Pour autant, tout ne sera pas simple pour elle car elle devra surmonter l’esprit de compétition des autres membres et les difficultés des numéros d’acrobatie que doivent réaliser les artistes. Fast forward to the future! The series was created by Junichi Sato, who also directed the first season, and written by Reiko Yoshida. Goood!! The second part is a lesson on how to use the diabolo by Rosetta Passel. De plus, il y a de nombreux rebondissements et des révélations sur les personnages qui font que l’on n’a jamais l’occasion de s’ennuyer. Sora, humiliated by her failed efforts decides to return to Japan. The final part is a lesson in seal lingo presented by Marion and Jonathan to Sora. Your favorites, all in one place. She then announces her "sensei" for the segment, May Wong. Can she contain her disappointment? 01. Meanwhile, Sora is also attempting to find her own Phoenix, but when she learns of Layla's disappearance she, Ken and May run off to New York to find the former Kaleido Star who at that instant was on a bike journey with no set destination. In a desperate attempt to be reborn, Layla runs off on a solo bicycle trip to upstate New York in hopes of rediscovering herself. They first talk about the string length, which should normally be up to your chest if you lay one stick on the ground. Sora Naegino est une jeune fille japonaise de 16 ans. After Layla retires, Sora feels added pressure to perform under the spotlight, and it doesn't help that Kaleido Stage's newest leading man is giving her the cold shoulder! Rosetta is teaching Ken how to perform diabolo in possibly a similar or different fashion that she did with Sora in season one. When it is ready, May begins to add her spice....which is a lot more than regular. If they can learn the Legendary Great Maneuver in one month, Kalos will regain control of Kaledio Stage! The first OVA looks at a new production in the works that follows the Kaleido Stage's success with Swan Lake, about a female princess that is unable to smile and a jester of hers that is hoping to bring her smile back. A manga entitled Kaleido Star ~Wings of the Future~[4] began serialization in Shōnen Fang's April issue and was released on February 19, 2007. Despite singing in and appearing during the opening theme, Anna and Mia are nowhere in the OVA and are only seen again during the end credits. However, Layla's father pressures her to leave and insiders plan to take over and shut down Kaleido Stage. But when her dad misses her birthday, it'll take Sora to cheer her up! A handsome face from her past has the power to fix everything! If she successfully performs the Angel's Maneuver, she'll finally be a true Kaleido Star! "[16], Summing up the series, Chris Beveridge of Anime On DVD said that "Kaleido Star has been a great series overall with a somewhat weak second season that really took its time to find its own voice," but that "it's still a series that's very easy to recommend on a whole and one that is very much worth showing to a younger audience. When Sora suffers a devastating fall during an audition for the new, mermaid-themed production, she'll need the help of a close friend and a martial arts expert to regain her competitive edge! ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. After a very ugly incident, however, May begins to question herself and her goals. [15] Anime Advanced also looked at the first volume and praised it highly, noting that "Kaleido Star gets my highest possible recommendation. Fool, the mysterious spirit of the theater, narrates this stirring recap of Sora's initiation into the high-flying world of Kaleido Stage! Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload. Various new characters have been introduced, old ones have also come back including Yuri Killian, May Wong, Ken Robbins, Marion Benigni,[6] Mia Guillem,[7] Rosetta Passel,[8] Jonathan and Jean Benigni. Marion figures there's no real choice to the matter and they begin. Kaleido Star is a Japanese anime series animated by Japanese studio Gonzo. Unfortunately, despite the likeliness of her being able to comprehend the role fully as she herself never carried a smile when she first came to Kaleido Stage, she has difficulties acting out the part and leaves the rehearsals mid-way frustrated. is the third and final OVA for Kaleido Star. Sora and her friends are determined to build an amazing stage just for kids, but first they must convince Marion to return to the high-flying life of a trampoline artist! 2 seasons. Fast forward to the future! Layla's plans to win over Leon - and her fiery new rival - by throwing a welcome party are interrupted by a surprise visit from the young diablo champion, Rosetta! https://kaleidostar.fandom.com/wiki/Kaleido_Star_OVA_3:_Good_da_yo!_Good!?oldid=5397. And even though Ken, Marion, and May had no part in the opening theme, they are in the OVA with Sora, Rosetta and Layla. The series was created by Junichi Sato, who also directed the first season, and written by Reiko Yoshida. The Kaleido Stage crew travels to Paris, and Rosetta begins working with a mysterious trapeze teacher. This is the only moment in Kaleido Star media that Fool does not make an appearance. Fool continues the recap of Sora's early days with Kaleido Stage, including her partnership with Layla and her daring performance of the Legendary Great Maneuver. Sutēji" (Japanese: 初めての! (où les personnages apparaissent sous forme SD), sont restées inédites chez nous, bien que les 2 … Suddenly, the audience seems ablaze with Layla's presence and a small memory between Sora and Layla of The Legendary Great Maneuver follows before May's barking ends it. At first, May ultimately hates Sora and considers herself her rival. 6) (Advance Review)", "Kaleido Star New Wings: True Star Collection", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Kaleido_Star&oldid=979327663#New_Wings, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 20 September 2020, at 04:04. When they finally stop jumping, Sora manages to successfully repeat one line in seal. The circus scenes are wildly original and sometimes breathtaking; the animation quality hasn't dipped at all in the second season." before the short ends. In the second season, Sora returns to the stage after attempting the Legendary Great Maneuver with Layla. Can a heart-to-heart chat with an old friend convince her not to give up on her dreams? A lack of balance threatens to derail Sora's attempt to perfect the Angel's Maneuver, and Leon is ready to throw in the towel. The atmosphere and attitude this creates does not bode kindly to Sora's carefree, optimistic, ultra-idealistic outlook. Because of this Kalos brings in a new recruit, Leon Oswald (a lofty trapeze artist). "[14], Despite being put off by the recap episodes, Anime News Network positively reviewed the first Volume of Kaleido Star: New Wings. May then begins the first steps to preparing the dish, which is draining the water out the tofu cubes after being chopped. Layla and Sora then take their turns at cooking as May is singing happily to herself. Kaleido Star is a Japanese anime series animated by Japanese studio Gonzo. Ken automatically gets this trick before his daydreaming causes him to lose focus.