It seemed likely that Kaguya would have even allowed Kagura and Kanna to live alongside her in her castle. Kaguya's feelings are less like disdain and more akin to overt hatred. He believed that force and strength were the ultimate key to peace, and though he loved his father greatly, he challenged his decision to let his younger brother carry on his will. [29] Claiming to be immortal, Kaguya can quickly regenerate any lost anatomy such as severed limbs. we’ve already established that he comes from a different village, and similarities to both toneri and orochimaru have been pointed out, and now we know that orochimaru has been working on clones, now what if there was some ootsutsuki dna lying around, to make potentially powerful ootsutsuki vessels which are able to infiltrate konoha, Naruto the Last Movie : Toneri Ootsuki and His Clan Information (New Information), So I just realized something (That WILL piss off antis). So their response was to dispatch the 5 Kages, thinking that would be sufficient. Madara absorbs the Shinju upon direction from a mysterious voice, a blacked out panel shows a pair of glaring Byakugan and a third eye that looks like a combination of the Sharingan and Rinnegan, and when he activates the Eternal Tsukuyomi a spectral image of her sporting a, Black Zetsu is revealed to be a manifestation of, and she can also use Black Zetsu to drain those her hair can't, She used the Infinite Tsukuyomi to create an army of Zetsu, was sealed inside the moon as the Ten-Tails. When Kaguya had her powers stripped away, she briefly reverted to her Ten-Tailed form, with each tail ending with the head of one of the tailed beasts and the tenth ending with her rabbit head. While Kaguya is determined to "reclaim" the massive chakra within Naruto, Black Zetsu points out that Naruto is too dangerous and should just take the easier route of killing him. Kaguya used her powers of clairvoyance to detect the location of the Celestial Robe, and set off by herself to reclaim it. Kaguya began chanting and dissipated the Kaze no Kizu with her mirror. Kaguya reluctantly paid her respects and bid farewell to all of her friends and two lunar attendants put a feathered robe around her body which caused her to forget her troubles and be at ease. Height He died a bitter man, cursing his brother and never letting go of his lust for power. Kaguya then commanded the creature to breach, confronting Inuyasha directly. Naruto and Sasuke manage to do the same in the present, this time throwing Black Zetsu in with her to make sure her munitions are thwarted for good. As the sphere closed up, Naruto later sent Black Zetsu, who was hiding in Kaguya's severed arm sleeve, into the new moon, preventing it from returning and reviving Kaguya ever again, thus resulting in both being permanently and finally eliminated as threats to the shinobi world. Kaguya immediately entered a dimensional void and transported herself behind the duo, noticeably crying due to the resemblance they held to her own children, before forcing Black Zetsu over their bodies. InuYasha the Movie: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass, InuYasha the Movie: Affections Touching Across Time, InuYasha the Movie: Swords of an Honorable Ruler,, Kaguya was created as the primary antagonist of the second, Kaguya is the second seemingly invincible foe Inuyasha faces to be defeated by a combination of Kagome exploiting a critical weakness and Inuyasha's, She is also part of a long line of powerful foes who are ultimately defeated by a combination of a, Along this same line, Kaguya is one of three antagonists whose defeats are triggered by the firing of a spherical energy blast, as explained above. Kaguya claimed the garment from off of the floor, stating that now her wish would be granted. Inuyasha's keen senses picked up on Kaguya's strong demonic aura and later described her as "reek[ing] of disaster." Doctor Doom vs Goomba or Koopa: Destroyed by Miroku's Kazaana Tales of a Gutsy Ninja ~Jiraiya Ninja Scroll~ Part 2. She's got the Sharingan, the Rinnegan, the Byakugan, the original chakra from the Shinju's fruit plus the combined chakra of basically the entire Shinobi Alliance and being the Juubi, she has all Tailed Beast abilities and those of the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path. Kū | Her hair is parted down the middle and two, long strands of hair that pass in front of her hair reach down to her chest. The consequences of eating the chakra fruit, however, had soon taken root and took a toll on Kaguya's personality. Hobby Finally, of course, the most prominent reason behind Kaguya's hatred of half-demons is Naraku. So, instead, the monk sealed Kaguya to her own mirror, the Mirror of Life, and hid her in the Shrine of the Mirror of Life in the Forest of Illusion, so that she could not be easily located and unsealed. This goaded Inuyasha into attacking Kaguya with his Kaze no Kizu. In the first few chapters that she's introduced, Kaguya is somewhat more talkative, we see more of a personality (such as her complex between motherly love for her sons and hatred toward them for unwittingly sealing her).