Sarian's has gained a following on YouTube for her "MM&M" series, in which she pairs her makeup tutorial videos with retellings of true crime stories. Our director of programming is Steve Nelson. He is the anchor and executive producer of Law&Crime Daily on the Law&Crime Network. My personal faves are ones hosted by badass female hosts, so here are the seven best true crime podcasts hosted by women. These stories can stay with you forever.". If you really want to deep-dive into a case, then In the Dark is for you. a third of all women and girls experience physical or sexual violence, domestic abuse hotlines worldwide reported a surge, A Look Into Emma Chamberlain's Virtual Reality, Why Devon Lee Carlson Thinks She Could Have Been a Makeup Artist, Huda Kattan Shares Exclusive Details on Wishful, Her New Skin-Care Brand. To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. A common throughline in the "MM&M" videos is that many of the victims and occasional survivors are women and the miscreants, men. Whether it's a silver, glittery cut crease or expertly winged eye shadow, her viewers do love to see her go from no makeup to full glam in every episode of the series. Your $5 will go towards freeing up more time for me to work on the True Crime Loser youtube channel and buy food for Little T. I really appreciate your support. Writing about Criminal, The New York Times says: “No matter how strange or ghastly the crime, the voice of the host Phoebe Judge somehow remains implacable and oddly soothing.”. Now watch makeup artists turn this model into a unicorn: Follow Allure on Instagram and Twitter, or subscribe to our newsletter for daily beauty stories delivered right to your inbox. Before Sarian's freelance career in makeup — a trajectory that involved being a cashier and cast member at Sephora, working at Urban Decay, and assisting makeup artists like Jill Powell on music videos (such as Demi Lovato's "Cool for the Summer") and commercials — she was a little girl whose mother, a 911 dispatcher, sometimes brought her along to work. Even Bailey Sarian, Host of "Murder, Mystery, and Makeup," Needs a Break From True Crime Now and Then. That's great and works for them. Just learning about crimes can be tantalising enough but Esther Ludlow goes one step further in her podcast Once Upon a Crime. "I've heard from people before they started to watch that automatically they thought, 'Omigod, this is the most disrespectful trash I [will] ever see!" No one was taking care of their well-being. So when the police came, [my mom] hung up [which is protocol]. That's not to say they're not fierce, because they are. ", And a warning: the "this" in "MM&M" is often devastating to hear. The host is careful to present unbiased, un-sensationalized facts about unsolved murders, disappearances, and other mysteries, allowing you to draw your own conclusions with … With each of their unique perspectives and thorough coverage, all of these YouTubers have something to offer for every true crime junkie. It drives me nuts. "But then they watch, and they're like, 'Oh, OK. But what they're really tuning in for are the aberrant, heartbreaking, and morbid stories of true crime and urban legends as relayed by Sarian while she applies a full face of glamorous makeup.