It is so offensive to me when he talks about the employment rate in the African-American population. The first of these two options has been decried by critics as one of ‘family separation’.”. If he wants to give credit anywhere, he needs to give credit to the Obama administration that kept us from having a disaster in our economy, and the economy was getting much better when he took office. And there were some African American parents who were in the Communist Party. Mother of Private Soon thereafter, in a May 19, 1989 guest appearance on the KPFK Radio program Voices of the Left: A Socialist Perspective, she discussed her observations and opinions regarding life under Fidel Castro. “There are many family members and close friends who are providing comfort and support during this difficult time.”. Emilia Wright, 23, a Loyola Marymount University (LMU) student who was the only child of Bass, was pronounced dead at the scene, along with her husband, Michael Wright, also 23, officials said. In April 1993 Bass spoke at the West Coast Socialist Scholars Conference, held at UCLA. She called the jury verdict “devastating” and wrote: “We cannot be silent when a teenager is needlessly profiled, harassed & gunned down by those who choose to take law into their own hands. And so I grew up with a lot of red diaper babies [a slang term for children whose parents were members of the Communist Party USA during the Cold War]. Bass, the only African American woman in the State Legislature, represents the Assembly 47th District, which includes areas of Culver City, West Los Angeles, Westwood, Cheviot Hills, Leimert Park, Baldwin Hills, Windsor Hills, Ladera Heights and the Crenshaw District. So for example, if you get deported there are examples of parents who are told, you have to pay $1,500 because we’re going to fly your kid home along with a chaperone. The trip was a symbolic move toward increased normalization in U.S.-Cuba relations. In December 2019, while Democrats were preparing articles of impeachment against President Trump, Bass stated that she would be willing to impeach Trump a second time if he were to win reelection in 2020. In November 1983, the Los Angeles Police Department revealed that its Public Disorder and Intelligence Division had been surveilling the activities of a number of left-wing organizations and activists, one of whom was Karen Bass. Emilia was expected to graduate in December from LMU, where she had met her husband, said Kellie Todd Griffin, a spokeswoman for Bass. He had nothing to do with that. But you know that we’re charging the parents. In the 1980s, Bass was affiliated with Line of March, a Maoist organization that aligned itself with the New Communist Movement, which in turn was a Maoist initiative inspired by international Communist movements in Cuba, Vietnam, and especially China. During her tenure in Congress, Bass has voted against permitting oil drilling in the Outer Continental Shelf; against barring the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating greenhouse gases; against maintaining a work requirement for welfare recipients; and against reauthorizing the DC Opportunity Scholarship Program, a school voucher initiative which was designed to enable the parents of poor, inner-city children in Washington to send their youngsters to private schools rather than to DC’s abysmal public schools. The daughter and son-in-law of state Assemblywoman Karen Bass were killed in a car accident on the San Diego (I-405) Freeway near La Tijera Boulevard in Westchester early Sunday, October 29th, officials said. The delegation was led by the Center for Democracy in the Americas. During a 1972 House Subcommittee hearing, an undercover American police deputy who had applied to join the VB testified about the vetting process through which he had been put. In 1995, Bass helped organize a memorial service for the late Joe Slovo, a leader of the South African Communist Party and an admirer of Joseph Stalin. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, Costumed revelers set for Carnevale in Venice, just in time for Halloween, Center for Healthy Aging awarded $25,000 to provide senior services. It’s not as though he had some jobs program and that led to a decrease in African-American unemployment. Los Angeles City Fire Department (LAFD) firefighters and paramedics were called to the scene and found the vehicle fully engulfed in flames. In February 2019, Bass denounced President Trump’s claim that his economic policies had done a great deal to help black Americans. “Assemblymember Bass would like to thank all the people who have reached out to her with their condolences,” said Bass’s chief of staff Nolice Edwards in a statement. Said the congresswoman: “Well, let me just tell you that we just finished in the Congressional Black Caucus doing a poll, and if he thinks he has support in the African-American community, let me tell you, it is in the low single digits. In 2004 Bass was elected to the California State Assembly, where she would eventually rise to the position of Speaker four years later. In January 2015, Bass objected strenuously when Republican House Speaker John Boehner—without first asking President Obama for his approval—invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to speak to Congress about the gravity of the growing Iranian nuclear threat and his “profound disagreement” with the nuclear deal that the Obama Administration was pursuing with Iran. A Letter from the Editor: A Hello and a Goodbye. In that letter, the congresswoman praised the church for its “many humanitarian initiatives and social betterment programs for the benefit of South Los Angeles.”. There were teachers who were in the Communist Party. Bass formerly served as a board member of the Liberty Hill Foundation. In the wake of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s death in February 2016, Bass, implying that Justice Clarence Thomas was not an authentic black, suggested that Scalia’s replacement should be black, so as to give the Court an “African-American voice” which she said was lacking. A Hyundai Tiburon registered to Michael and Emilia Wright had veered off the freeway and struck the concrete support beam for the La Tijera Boulevard overpass and burst into flames upon impact, CHP officials said. In 1968 she served as a precinct captain for Robert Kennedy’s presidential run. In the aftermath of the deadly April 1992 riots that erupted in Los Angeles following a widely publicized police beating of a drug-impaired, belligerent motorist named Rodney King, Bass encouraged local foundations as well as businesses and community leaders to invest in grassroots, community-based activist groups as a means of addressing the societal injustices that allegedly were the root causes of the black rage that had fueled the riots. Learn more about Mailchimp’s privacy practices here.