Kristine Diaz as Woman 1 episode 1999, Dwayne Barnes as Eugene 1 episode 1998, Michael Swan as Thug (uncredited) 1 episode 2000, Dennis Keiffer as Thug / ... (uncredited) 6 episodes 1998-2000, Chausey Lebron as Christine Jordan 1 episode 1999, Nicolette Little as Kristen Stallworth 1 episode 1998, A track from a new Baltimore album-in-progress featured a hook sampled from the perfume's original advertising campaign. After giving birth to another daughter, Sianni, she went through hard times, but pulled her life together and obtained certification as a paralegal. Therefore, be sure to refer to those guidelines when editing your bibliography or works cited list. Natasha Pavlovich as Nadia Porchenko 1 episode 1999, Michael Garvey as Big Guy in Strip Club 1 episode 1999, "I walked out with a black eye." Mark Dacascos as Steven Garth 1 episode 1999, Singer, music producer This series is an in depth view of the Baltimore drug scene. Christel Smith as Mica Pearce 1 episode 1998, This series describes the eventful life of Larry David. Sammo Kam-bo hung as Sammo Law 44 episodes 1998-2000, Sung Kang as Xian 3 episodes 2000, A 2002 album called Irv Gotti Presents The Inc. featured Baltimore teamed with Ashanti and rapper Ja Rule on a track called "Down 4 U," a major hit that dominated hip-hop airwaves late that year. This series is about a suspended lawyer. Tsuyoshi Abe as Yakuza Boss (uncredited) 1 episode 1999, She... Filmtronic is a participant in the A master practitioner of the cross-branding that had increasingly come to dominate the hip-hop scene, Gotti at first exploited Baltimore's modeling background; he announced a partnership with the Revlon cosmetics firm and planned to revive its Charlie perfume in a campaign featuring Baltimore. Anna Deng as Leut. Johnny Arkoosh as Ike Horn 1 episode 1999, Michael Bailey smith as Lead Henchman 1 episode 1999, Nicholas Kusenko as Edward Draecker 1 episode 1999, Wesley Matthews, Darrell Arthur, and Mozgov all fell off the cliff. > NBA 2K Basketball martial arts. Yolanda Snowball as Dolores 1 episode 1998, Jeff Davis as Collins 1 episode 1998, Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is available for every reference entry or article, cannot guarantee each citation it generates. Joe Rose as Drunken Biker 1 episode 1999, Del Shores as Man 1 episode 1999, … I knew I had to keep on keeping on for them and myself.". Suzan Brittan as Taxi Fare (uncredited) 1 episode 2000, Billy Ray gallion as Young Man 1 episode 2000, With some production work from DJ Premier, distribution from the major label Epic, and guest appearances from Ghost-face Killah and other top rappers, it seemed to hold plenty of promise. J.t. Lydia Nicole as Maria 1 episode 1998, Anthony Desando as Andy Stallworth 1 episode 1998, Amanda Pays as Dr. Broderick 1 episode 1999, This series is about a boy genius. Andrew Robinson as Spencer 1 episode 2000, Previous Thread Laura Lane as Missy Eubanks 1 episode 1999, Tim Dezarn as Kurt Packard 1 episode 1998, Voiza Arnold as Elaine 1 episode 1998, Hiro Koda as Hei's Guard / ... (uncredited) 4 episodes 1998-2000, They are nothing could open in the past few months when the numbers were way lower than now. Goh Misawa as Yakuza #1 1 episode 1999, Olivier Gruner as Dieter Vanderval 1 episode 1999, Most online reference entries and articles do not have page numbers. Gabriel Bologna as John Smith 1 episode 1999, Yeah sorry about that. Richard Cetrone as Oakley / ... 2 episodes 1998, This movies tells the story of a young American outlaw. Operation Sports Forums Earl Schuman as Old Man 1 episode 1998, Ilia Volok as Sarkov 1 episode 1998, Danny Cistone as Man 1 episode 1998, This series is a TV cartoon about a preteen girl named This series describes the life of Barry, a hit man from the Midwest. Unfortunately, those plans were destroyed with Smalls' murder in March 1997. Peter Savard moore as Bob Marsden 1 episode 1999, New York... Barry Allen is struck by lightning and then is in a coma. Allen Lulu as Derwood 1 episode 1999, (Click to vote), So Much Drama in the DMV - A Baltimore Bullets Expansion MyLEAGUE, Revisionist History - A WWE 2K17 Universe, SimWorld NBA 2K19 Fictional Draft Classes. Maz Jobrani as Sneer 1 episode 2000, This plot of this movie is unkown. advertising fees by advertising and linking Steve White as Jeff 1 episode 2000, Sydney Bennett as Alison Blake 1 episode 1999, Timothy Mcneil as Spacey 1 episode 2000, Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list. Ian Barford as Mason Talbot 1 episode 2000, Robert Littman as Taxi Fare #1 1 episode 2000, "Charli Baltimore," All Music Guide, (March 19, 2005). Melissa Weing as Det / ... 22 episodes 1998-1999, Guido Foehrweisser as Gunter Jensen 1 episode 1999,