Jordan and Kerry Katona. Jordan and Kittens. Same strengths, same flaws, just shown through a different aesthetic. It’s an overture of sorts, and between that and the common themes of disease, sex, and, of course, horses laced in all their work the system shock isn’t too bad. What has our folk hero done this time around, gone the way of The Books and made a hodgepodge of indietronica? Whether you’re organizing the event, This kind of pacing isn’t completely unheard of for Mason, as they played with similar ideas in Mantra Songs but to more of a bedroom-musician effect than the flesh-and-piss orchestra they’re currently constructing. — Denton Loving at PANK, "Of Thermal Energy, The Efficient Use of Land, and Continuous Operation" in Red Lightbulbs, "The Power is Out, Sing" in The Scrambler, "Of Moving Water, Erosion, And Other Alterations" in NOÖ Journal, "Of a Girl, a Boy, a Boy, and a River" in Unsaid, Copyright © document.write((new Date()).getFullYear()); All rights reserved, "Of Thermal Energy, The Efficient Use of Land, and Continuous Operation", "Of Moving Water, Erosion, And Other Alterations". And like poetry, which sometimes implies what can't be literally described, Mason manages to suggest a story of experience in these pages that are mystical and memorable at the same time." In hindsight, it’s a pretty logical, if startling shift, and they do their best to ease you into it. HER MASTERY OF HER VOICE AS AN ECSTATIC INSTRUMENT IS SO COMPELLING. 13/07 – PLEASE HELP Have an event you’d like to plug? 15/07 – ACU, Utrecht, NED OH! Learn More: Facebook Bandcamp Twitter Soundcloud, Tour Dates — Jonathan Valelly at Xtra! They live in Toronto with their husband and their cats. We going for Scandi-style hygge, with blankets, heaters, beanbags and hot chocolate on tap on the porch for lab meetings and visiting friends. Prior to developing a loyal underground fanbase, Cluck was a standout performer in New Yorks Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn music scenes. Athlete. We love to try new things and invite you to share your hints and hacks. If the album is polarizing, it’s only because Mason is polarizing. The electric conversion, the dragged-out structure, the darker tone, it’s all a new flavor. Browse Pages. The crescendos – yes, multiple – are emphasized almost to the point of implying post-rock influence; a shaking voice and wiry background strings are the only betrayal of what’s to come until six minutes in, where Divorce Lawyers fans might find more familiar territory. Cover art and design by Tarsila Stoeckicht, "Reading The Skin Team, you would never suspect how difficult it is to write even fairly about such things, much less with Jordaan Mason's radiant emotional grace and super-deft detailing and flawless style. Three skins convulse, three bodies converge. ALERT: Please be advised that due to COVID-19 the events section is not currently being maintained. It’s not a fatal flaw of decline, but like many things of this album, it’s to taste. — Jeremy Behreandt at Heavy Feather Review. DIANE CLUCK IS A VIRTUOSIC TALENT WITH AN EMOTIONALITY THAT FEELS AT ONCE ANCIENT AND ALIEN. — Tobias Carroll at Vol. The Horse Museum may have been no more, at least as it existed at the turn of the decade, but still rumors and hints spread in the corners of the internet that something new was coming.