While the brand is primarily marketed to the Chinese market, they have a loyal following in Europe and the UK. One of the biggest trends in the Chinese cosmetics industry is a “for men’ segment. We are all familiar with Western and Korean cosmetics brands such as Lancôme, Maybelline, Innisfree, Etude House and so on. Let’s take a look! In all three departments, we have highly-experienced employees who have dedicated their heart and soul to the company for years. This was followed by the cosmetics brand (64%), then word-of-mouth advertising (60%). Everything seemes to be made in China nowadays when it comes to cosmetics.. Post your favorite cosmeics linet hats not made in Asia.. just recently, I tried Lori Fabrizio Cosmetics. Our office in Taipei is divided into three main departments, Accounting, Industrial Design, and Sales and the Sales department is made up of three sub departments, Art, Marketing and Sales. Less than 4% said they would purchase expensive brands of makeup. That trend is going to continue, as more firms qualified to produce cosmetics are approved by the government. This growth helped to offset the sharp declines experienced by the industry at the in-person retail level. Source quality products Made in China. The crazy thing is they aren’t sharing much details on the venture just yet. In 2016, those figures went to 13% and 15% respectively. We currently have office located in Taipei, Taiwan and factory located in Guangdong, China. Trends in augmented reality will continue to push sales higher in the online market. We currently have office located in Taipei, Taiwan and factory located in Guangdong, China. In 2015, the sales of cosmetics online in China reached a value of 124 billion yuan, which was an increase of more than 25% from the year before. BPA: BPA stands for bisphenol A. BPA is an industrial chemical that has been used to make certain plastics and resins since the 1960s. KanS Cosmetics Co., was founded in 2002 in Shanghai. The products are great! Over 19% of men in China research L’Oreal products when looking for male cosmetics. This is one of the reasons brands have shortened the shelf life for their products. The brand philosophy is that makeup in itself is an art form and form of personal expression. The crazy thing is they aren’t sharing much details on the venture just yet. The current size of the cosmetics market in the Asia-Pacific region is more than $126.8 billion. ), and KanS advertises itself as being at the forefront of the movement as a member of the Solar Impulse Foundation. It all started with a simple post showing the name of the company as Kim, Ariana and Brielle all made the same post on Thursday. Popular companies like Urban Decay, Becca, BH Cosmetics, Morphe, and NYX (just to name a few) are all outsourced there. Women in China place the highest priority on the benefits and efficacy of the cosmetics product they prefer the most, with 66% reporting it as a priority. PHOTOS: RHONJ Alum Caroline Introduces Son Chris Manzo’s Girlfriend Cassandra Cortez, Plus Photo of Chris’s New Home as They Move in Together, and Albie Manzo’s Girlfriend! (Global Trade Atlas), #16. You might be surprised…. Here are some of the most well known cosmetics brands from China, and their best selling products. 2016 © All Rights Reserved. (Morgan Stanley). That has led the world’s leading cosmetic brands to move into China for new revenue opportunities, where the 10 top brands currently hold more than 50% of the market. Last night, they all went to their social networks to share news about their new makeup line called KAB Cosmetics. The list grows daily, but I try my best to keep it updated. You can also find this brand in the USA and throughout Europe. Check out more makeup information on www.uhapibeauty.com, https://www.iflscience.com/health-and-medicine/us-cops-find-huge-amount-of-makeup-contaminated-with-human-fecal-matter/, Toxic Lead is Still Robbing Our Children of Brain Power, What’s The Meta? First of all everything about it is cheap! (Statista), #2. To start with shipping took forever, really annoying. It’s a cosmetics line from Canada. Let’s face it, most cosmetic brands found in stores today are manufactured in Chinese factories. Although cosmetics made in China are affordable, the overall cost on your health is far too great to ignore. In her comments section, the 40-yr-old mother of six did acknowledge that KAB Cosmetics stands for Kim, Ariana and Brielle cosmetics. A lipstick that sells for $9 in the United States could sell for $99 in some parts of China. The dollar store has better... Quality is great. 88% of women in China within the 20-30 age demographic say that they put on makeup regularly. Color ok but feels like cheap wax, broke my lips out. The brand is dedicated to Asian skin types and has had commercials directed by famed director Wong Kar Wai and starring Shu Qi. Maybelline, as a brand, holds a 14% share of the color cosmetics market in China. All Rights Reserved. The new cosmetic ingredients must be approved by CFDA first before they can be used in cosmetics in China. To search China IECIC 2015, please click the link below. Their combined market share was more than 25% in 2014. Regardless, it is likely to be a hit as they have millions of followers on Instagram. Instead of buy brands on this list, try brands that are made using safe ingredients made in the USA or other reputable countries. (Statista), #4. After a period of time, ingredients increase potency and have a greater chance of making YOU sick, especially when left in hot warehouses. The fans have mixed feelings on this new cosmetics line KAB Cosmetics. Secondly, the color is COMPLETELY different than what they... NOT WORTH IT. Cosmetics accounted for 20% of the purchases made by Chinese travelers to South Korea in 2014. There is a lot of excitement and people who are ready to order right away. The Chinese cosmetics industry is one of the fastest growing segments of China’s economy today. Environmentally friendly and sustainable products have grown in popularity in China in the last decade (for good reason! China products directory and catalog, Find hot China products & suppliers from Made-in-China.com. FANS SLAM KIM ZOLCIAK FOR POSTING THIS PIC OF DAUGHTER! This brought the industry segment to a total value of $440 million. Moisturizing Snowflake Concealer With SPF, Herborist Hydrating & Moisturizing Eye Gel, Asian Persuasion: 9 Fun Facts About China, 9 Must Have Accessories For Any Gamer Out There, The Apetit of Chinese Beauty consumers for DermoCosmectics Brands. (Statista), #8. Thanks for reading! (Morgan Stanley), #18. I tried three times and it was this gross lip kit each time. KAB was established in 1984 in Taipei, Taiwan molding plugs and connectors for local Taiwanese manufacturers.