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Effect of flue gas on elemental mercury removal capacity of defective carbonaceous surface: A first-principles study, Publication date: 15 February 2021Source: Journal of Hazardous Materials, Volume 404, Part BAuthor(s): Ping He, Yi Zhang, Xinyi Zhao, Jie Wei, Tianhong Xu, Jiang Wu, Naichao Chen, Effects of butyl benzyl phthalate exposure on Daphnia magna growth, reproduction, embryonic development and transcriptomic responses, Publication date: 15 February 2021Source: Journal of Hazardous Materials, Volume 404, Part BAuthor(s): Jing Li, Haotian Li, Dongdong Lin, Muyi Li, Quansheng Wang, Song Xie, Yuming Zhang, Fengsong Liu, The risk and impact of organophosphate esters on the development of female-specific cancers: Comparative analysis of patients with benign and malignant tumors, Publication date: 15 February 2021Source: Journal of Hazardous Materials, Volume 404, Part BAuthor(s): Yanhua Liu, Yang Li, Shanshan Dong, Lu Han, Ruixin Guo, Yourong Fu, Shenghu Zhang, Jianqiu Chen, Organic and inorganic model soil fractions instigate the formation of distinct microbial biofilms for enhanced biodegradation of benzoapyrene, Publication date: 15 February 2021Source: Journal of Hazardous Materials, Volume 404, Part AAuthor(s): Cheng Han, Yinping Zhang, Marc Redmile-Gordon, Huan Deng, Zhenggui Gu, Qiguo Zhao, Fang Wang, Three-dimensional volumetric monitoring of settling particulate matters on a leaf using digital in-line holographic microscopy, Publication date: 15 February 2021Source: Journal of Hazardous Materials, Volume 404, Part AAuthor(s): Taesik Go, Jihwan Kim, Sang Joon Lee, Hybrid forward osmosis/membrane distillation integrated with anaerobic fluidized bed bioreactor for advanced wastewater treatment, Publication date: 15 February 2021Source: Journal of Hazardous Materials, Volume 404, Part AAuthor(s): Daeeun Kwon, Woobin Bae, Jeonghwan Kim. ~Wes. Which, in turn, allows the ancestors to help you more with the things you need and want. In this article, I will outline an ancestor money burning ritual that yields tremendous benefits. That sounds terribly hurtful. I found it really helpful and I loved the images. In a conflation of the domestic and the supernatural, ancestral worship involves a quotidian intimacy with the dead in a heaven that approximates the earthly. Taking time to care for ancestors in the afterlife ultimately reflects the value the Chinese place on filial piety and respect for one’s elders and ancestors. It should be clear that there is a gateway. MICE is invested in: moving image practices and practitioners of all backgrounds. Thank you for this insightful article! ~Wes. Extinguish candles, or you may leave them lit. ~Wes, Got to say I love your content! Hi! These Hell Bank Notes resemble the Chinese Yuan. In the deceptively simple gesture of gifting, I am compelled to embrace an eschatology that prioritizes intimacy and kinship over salvation. The set includes bills resembling the U.S. Dollar, the Chinese Yuan and the Bank of Heaven and Earth. ~Wes. , Hi Lauren, nice to meet you across the ocean! Can we burn more joss paper in the days after her funeral? They exist in a continuum with the living and are addressed in the present tense. We are not too familiar with protocol but felt that maybe afterwards there wasn’t enough joss paper burnt at her funeral. Understand it’s to help them in the after life, but do they stay in this after world forever or do they move on and are they reincarnated? ​Give thanks! I can’t read Chinese so that’s why it’s hard to figure out what is said in the package. Affection generated by the maintenance of permanent kinship takes precedence over the fear and awe of a monotheistic god. The local joss paper markets eclipse the volume and demand in Canada, providing everything from paper facsimiles of Prada handbags to rice cookers. I thought the app was an interesting approach to the ceremony because there’s no air pollution! Specific practices vary by region and ethnic group, then are further adapted at the family level! The deceased family member uses this money to pay down the remainder of his debt to be able to obtain a body and fate to pursue its karmic journey. The intensity of the dysregulated host response varies from patient to patient and has a negative impact on survival and other outcomes. In looking around for info, I also found an app for the ceremony. Paper objects, such as clothing, jewellery, mobile phones, accessories, cars including a liveried chauffeur, lavish models of paper villas with manicured gardens, home interiors, medicine, fancy foods and liquors, cosmetics and others, should be extravagant, luxurious and will most likely be showing a high end brand name of an earthly company; simply speaking: the more expensive- the better. These Hell Bank Notes are printed to resemble the Hong Kong Dollar, each of the 3 included designs is decorated with an image of the Jade Emperor in a 100, 500 or 1000 dollar denomination. Hope this is helpful to some of your followers. The materiality of ancestral liturgy is intrinsic to understanding the eschatological complex to which they are tied. ~Wes. Thanks for sharing. Ancestor Money - 96 Piece Chinese Joss Paper - Ancestor Money to Burn - 8,000,000,000,000 Dollar Hell Bank Notes, The Sacrificial Offerings, 9.1 x 4.8 inches 4.8 out of 5 stars 214 $8.89 $ 8 . The ephemera of eternal affection are media of familial communion for the observant as much as they are confrontations with the ghost of failed memory, disconnected ancestors, and lost lineages for the diasporic. The Chinese believe that it’s unlucky to arrive in the afterlife empty-handed or indebted. Here are a few examples. This practice is an extension of the belief that burning real money brings bad luck. There are so many different kinds of Joss papers sold at the Asian grocery stores. Joss paper is treated as real money for gods and ghosts — don’t casually throw joss paper onto the fire, step on joss paper and the burned ashes or throw away unused joss paper. I plan on purchasing ancestry money for my mom who past 3 years ago. At other times of the year, the burning of joss paper is also a customary practice amongst some Chinese. ~Wes, I cannot seem to find the blank, 5 or 7 colors thin joss paper near where I live in the U.S., and haven’t found an online shop that offers it so far. For some people, burning joss paper is a near-daily spiritual practice; for others, it’s something that’s done only during holidays and important family gatherings. ​Light an ancestor note from your burning candle using your right hand (giving / putting out hand). ​I recommend doing this ancestor money ritual after you LIGHT YOUR CANDLE, give your offering (food), and say your prayer(s) or words spoken. For what it’s worth, we see the biggest sales of joss paper at the Chinese American Family shop in the 5th (prior to the Qingming Festival) and 7th (prior to the Hungry Ghost Festival) lunar months, as well as immediately prior to Chinese New Year. Burning joss paper is a kind of Chinese ritual activity in Hong Kong for people to worship deities or ancestors. Search. Hi Tisha, the ashes can be thrown away. ~Wes. Given these notes are often sold in shops frequented by tourists and others not acquainted with the history and proper or rather improper usage. That said, what’s up with the note included with the map? I am not Asian, and would not want to do anything culturally insensitive. Joss paper burning is usually the last act performed in a Chinese ancestor worship ceremony. Thanks for your question, Philip. Please let me know, thanks! Hi Donia, thanks for writing! Burning joss paper is an act of remembering as much as it is maintaining connections beyond the grave. Joss paper is indeed not special. This is really helpful as I’ll soon be setting up an ancestor altar and have been researching various customs and traditions regarding it. If you do not have one, you can get step-by-step instructions by reading "How to Setup an Ancestor Altar and Give Offerings". Also, some joss paper resembles closely to American currency. I have folded joss paper all my life. The quicker it burns, the better it was received. A multicentre point prevalence survey of hospital antibiotic prescribing and quality indices in the Kurdistan Regional Government of Northern Iraq: The need for urgent action. “We can't go to their graves so we pray for them at home, under the open sky.” She takes a ream of joss money and the pre-packaged gift that I bought from Wing Fong. Really happy to hear about your cultural exploration and appreciate you contributing a new idea to the conversation. “It doesn’t matter,” she says, “they know you.” After the chant she directs me to insert the incense into the cup of rice. Do you know why? I’m having trouble visualizing what you’re describing. I’m so sorry for your loss, Susan, and thank you for your suggestion. Thanks for your kind words, Nick. Can you provide a web address or regular mail address of a shop that sells the various types of Joss paper heaven or hell banknotes? I’m fascinated by joss paper but have never seen one thing addressed. I don’t see any explanation/definition for the note on the map or its package. Just don’t step on the ashes, which is considered disrespectful. The space of ancestral prayer is a medium for affection and continued care for family. I make it rain Ancestor Money on my altar game!