It was registered in Year 2005 with 2,000 CC engine, AT transmission along with . CAMP-IN-CAR RV travel in Japan Why rent an RV in Japan? ... Toyota Camroad It was registered in Year 1978 , Manual transmission along with Right Hand Steering. There may also be information about scratches, grime etc in the rear camper. Import Toyota HIACE VAN straight from used cars dealer in Japan without intermediaries. Included is blasting AC in the front, window curtains, a ceiling vent, refrigerator, sink, shower, place for a diesel heater, overhead storage, and more. It was registered in Year 2008 with 2,000 CC engine, FAT transmission along with . Used vans for sale - Japan Partner. If you’ve read this far, you are a kindred soul who understands the value of solitude. KDY231 with Stock Number: 817098383, grade YOKOHAMA MOTOR SALE S MADE CAMP and mileage 53,000 KM is now on sale . All told, we’ve invested over $10,000 in material upgrades that you now don’t have to worry about. 29 passengers These engines go well past 400,000 miles and it is currently 160k miles. Japan Partner is one of the leading used/damaged cars exporters that exports not only RHD cars (Right Hand Drive cars) but also a … Explore Over 120 Car Auctions In Japan For 2 Weeks. Click here. She carried us steadily through the deserts of the southwest, the rainforests of the Pacific Northwest, and the wild mountains of Montana for the last three years as we built our business working from the road, but she is now, with great dismay, looking for a new home.Our near-term travel plans have us flying to places in Central America where we ought not drive, and planning a long-term sabbatical abroad, and sitting in the driveway unused is no place for a van like this.And just what exactly is it? And this is one of the best machines to get you there.1993 Cruising Cabin: Sold for $32,000 (in less than 24 hours on Craigslist) - ~200,000 kilometers on the engine. Cruising Cabin: Listed for 33,000, 106,000 kilometers - Cruising Cabin: Sold for $30,000, Sept 2019 -, Seller: Megan Bingham - This vehicle is available... Toyota Camroad We are not just a campervan booking agency! This thing is ready for road tripping and with a little bit of work and customizing to fit you, it’s an awesome little camper. We'll NEVER sell or spam your email address -- just send you useful info about getting cars from Japan. The auction inspection report will often include details of the camping equipment - shower, sink, stove, bunk beds, and even things like solar panels or external power hook ups. The key is to make sure you don’t set any manufacturer name or any model name. and lots of parts numbers to save you time and headacheThe Negatives:-You’ve probably figured out by now that the original engine gave out...A broken fan clutch and the aforementioned undersized radiator led to overheating/engine damage. Export paperwork, shipping to any major port. It is a manual transmission with column shifting which is easy to drive if you know how to drive a stick-shift. It was registered in Year 1998 with 2,800 CC engine, Automatic transmission along with Right ... Toyota Camroad Our time traveling the backroads in this van, sleeping in flat spots under the desert sky, miles from the nearest campground, has been the best time of our life. It was registered in Year 2020 with 3,000 CC engine, Automatic transmission along with Right Hand Ste... Toyota Camroad There are also campervans with 4WD, which can be quite attractive for exploring off-road. Click “Search” and they you go -- a list of all the campervans that are available in upcoming auctions in Japan. I have the utmost respect for the whole Integrity Exports team … Stephen speaks perfect English & Japanese … Even though I’m not in Japan, I feel like I have someone on my side all the way across the world, and that’s something I could never put a price tag on. This Camping CAR is available , Die... Toyota Camroad The key is to make sure you don’t set any manufacturer name or any model name. 82 stock items. Very clean interior The engine and drivetrain are all in fantastic shape, there are a few spots of rust but nothing too crazy below or on the frame. sliding glass This Camping CAR is ... Toyota Camroad It’s hard to properly describe the uniqueness and rarity of this particular 4WD campervan. You may even be quite surprised at the low mileage you may see, but don’t get overly suspicious. step function It's always a good idea to get this figured out before you buy anything, so contact us if you would like a quote. It was registered in Year 2009 with 3,000 CC engine, FAT transmission along with . Located: Titled and Registered in California. This Campervan is available in Grey color , … And although we don't agree with the 'ugly' part, this article in Bloomberg News highlights how awesome these rigs are: are sad to say goodbye...Our trusty steed of a camper van is ready to move on to new adventures. More cubic meters equals more cost. It was registered in Year 2017 with 3,000 CC engine, AT transmission along with Right Hand Steering. They are know to be trustworthy, bulletproof, incredible 4WD and snow machines and awesomely fuel efficient. with Stock Number: ALH36342, is now on sale from Japan Kobe. This ve... Good condition Toyota CAMROAD Campers and Caravans manufactured in 2002. This is our biggest available Campervan / Motorhome.It is a small home on wheels. interlocking feature Just set the grade, year and KM range of vehicles that you would be interested in, then go to the “Text Search” and do searches on the word “camping”, then "camper" and then "camp".