Australian designed and made Earthcruiser motorhomes have found ready acceptance both here and in the USA. Similarly, the Bozcrome rear winch housing suits a Warn 12,000lb winch – and allows for the fitment of a 50mm tow bar receiver. This can charge a Mastervolt lithium battery system from flat to full in as little as 4 hours. You can easily engage the low speed ratio by activating the ergonomic button on the dashboard. Therefore it is vital to make the most of the available charge time while on the move. Well……..almost everything if its the SLRV Iveco Daily based expedition vehicle. Just hook up your water hoses and away you go. Water is undoubtedly our most precious commodity when remote touring. The torsional ‘twist’ of the Iveco truck chassis in extreme conditions, requires the body to be mounted using a 3 point torsion free chassis mounting system. Yes we have done it! RACE VAN/ CAMPER VAN/ MOTOCROSS/ This might for for sale in the coming couple weeks depending on what happens with my work.. Iveco camper spec 53 plate Iveco daily 117.5 thousand miles Mot till March 2021 Rear garage with lights and storage Fixe Year 2003; Mileage 117,000 miles; Fuel type Diesel Its off-road capability is extraordinary! COMFORT, DRIVING PLEASURE, POWER AND RELIABILITY. DAILY 4X4  Motorhome base. It even comes in handy for running certain appliances – including your air conditioner. The Thirsty Boy can also be used on the ‘city water entry’ circuit – bypassing tanks altogether. Charging your house batteries from your truck is done via the alternator and a DC DC charger. A separate shower and toilet in all 3 Iveco Daily configurations. SLRV are proud partners with Mastervolt – the world leaders in Lithium battery systems. This […]. Solar cells play an important role in keeping your system charged when no other source is available. unlocked with the ergonomic switches on the dashboard. Let’s see how its done………. All SLRV water systems incorporate a city water entry – bypassing your tanks and allowing you to connect to the mains water supply whenever available. The Iveco Daily 4×4 camper provides a ready to go, Expedition specific vehicle platform – with super single wheels and tyres, parabolic suspension, high and low range transfer case and front, centre and rear diff locks from the factory. SLRV have a dedicated and totally independent drinking water system –  with its own filler, tank, pump, filtration system and mixer outlet. Have a look at whats involved……. Download Iveco Daily 4x4 2020 Specifications, Download SLRV Iveco Daily 4x4 - Floorplan 3480 A, Download SLRV Iveco Daily 4x4 - Floorplan 3480 B, Download SLRV Iveco Daily 4x4 - Floorplan 3780 A, Download SLRV Iveco Daily 4x4 - Floorplan 3780 B, Download SLRV Iveco Daily 4x4 - Floorplan 3780 C, Download SLRV Iveco Daily 4x4 - Floorplan 4175 A, Download SLRV Iveco Daily 4x4 - Floorplan 4175 B, Download SLRV Iveco Daily 4x4 - Floorplan 4175 C. This can be pumped into a dedicated tank using the ‘Thirsty Boy’ – and used for tasks including showering or doing a washing cycle. All wiring throughout the SLRV Iveco Daily camper is run in conduit for protection against wear and shorting. SLRV use the latest SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software to continually develop and evaluate vehicle design. To store and conserve water, the SLRV system incorporates multiple tanks – arranged in series of separate ‘cells’. Read latest news and reviews about iveco Campervans & Motorhomes. In fact, every electrical device has its own wiring, in conduit, the entire way back to the main circuit breaker. Solid surface vanity benchtop and basin complete the ensuite – along with a compact Daewoo washing machine. This, in turn, allows you to remain out in the wilderness for longer. Its off-road capability is extraordinary! Earthcruiser motorhomes are now built mainly on the Iveco Daily 4×4 platform. The new under bench ‘side by side’ marine compressor fridge creates a huge amount of additional bench space and adds to the open feel. One of our specialists will be in contact with you shortly, © IVECO - A CNH INDUSTRIAL COMPANY - IT09709770011 –. A wide variety of steel and aluminium components are then CNC cut and folded for continual accuracy and quality. 29mm composite fibreglass panels are used in the construction of the Daily’s body – for ultimate strength and cold bridge free insulation.