This is something extremely bad, some people end up thinking that Jason is a joke because of these ships. The only thing besides his dolls that he guards with his affection is a special music box hidden inside his chest. With that, I got out from bed. We ran out the room and quickly rushed to the entrance. The day was nice and sunny so we laid down in the garden, under an old tupelo tree. She fell on her knees, her jaw, nose and eyes beat into a bloody pulp. You even forgot me?! Romantic relationship:none. Suddenly everything turned surreal. I don’t know what kind of monster you are, I really don’t have any idea how you could exist in this world, but one thing is for sure! He was the only one who was there for me my whole life. That thing that supposed to be Daisy was suffering, her wheezes were bloodcurdling, but her expression was still that of an impassive doll. I suddenly saw my mother’s eyes, they were wide and full of fright then there was a light followed by an explosion. “You are only a hindrance to me”. “It was you!” I was possessed by anger and I started hitting him, “You killed them!" The bunny fell, landing upside down. I brought some colored pencils and blank sheets of paper and we both started drawing. There was something about them, that made my stomach, maybe it was their extraordinary and macabre resemblance to real people. Sign up Log in. I woke up at 2 a.m. breathing rapidly; I curled up feeling the wall behind my back. ", We run to the kitchen, hearing that monster’s laugh follow us and once we were in, we could still see through the windows, the toy maker’s little factory. I looked at her closer and scanned her under the moonlight. Then I looked over at the bunny next to me, which was looking back at me with his black eye and with an irritated glance, I threw it on the floor. I always ended up putting them back in their places, on the furniture, my bed, and the shelves. Will you be able to survive? I only had the shred of a memory related to my best friend. “Maggie, I give you one last chance” Jason said calmly, walking down the stairs, “After which I’ll dye the walls with the blood of all who surround you. She was a kind and generous person; she was always welcome in our family. “Oh ok, let’s have an ice cream,” said Daisy, changing the subject of our conversation, seemingly not very interested. She fell to the ground a stain of blood spilling from beneath her body. Unknown I saw that they were not real people. He pulled the door shut, blocking it in it's setting, deforming the wood. He looks and acts like the perfect friend but in reality he's a selfish, lying, possessive control freak who'll kill anyone he perceives as standing in the way of his goal. !” I shook like mad trying to set myself free, while my parents were trying to break down the door. Mr. Bunny even showed it to you” he smiled with self-evident truth, “I made many toys for you and I can’t wait to introduce you to Mereanda, but you can call her Mandy if you like”. His full origin is revealed in this story written by Kristantyl but posted to her friend IvyDarkRose's account: Whenever he's furious his appearance changes to reveal his true form. Jason raised his stare and gave me a serious look. He revealed he eliminated all the people that surrounded me. ), another wind up mouse toy named Red Mouse (inside of it there's a mechanical explosive device, this toy was created for exploding at a minimal touch) and a gigantic living stuffed toy snake named Mr. Glutton (it eats the wax dolls after they get too old). He wore a black waistcoat, with two long sleeves that draped down to the point of his feet and dashed an elegant collar that dawned pointed tips at every edge of the fabric, a black button donned the center and wore a stylish frilly eyepatch over his little left beaded eye. A thick, black liquid dripped to the floor. smile on her face faded away. I turned around to rest my legs and in that moment, I touched something with my foot. “Alright, I’ll come with you!” I shouted with all the voice I had in my body. “That’s enough now” he commented bored and straight after he hit my mother in the face making her fall violently to the floor, “I’ll be in trouble if you scratched it.” I quickly went to my mother helping her to her knees; the side of her face was already swollen. Her arms were unusually long; she had long tapering fingers that were not normal. She pushed me behind her and hurled herself on him. Daisy? Jason almost never parts with it. I looked at my hands, covered with blood. It was some sort of paranoia, as if I was being persecuted by something. Jason the Toymaker has 3 toy sidekicks: a black wind up mouse toy named Licorice (It spies and controls everything surrounding the toymaker. Slowly some cracks appeared and increased in number. The wound appeared as a little rip in the center, which enlarged as the flesh shredded like paper. I never had such a nightmare like that before. This couldn’t be true, obviously. Suddenly something hit him in the head shattering it into pieces. I looked around confused, looking for the presence of my friend that obviously was not there anymore. Jason Meyer It was an image stuck in my mind along with the melody from a music box. The knife was trembling in my mother’s hand while the toy maker gave an inexpressive guise. Now I was desperately sure it wasn’t a nightmare. “She belongs to me,” a voice whispered to me. You are stuck in a cell with the insane, toy-obsessed killer. Find someone to play with for all eternity. “Aren’t you happy about Daisy coming to visit you?” said the monster, standing on the threshold of the door, “I didn’t like her either, you know? When he grew tired of me, he showed me what he really was. Daisy felt tired immediately. Even if it was, it must have been something rotten. I could have presented them to other children, or thrown them in the rubbish. He opened his arms with nonchalance, without even taking out the knife from his chest. We will have fun together, we will be back laughing like we did before.” “No, you’re just an insane psychopath! It doesn't matter to what extent the chosen keeps the promise becau… The feelings were so terribly real. He massacred my parents; he took his revenge by taking them away from me, and almost got me too. His face returned to its normal state… but I already knew what he concealed behind those amber-colored eyes. “Go away, be gone! It was not blood.