November 2011 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) war ein US-amerikanischer Boxer. It just wasn’t the same. Obwohl Frazier das Finale der US-amerikanischen Ausscheidungskämpfe zur Teilnahme an den Olympischen Sommerspielen 1964 gegen Mathis verloren hatte, nahm er an seiner statt an den Olympischen Spielen 1964 in Tokio teil, da Mathis wegen einer Handverletzung passen musste. 2016: Carl Frampton | Joe paused, glanced around the small living room that was packed full with about 50 of my eager relatives. 1952: Rocky Marciano | Post was not sent - check your email addresses! 1999: Lennox Lewis | I drove him to an event in Jersey City once, where Joe was the guest speaker. Joe Frazier war ein Mitglied im Bund der Freimaurer. US-Dollar pro Mann. “I told him the truth,” Smoke said, “I kicked your ass.”. 1949: Ezzard Charles | What happens if no presidential candidate gets 270 electoral votes? Pitted against Holmes after just ten professional fights (all victories), Frazier's camp touted his speed and youth as significant advantages over the champion. Not because such strictures are demanded of him, but because that's the way he is boxing or no boxing. When the grass on the Fraziers' two-and-a-half acre plot needed cutting, Marvis did it. Frazier ging allerdings gehandicapt in den Finalkampf, er hatte sich im Halbfinale gegen den Russen Wadim Jemeljanow die linke Schlaghand angebrochen. 1992: Riddick Bowe | We kept in touch over the years. 1978: Muhammad Ali | But I fell so much in love with boxing. 1937: Henry Armstrong | I glanced back at my corner, and there was Smoke, bent over, arms outstretched and ready for me to jump on him like a little kid. I may have been tough, trying to emulate Joe’s tenacious straight-ahead attack, but I was never going to make millions of dollars, regardless of how much Smoke believed in me. 2011: Andre Ward | 1948: Argentinien Rafael Iglesias | 1928: Argentinien Arturo Rodríguez | Long gone were the luxury cars. He gave me little kernels of wisdomI carry with me to this day. Er war unumstrittener Schwergewichts-Boxweltmeister von 1970 bis 1973. And, wiser than most people would ever know. 1957: Carmen Basilio | Am 8. But that didn’t stop Smoke — that’s what the guys in the gym called him — from seeing something special in me. Januar 1973 verlor Frazier den WM-Titel gegen George Foreman, den Olympiasieger von 1968 und damit Nachfolger von Frazier, durch TKO in der zweiten Runde nach insgesamt sechs Niederschlägen. 2010: Sergio Martínez | Mehr Informationen zum Datenschutz finden Sie, Copyright © 1999-2020 by WHO'S WHO, Alle Rechte vorbehalten, "Geschichte ist die Biographie der Menschheit", Ludwig Börne (1786-1837). 1938: Joe Louis | 1945: Jimmy Walker | Vordergründig ging es darum, den Box-Kampf beider Töchter (Laila Ali und Jackie Frazier-Lyde) zu promoten, der am 8. He was already a seasoned professional. 1977: Carlos Zárate | Er versuchte nun mit (erfolgreich absolvierten) Kämpfen gegen den Box-Techniker Jimmy Ellis und gegen den Boxer-Puncher Jerry Quarry einen weiteren Titelkampf zu erreichen. 1956: Floyd Patterson | Am 16. 1947: Gus Lesnevich | ( Er verlor nur zweimal. Marvis Frazier is the son of Joe Frazier, the man who famously gave Muhammad Ali his first professional loss. Joseph William „Joe“ Frazier (* 12. But few men could do what Tyson did to his opponents. 1928: Gene Tunney | Januar 1974 trat Frazier in einem WM-Ausscheidungskampf zum zweiten Mal gegen Ali an und verlor diesen 12-Runden-Kampf einstimmig nach Punkten. Give me 18 months and I'll have him looking like another Houdini. No matter where we went, Smoke always stressed the importance of the fans. Thanks for contacting us. 1943: Fred Apostoli | [20] But trainer Georgie Benton saw greater potential, "He's on the road to being a defensive genius. Joe Frazier hatte einen Gastauftritt in diesem Film. Smoke is in my ear. I told him I was in college and that I was playing rugby. 1952: Rocky Marciano | 1983: Marvin Hagler | I didn’t know how he’d receive me because of the way I left and all. Get it now before out of stock #SpringSale #RootsofFight #KnowYourRoots, A post shared by Mike Tyson (@miketyson) on Mar 13, 2020 at 1:12pm PDT. Referee Joe Cortez started to count while looking at Frazier, but immediately waved off the fight once he saw that Frazier was not responsive. 1960: Floyd Patterson | Unumstritten wurde er jedoch erst durch den nachfolgenden Kampf. During the first minute, Frazier taunted Holmes by dropping his hands to his sides and playfully moving his head back and forth. Jacqui Frazier-Lyde. The looks on their faces when they turned from the Joe Frazier on their television to the Joe Frazier in their living room was something I’ll never forget. 1950: Ezzard Charles | Die umfängliche Aufhebung des herrschenden WeltbildesAlbert Einsteins Relativitätstheorie beschreibt die Struktur von Raum und Zeit sowie das Wesen der Gravitation. I didn’t make much money from that fight. 2001: Bernard Hopkins | 2016: Carl Frampton | [17]) He was KOd by James Broad, a man "I know nothing about,"[18] in the 1980 Olympic Trials finals. 2016: Russland Jewgeni Tischtschenko, 1922: Harry Greb | 1994: Roy Jones | In 37 Kämpfen erzielte er 32 Siege, 27 K.-o.-Siege, 4 Niederlagen und 1 Unentschieden... Joe Frazier wurde am 12. “You might not have been a great boxer,” he said once I took the phone back, “but you turned out all right.”. I came back to his gym that winter and after a couple of weeks he told me he wanted to meet my parents. Seine Siege erzielte Frazier fast durchweg durch K. o., er erreichte eine im Amateurboxen außergewöhnlich gute K. o.-Rate. He had his own house on a hill in Montgomery County, Pa., by then. This set up the fight with the 24–0 Tyson, which was broadcast live from the Glens Falls Civic Center in Glens Falls, New York by ABC. 1976: George Foreman | 2000: Félix Trinidad | 1980: Thomas Hearns | Der frühere Mittelgewichtler Jimmy Ellis, der auch Sparringspartner von Muhammad Ali gewesen war, gewann dieses Turnier durch einen „Finalsieg“ gegen Jerry Quarry. [5] Frazier was a runner-up for the 1979 Pan American Games,[10] where he was expected to meet Teófilo Stevenson for the first time in this competition. 1966 wurde Eddie Futch aus Los Angeles Fraziers neuer Trainer. “Nice job, son,” said Smokin’ Joe Frazier, the former heavyweight champion of the world. 1972: Muhammad Ali & Carlos Monzón | 52,958, This story has been shared 41,870 times. "Smokin' Joe" musste in der Folge noch weitere Niederlagen gegen Ali und Foreman einstecken, bevor er 1981 seine Profikarriere beendete.