one more minute. It loves moist soils, and sunny spots. Not to be confused with stinging nettle, purple nettle doesn’t not have any parts of the plant that will sting. Henbit is extremely valuable to pollinators, as it provides very early nectar and pollen, when other feed resources are scarce. I would love to buy or trade for some and get it growing in my garden here in California. This plant is covered in small stinging nettle hair cells that break easily on … For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. It is of the mint family, but doesn't taste minty. Stinging nettle is more like it so I find it interesting that it has medicinal properties. Knew henbit was edible, but didn’t know that this was henbit. Grows beautifully in Coastal Texas all winter. This, eyebright and ground ivy are all similar.. Best of all, spinach is tough to grow here, but henbit gives it a real run for the money in taste and vigor. Lamium 'Beacon Silver' is known for attracting bees. Special thanks for the video including botanical terms and clear anatomical description. For more info on foraging and using stinging nettle, including how to make nettle tea click here. is informational in nature. great raw, in soups, and in plain cereals like grits. Unlike nettles, it does not sting nor irritate the skin (hence the reason for the name dead) and it is generally more recognized as a groundcover in gardens than a wild edible. They taste mostly like the dirt they came out of. My lambquarter didn’t all freeze out. The leaves are also useful as a good tea, which helps treat chills and promote kidney discharge and perspiration. Henbit: it’s just now coming up along with the jonquils. This purple dead nettle rice bake is easy to assemble and you can sub in any nettle or green you have on hand, making it a versatile supper recipe. Bees, Does not attract Dogs, No reported toxicity to It is up to the reader to verify nutritional information and health benefits with qualified professionals for all edible plants listed in this web site. Heat the oil in a heavy bottomed skillet on medium. Birthing, Weaning, and Raising Young Sheep. JavaScript is disabled. Didn’t take water that didn’t fall from the sky and it wasn’t mass produced. It is. Blove this! Add onions, garlic, and nettle leaves, and sauté together for 2 minutes. Seeds are also severely toxic. The seeds of the Purple Dead Nettle, Lamium purpureum, (LAM-ee-um per-PER-ee-um) have antioxidants and presumably the L. amplexicaule would as well. Thank you so much. Too much of any one food type is not good for you, so mix things up. I am attempting to find out if the Purple Nettle is toxic to dogs. When they come out here I’ll see what I can find. I may try that, though I’m sure that adding fat and salt is just plain cheating, because it makes everything good. I am seeing this all over the ground here, and after a little research, found out it is edible, nutritious, and has good health qualities. They are a little wilted now so removing leaves now would prove difficult, i think…, Just wait until they’re dry and then remove the leaves, it’s easier that way . It is a member of the mint family, which is distinguished by the purple deadnettle’s four-sided square stem. It was expensive because the dye had to be collected from tiny saltwatershellfish in Greece, the porphyra. Strain and drink it anytime you feel like. Both are very nutritious, high in iron, vitamins and fiber. In Arlington,Texas we have henbit and a few dandelions blooming. The pink flowers on Henbit are where the seeds come from. The pretty blue “weed” has survived and was flourishing in our greenhouse… This website uses cookies to improve your experience. It can cause drooling, vomiting, diarrhea, and lethargy. Purple nettle is counted among the true nettles, even without the stinging properties. Livestock, No reported toxicity to These weeds are relatively easy to control with several herbicides; however, mowing is ineffective. No issues or vices. They (myself also) love to pick things and eat them to gross out the other kids! nutrition, recipes, history, uses & more! The purple dead nettle is a common plant, so it shouldn’t be hard for you to find some young plants from local plant nurseries. Thanks for any help!! It is easy to identify, but it does have a look-a-like called (Purple) Deadweed which is also edible. My guinea pig loves the stuff. Thanking you in advance. Is it really edible? In, Gythio, Greece, ancient exporter of purple dye. Cain’t wait to try the Spicy Henbit recipe. It has multiple medicinal purposes, and is considered a diuretic, diaphoretic, astringent, purgative, and styptic. Eat a rainbow of different foods(and yes I really mean a rainbow-color is often an indication of nutritional value). The Flowers arise from the leaf clusters, a small, pink maturing to purple with a trumpet shape, about 1/2 inch long and have2 petals that look somewhat like “pouting lips. 24. DIY Recipes & Tutorials, Main Dish, Natural Medicine Cabinet, Recipes. In Roman times purple dye was extremely expensive, and only the royal family and senators and the like could afford it. The leaves appear crowded around the stem’s axis. Purple deadnettle tends to grow on roadsides and waste places; however, it is also commonly grown as well. Some students are intrigued by the concept of weeds as food. In fact, they don’t have any stinging ability and their resemblance to stinging nettles is to deter herbivores from eating them. Tolerates most soils and conditions. Not only is it easy to find, but it's great addition to your natural medicine cabinet as well as culinary, making it a top pick on the homesteading bucket list. We have TONS of Henbit. For best results grow Lamium maculatum ‘Beacon Silver’ in moist, well-drained soil in partial shade. Do I have to dry the leaves before making a tea? Does anyone have any ideas? I’ve found the henbit in my yard has different tastes, depending on where I harvest it; the patch close to the house has a mild earthy flavor, while the one under the honey-locust tree has a “bite” similar to raddicchio. Some even had blooms. I agree with Sarah, not an appetizing ordor. Thank you. Well, I will have to wait until spring here in Kansas but really looking forward to it. Yes, agree with you Deane. Want more articles like this? And you know about overfishing, right? north-east United States (zones 4-7), but do grow elsewhere. My ancestors are from that area. Who knows, maybe one of them crush some shellfish so some important person of the day could have a purple robe. And at this point remember that another common name for Henbit is Giraffe Head. Purple dead nettle does not have any toxic look-alikes. I mixed it up with Henbane which is a nightshade plant. Gythio, in southern Peloponnesos, there still stands the little ruins where the Greeks made that dye thousands of years ago. If growing in dry shade, give it plenty of water while it establishes. You’re bonkers! lamium was the staple green of mine two years ago. Horses, Toxic to As an aside, I have a tenuous connection with Lamium purpureum. They can tolerate a certain amount of cold, so grow during a time when there is little competition. Edible Dead Nettle has triangle shaped leaves. Have humans every surprised you with our ability to decimate a wild species and disrupt an ecosystem? It will just return. Just ate a salad of henbit, dandelion, hollyhawk, and wild garlic. In a separate pan melt three tablespoons butter, add one teaspoon curry powder, two whole cloves, and a quarter teaspoon of ground cinnamon. I have been an amateur forager for a year and a half now and love being able to confirm something that my spirit told me was good. Once you’ve bought young plants, simply transplant them to your garden after the last frost and give them around 1’ to 2’ of space between each other. Unlike most mints it has a very mild none distinctive aroma. You may add up to 30 drops total essential oils of choice. Thinking it might be a Sphinx moth (my son had caught one as a child) I gently closed my rather big hands around it and took a peak at it before releasing it, only to be shocked and delighted to tears to find I was holding a very small green hummingbird which I then released to the night air (I hope it found it’s way home).