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I sealed it up with some Lavalock RTV I had around from my old smoker. It's that easy and versatile. Let’s take at look at the Pit Boss Kamado and see if it is right for you. ], How to Smoke a Small Brisket on a Weber Kettle [Instructions for Flats and Points], Smoked Chuck Tender Roast Recipe [And What I Would Do Different! We use essential cookies to make our site work and, if you consent, optional analytics cookies to understand our website and improve your user experience. Unfortunately, I've had all kinds of issues with mine and I have the LG 24" red version from Costco. When I grill, I often like to enhance the flavor experience by adding 100% natural wood chips. it's sitting at 125 degrees! I still have the grill, but will prob take it back soon. Now I'm going to place my pork shoulder on the main cooking grate. Lot's of experience on this board that can help. If you aren't measuring out precise amounts of charcoal, the amount you put in has a direct effect on temperature control. desp4038, And when you find the grill you’ve … Oh well, there's always next year. If you are interested in Kamado Joe Grills, you can check them out at Costco during the Special Event being held at certain locations across the country. Rated /5 ( Reviews) Review Kamado Joe Ceramic Grills. have to agree, looks just like the Vision I bought at costco a few years back, if I remember the price point was the same as well. a couple of days later I fired it back up to test it out and it performed a little better but did not meet my expectations, then I shut off the grill completely. Now I am betting I could probably break my Vision in two and go pick up a new Pitt Boss, they would probably do it, no questions asked." I wasn't to impressed with the fit/finish of the interior and firebowl. 5,909.6 cm² (916 in.²) total cooking space; Stainless steel; Integrated ignition system; Infrared searing side burner; Polyester BBQ cover included If you are patient, these seem to the correct current prices for these grills. My cousin has the same exact grill and he did not experience any of the issues that I had. So in a sense I am spending $55 a year for an extended service warranty. The shell and the dome assembly looks like they were made by Auplex a company out of China. You don't even have to have your receipt. I didn't let the temps settle in so initially it was steady at ~250, loaded up the grill and temp stayed around 225 for a while and I couldn't resist messing with the vents and it shot up to 300, finally coming back to 225-245 range (probe and dome temp). I am at a stage of my life where the kids are growing up, the oldest will be on his own, and my purchases from there have drastically declined over the years. Those Egg Heads over in Atlanta should be pretty dang nervous right about now! *save $150 instantly on any set of four (4) bridgestone tires with installation ($70 off set of 4 tires + $80 additional member savings). 1 yr warranty if I remember correctly. Flavor, all-weather grilling, convenience. There is rumor as well that weber is planning something similar but yet to be revealed. At that point, I am really hot!! That is just the nature of the beast and has been the case for every kamado I have owned (BTW I've owned 4). Did the previous blue and black model have sealant all around the lower vent with felt? You just need to ask yourself if you are really going to need a Costco membership 7-10 years down the road, because that is when you more than likely will need their outstanding return policy. Saw this at the Costco in Victorville, CA. In reality though I think the dual system was introduced because of how the ceramic heat diffusser is designed. So far I have done Ribs and a Standing Rib Roast. Timing will vary every time you smoke and depends on the size of the meat cut, how much charcoal is being used, and how much meat you put on the grill. After 10 to 15 minutes, remove the electric starter from the inside of your grill and safely put it out of reach of children and pets, as this element is red hot. This is a 24 inch grill with a one piece firebox. The only little problem I spotted is that even with closed daisy wheel I can see some smoke coming out from the top. Learned to Kamado cook on a Vision grill and there were tons of mods for that grill as well. Bundled with the usual stuff that it's bundled with? Paste as plain text instead, × You can find the locations and dates at Costco’s website: Kamado Joe Grills Special Event. Sounds like you have all you need, so my advice is to just get cooking, and learn how your grill works. The number of pros, cons, and specifications to be considered is quite admirable, so it would be best to arm yourself with knowledge and patience. If I was in the market for a Vision, I'd get a real on at Sam's Club. They basically just run the item name and or model number in their computer, and if it has a history that any Costco ever carried it, they give you a refund. This kamado is a great buy and a fantastic value for money! I open up the grill to take a look at the charcoal and yep.. If I leave my lower vent open to about 1/2” it will sit closer to 300 -310. The folks at Danson’s Manufacturing have a nice partnership with Costco to bring you affordable, high quality barbecue smokers. It seems to me that if you watch Costco specials, you will regularly see the Classic II for $999 and the Big Joe II for $1599 (which is what I scored several months ago). Louisiana Grills Kamado Charcoal Grill 24" Ceramic Kamado Charcoal Grill 304-grade Stainless Steel Cooking Surface Exceptional for Grilling, Smoking, Baking, BBQ, and Roasting. Hello ladies and gentlemen.