Summons a dark cloud. 5. 10. [Normal Teleport] Press a directional key and the skill key together to teleport a horizontal distance of 300 or a vertical distance of 400. Max Level: 25 (30 with Matrix Points) but do u has to equip cash item like perm on any character to amke it preety or cool. (Cooldown: 120 sec) Passive Effect – Magic ATT: +1. In other words, their Spiritual Power does not increase when they have more INT (Intellect) Stats. Kishin Shoukan is an absolute must to max early as it increases your EXP rate tremendously by increasing the monster spawn you can kill in your training spot. And yeah i forgot to ask: Does hyper skills come to exclusive jobs in Maple like Jett, Kanna, Hayato, Zen? Level 5: Restores 5% of Max HP for each enemy defeated. I couldn’t tell the amount of speed I gain with and without the buff since most of the kills are done in 1 hit. hide. Falling Sakura – Extra Target (Required Level: 189 → 189 for GMS and MSEA), As far as I’ve seen as of Oct 18 2017 in GMS, 2nd job Haku Reborn now has increase Final Damage by 3% for each party member effected by haku reborn and also passively permenant magic attack +10. Please refer to Shared Skill Build Guide for more details as it is shared among all jobs in MapleStory. Cooldown: 600 sec) Explanation: Did you use all your SP in 1st, 2nd and 3rd job skills? or is it some hacker messing aournd? Kanna 4th Job Skill Build: Everything maxed. Hey Ayumi, love ur guides and everything! [2nd Hit]: Damage: 300%, Max Enemies Hit: 8, Attack Count: 4 Spirit Stone Duration: 70 sec. 3. Love watching all the new ms2 videos you make What are the 4th Job Skills that requires Mastery Book? Quoted from,zta7t2l4k183g7k,31marjjolmk1v51,pntzg1vga5l1asb,4hrfs1072gg8d1e,ttua11u2246ad38,mypsf79bjltjr9g,cvk340u3ac66bb1,xnpwa2zx355fr7m,78w6899mhbu33n1. If you are at Ereve, take a boat to Orbis. Reduces the respawn waiting time on the field by 50y%, and increases max amount of enemies that can be created by 50%. [Haku’s Blessing]: Increases Magic ATT for you and your party members by 20% of the Magic ATT of the Fan Haku has equipped. Many players agree that the short hair looks better compared to long hair because if seen in-game, it does not look great as displayed in Kanna’s anime video trailer. Soul Bomb (Passive) Reduces the respawn waiting time on the field by 50y%, and increases max amount of enemies that can be created by 50%. C – Pickup = loot meso/items. Vanquisher’s Charm – Reinforce Level 1 Soul Bomb is sufficient since the explosion can draw attention of nearby dead enemies towards you so you can reel them in more effectively with Rock Yaksha. Is that haku’s fan or kanna’s fan? Soul Shear (New → Final Damage: +1~30%) Cooldown: 20 sec. Her primary stat is INT (Intellect). 1. Cooldown: 5 sec Level 1: Enhances Haku’s Gift, Breath of the Unseen, Haku’s Blessing and Foxfire. if i use the think on 4 job that give more exp my party members get more exp too? Level 1: Mana Cost: 60, Max Enemies Hit: 10, Damage: 767%, Number of Attacks: 5, 24% of max HP recovered for yourself and nearby party members. Hi Victor or anyone from GMS, could you send me your BlackCipher folder by uploading to and pasting a link here. Mana Cost: 20. Hi Ayumi, I was wondering if you could make a guide for character storyline quests like you did for Luminous. Specifically the quest “Unexpected Message”. Level 15: Haku grants a 80% chance to resist knock-back and ignores 40% enemy defense. 2. Level 1: Mana Cost: 30, Duration: 30 sec. [Passive Effect:] When attacking while Nine-Tailed Fury is off cooldown, Haku attacks up to 6 enemies in front of him for 132% damage 3 times, at a 51% chance] Cooldown: 120 sec. Level 20: Mana Cost: 20, Duration: 100 sec, Damage: +20%, Boss Damage: +5%, Cooldown: 180 sec, Shikigami Haunting 4 (Passive) Level 40: Monster DEF Ignored: +20%, Spirit Corral Boost – There is dual audio). Controls the flow of energy within the body to increase physical traits. In-depth study has enhanced your Shikigami Haunting. Cooldown: 90 sec. Required Skill: Shikigami Haunting Lv. Tengu Strike (MAX) 7. Hi Ayumi, I have a question. Learn how your comment data is processed. Unlock all attacking skills with 1 SP so you can reel enemy in (Clay Yaksha) and fan smack them (Shikigami Haunting – Kanna’s 1st Job Primary Skill). Is Kannas fan 1h or 2h? I’ll perform the correction on the Nine Tail Fury :) Level 15: Each successful attack by Kanna has a 70% chance to summon Shikigami Charms, depending on the number of mobs hit. I did the quest for it. [ANSWER] In Nexon Official Website, its stated clearly that the fan is a 2-handed weapon. thanks! Kanna’s constant companion and partner in fighting evil is the spirit fox Haku. Will there be any plans to revamp Kanna so that the 5 SP will be used? Currently, there are a few GMS MapleStory players who has broken the Level 120 barrier (2.5 hours with 2x EXP COUPON + 2x EXP Event = 4x EXP) The Event for 2x EXP and drop rate is held on (March 2 – March 3) + (March 9 – March 10) + (March 16 – March 17) + (March 23 – March 24) + (March 30 – March 31) + (April 6 – April 7) at I have added the missing Nine-Tailed Fury into Kanna’s 4th Job Skill Build Guide! Level 1: Permanently increases INT by 3, LUK by 3 @TheKishinHoe: Thanks for your feedback! - The optimization algorithm works correctly for every class, even Kanna and Demon Avenger! I found someone with an “illusion Haku” mastery book… but I have yet to see anyone with that skill. Deepens your connection to the elements to provide a permanent damage increase. Max Level: 25 (30 with Matrix Points) on the forth job sequence of maxing which skills and which skills i dont see nine tail fury.. Hey Ayumi !!! Cooldown: 120 sec. @jelly: It provides additional damage to your base attack. Level 1: Damage stats for per hit. I’ll be updating it. Posts: 25. 8. Kanna 4th Job skills that requires Mastery Book are Vanquisher’s Charm, Orochi, Falling Sakura, Monkey Spirits, Binding Tempest, Bellflower Barrier, Kasen and Breath of the Unseen. Other than that, excellent guide! Please post this on the error section to let other people know that they aren’t alone on this dc issue! Nine-Tailed Fury (MAX) Thank Anonymous for pointing it out! I’m 129 and getting bored……. Command for Random Teleport: Skill Key Cooldown: 5 sec When I Ether pulse like normal, it would cost 5 SP (or mana, w/e it is). 19. Kanna’s connection to the spiritual realm is extremely strong, lending her the ability to recover her Mana without aid of potions. 11. Level 1: Restores 1% of Max HP for each enemy defeated. You MUST talk to Neinheart first, otherwise you will not be able to see Naoe Kanetsugu NPC (Japanese Samurai in Blue Armor) at Orbis! In early levels of 3rd Job, max two passive skills. Max Enemies Hit: 4, Damage: 80% Level 10: Upgrades Haku Reborn. CTRL – HP Potion Summons the demons Hana and Yuki. Level 30: Increases all stats assigned APs by 15% for 900 sec, Hero’s Will (Active) Haku takes human form for 320 sec. Please reply. So, I was wondering where I can train besides there. Level 1: Mana Cost: 10, Attack Speed Increased: 60 sec Final Damage: +2% However, when Kanna (magician) bumps into an enemy, it takes in more damage compared to magic attack. Her animated video has subtitles, and she speaks when performing some skills. [QUESTION] The skill where some Sand Creature “posses” you and you can only use your Normal Attack. i heard that Kanna is gonna be released in December at MapleSEA, Thank you for your patience. Kanna did not use magic point (mp) then kanna use spiritual power??? Cooldown: 1 sec Note: You need to press this skill 2 times to enable Tengu to attack enemies above your platform! The first is you must be close to the platform on rope, the second is GMS Developers have patched it, third is Kishin Shoukan has done 100 attacks while you are on rope and it has stopped. Attacked Targets have a 30% chance to yield 21% additional EXP for 5 sec, and have an increased chance to drop equipment with potential. [Random Teleport] Press the skill key in town to teleport to a random location. Orochi hits it aswell.. When attacking a boss enemy, restores 1% of Max HP every 4 sec. thanks for putting these out btw, really helps with character choice and the pro and con section is amazingly helpful! Use the skill again while the Ghost Yaksha is summoned to instantly dismiss it, pulling in nearby enemies to be hit for 405% damage. Synchronizes with Haku’s Gift, Breath of the Unseen, Haku’s Blessing and Foxfire skill level. Temporarily increases the stats of all party members. [2nd Hit]: Damage: 243%, Max Enemies Hit: 8, Attack Count: 4 Level 1: Mana Cost: 15, Damage: 71%, Max Enemies Hit: 6, Number of Attacks: 4 Required Level: 150 (GMS + MSEA) Next, max Kasen (damage stabilizer and damage booster), Haku Perfected (enhances the potential of your sidekick’s buff skills) and Mighty Shikigami Haunting (your primary attack). Passive Effect – Status Resistance: +30. Is it to be maxed last? Level 1: Mana Cost: 20, Duration: 100 sec, Damage Reduction: 33%, Status Resistance: +3, Knockback Resistance: +32%, Cooldown: 100 sec @OnmyoExpert: Thanks for pointing out the missing Kanna 5th job skill. Does speed infusion work with Kannas attacks? 3. [Spirit Warding Charm]: Activation Chance: 21%. Is there anyone here who has a problem with Kanna’s storyline quest “Sengoku Showdown” ? Level 30: Fan Mastery: 70%, Damage: 30%, Dawn’s Warrior (Supportive) Required Skill: Haku Perfected Level 1 or higher. Nothing much changed for Kanna except for the mastery level increase on one skill and decrease at the other. Trio #2: Nimbus Curse / Demon’s Fury / Shinigami’s Haunting You can max Center Ki early but take note that the additional early INT (Intellect) boost does not increase your Max MP since Kanna uses Spiritual Power capped at 100. I have added the skill name “Fan Booster” for MSEA.