He said that he didn't know why he returned. And I think this is Monday-morning quarterbacking, nitpicking, trying to find some way to bring down a popular president's poll ratings. He said that he had been out to that area prior to May, 1989. He turned his engine off. Mottram picked Chandler's photograph out of a photo pack and identified him in a lineup and in court. Devil, devil, devil. Oba Chandler is on death row at Union Correctional Institution. 400 So.2d at 1219. In many ways, he was a progressive-minded boss. Transcript of Heinrich testimony. Hal was beside himself with rage and grief. "It sounds good, but they ain't charged him with nothing," Hal said. However, due to Commissioner Todd's new personal interest we have recontacted you. He did not look for semen nor did he expect to find any as semen would have decomposed or been washed away by the action of the water. I wanted answers to my questions. Geoghegan said he would have bet a month's salary that Hal was clean. He wanted to tell her how much it meant to him that she was here, how much he appreciated her courage. He sort of drew you into him in terms of invoking your trust. At the time of their deaths, the Rogers were vacationing in Florida. That summer, as she drove down her street, Jo Ann Steffey often thought of her neighbor with the blue and white boat. He had no doubt that both heaven and hell were real. She said he had tied her hands and forced himself on her, threatening to kill her if she told anyone. The woman's pain and the strength she had shown in the face of that pain were more eloquent than anything they could have said. blue w/wht After almost two weeks of trial, they wanted to take a little while to talk, to look over the evidence, to hold hands and pray. Ramey thought about Jo and Michelle and Christe and how they were found when they came out of the water. "Yes, I did. In November of 1989 Chandler called her in Cincinnati and left a number at a Cincinnati motel where he could be reached. USSC# 06-10141 07/05/01 Appeal filed. "I just liked her in it," he says. A profile of the killer emerges -- he could be the man next door. Moore and the other members of the team did not agree. Sgt. And he did not remember if they drove off while he was still there. Charles W. Ehrhardt, Florida Evidence § 608.1 at 385 (1997 ed.) Chandler later called and apologized for the way he had been acting. Still, the longer the case dragged on, the more difficult it became for the department to reconcile the tension between the desire to make an arrest in the Rogers murders and the need to attend to other cases. Since he couldn't go to his own Baptist church back in Pinellas County, he opened the Volusia County phone book and found a Baptist church nearby. What had been done with their shorts, their underwear, their shoes? Chandler's claim of error addresses the first prong. Castro dropped all his appeals. Other than a claim by a former prison cellmate that Chandler has said there was another man involved – whom the cellmate claimed to know the identity of but would not name – no evidence has ever surfaced regarding the involvement of anyone other than Chandler. He spoke quickly, in a clipped voice that seemed too small for the rest of him. At approximately 4:30 he returned Judy to the docks. WOODRUFF: It certainly does change the context for this meeting. However, I think there is a case—and I don't have it at my fingertips—but what it says is, if the Defendant has told the defense counsel not to call relevant mitigation, that defense counsel is, Number One, obligated to tell the Court that; and, Number Two, the Court then is obligated to tell you what you would have—who you would have called and what they would have said, basically. "If you made those calls before you came back in, Mr. Chandler, how could you have been at Ms. Capo's residence between 7:15 and 7:30?" The bay stretches about us, looking so cold, so deep, so unforgivably black. A great deal of investigation would eventually be devoted to the question of how little experience the Rogers women had with boats and water. Colleen would go to Van Wert, shop for groceries, come home and realize she had been in a trance throughout the errand and could not remember a single detail of what had just transpired. "Okay," he told his boss. In addition, information was gathered in court proceedings and from more than 4,000 pages of police reports, court documents and other records. After more than 20 years as a prosecutor, Crow was known as perhaps the most brilliant and tenacious lawyer in the state attorney's office. He requested that these detectives be allowed to work exclusively on the Rogers case. He agreed to take a polygraph examination and was judged to have had no knowledge of the murders. Even though Debra Chandler said she did not remember the calls, the prosecution assumed that Chandler had been phoning his wife. (Tuesday, November 15, 2011) Angels and Demons - Chapter 1: Sunset | Chapter 2: Haunted | Chapter 3: Neighbors | Chapter 4: The Tin Man | Chapter 5: Silver Bullet | Chapter 6: Night Stories | Chapter 7: The Magic Kingdom said Zinober. Despite Blair's refusals and attempts to resist him, Chandler raped her. "Do you want us to take him down?" The description of the suspect's vehicle, boat and his composite was released to the press and seen by Chandler's neighbor Joann Steffey. Chandler's first hearing was early the next morning, in a little courtroom inside the Pinellas County jail. Obviously, Pflieger and Duran needed to consider the possibility that John had somehow arranged the deaths of Jo and the girls during that visit. "Watch your step," he said. He and his wife and their little girl had moved out months ago with hardly a word to anyone. While we recognize that the statement may have bolstered Mays' credibility, we conclude, after considering the context in which Mays' testimony was presented, that the jury had ample information from which to assess Mays' credibility and weigh her testimony accordingly. He did not like the feeling of everyone watching him, so he fixed his eyes on a loose bit of tape wrapped around the microphone before him. In 1997, a series of articles entitled "Angels & Demons" written by Thomas French was published in the St. Petersburg Times newspaper. One by one, they were eliminated. Danny Rolling 25 October 2006 lethal injection Sonja Larson, Christina Powell, Christa Hoyt, Manuel R. Taboada, and Tracy Inez Paules, 64. Sentence Date: 10/13/1994 The analysis has two prongs: first, establishment of a mitigator by the greater weight of the evidence; and, second, if a mitigator is established, the trial court determines the relative weight accorded each mitigator. The state presented judgment and sentences for prior armed robberies. The map was marked with directions, written in a hand different from Jo Rogers', that described how to get to the Days Inn. 70. I Chandler, he pointed out, was on trial for the murders, not the rape. County: VOLUSIA they were saying. The general manager contacted the police, who secured the room and obtained the hotel's records for the room. The boat that placed the call on July 5, 1989 at 12:38 a.m was the Zigeuner. They began investigating the tips that had never been checked out. Falling back to avoid detection, the ground units waited for the blue Corolla to leave. "Now, did you see these people again at any time that day?" 2006). Now, as the task force zeroed in on Chandler, top assistants from the office were meeting with the task force almost daily. "Yes. He wondered who had been thrown over the side first. Until May, 1994 when Chandler saw the marine toll bills for the evening of June 1, 1989 and the morning of June 2, he did not have any idea where he was. Hal and the other man were outside, taking another load of hay into the barn. And I will not give up until the hearse pulls up. InvestigationThe women were not positively identified until a week after their bodies' discovery, by which time they had been reported missing back home in Ohio by the husband and father, Hal Rogers. The investigators sent Chandler's handwriting to an analyst with the FDLE, who confirmed that it matched the directions written on the Clearwater Beach brochure. "Yes." The tank. A handwriting sample. "It's not them," he told his friends. This is the unit, popularized in novels and movies such as The Silence of the Lambs, that specializes in developing psychological profiles of killers in unsolved cases. You can't see the gas tank." Judge Schaeffer was glaring at the defense attorney. "I don't care," she said. They did not find any ladies' purses, material coming from the purses, or clothing relating to the Rogers' case. Leslie was approached by law enforcement officers to see if he knew something about been convicted heard Chandler Chandler and he initially lied to them. (Habeas). Curtsinger listened closely. Jeff Feasby was overcome with anger. Among other things, they could not allow the names of potential suspects -- and there were hundreds of them over the years -- to accidentally be made public without risking the ruin of those people's lives. He walked to the center of the courtroom. Everything about him is so controlled, so withdrawn. He drove a dark blue Jeep Cherokee and lived two lots down the street from Steffey, in a house on Dalton Avenue, on the far west side of Tampa, only a few miles from the boat ramp where the three Rogers women had disappeared. When she refused, he insisted. “Mr. It described Hal as "a hot-tempered, distant man who hid his eyes behind dark glasses." It was impossible, and they could prove it. Investigators made the decision to put up billboards in Tampa with a sampling of the suspect's handwriting, which was taken from directions to the boat they found in the Rogers' car. He did not intend to leave them there. Gore arrived in Tampa on January 31, driving a black Mustang. Michelle was supposed to be back by now, and he missed her. Hal was drinking too much. They talked to one of Chandler's many children, a woman named Kristal Mays, who told them that her father had unexpectedly paid her a visit in Cincinnati in late 1989, just after the composite drawing was made public. These were legitimate questions. Then they were truly on their way. [20] A housekeeper at the Days Inn noted on June 8 that nothing in the room had been disturbed, and that beds had not been slept in. He was a co-defendant with Ronald John Michael Straight, executed May 20, 1986. She had wavy brown hair and wore a black tank shirt over a blue bikini top. One was from the back of the courtroom, showing Chandler straight on; the other was from a camera positioned above and behind the witness. "The way I figure it," he says, flashing a wry smile, "it's like a hunting license. They studied the snapshot of the sunset that the family had taken outside Room 251 and tried to ascertain exactly what time it was shot, so they could pin down more accurately when Jo and the girls left the motel for the last time. The man pulled down her shorts and bathing suit and raped her. After they had driven around for several hours, Gore revealed a knife, gained control of the car, and drove to a partially wooded dumping area off a dirt road. She was thin, with brown hair that she curled sometimes and sometimes wore straight. 68. It was like an explosion had gone off. This was a critical question the State had to answer at trial. And he even promised some talking points would be coming their way soon on just exactly how to do that. The Campa decision underscores the fact that the burden a defendant bears when attempting to establish presumed prejudice is “an extremely heavy one,” and reiterates that “[t]he presumed prejudice principle is rarely applicable and is reserved for an extreme situation.” Id. Derek Galpin testified that he sold Chandler his boat. "You would have a serious problem." He asked Hal to submit to a polygraph, knowing full well Hal would pass it. It was possible that the women had been bound and gagged, weighed down with the concrete blocks and then tossed alive into the water to drown at the bottom of the bay.