After his television debut on Chicago P.D., Quinn appeared in a smaller role on an episode of the Showtime comedy-drama “Shameless.” This role was followed up with a performance in an independent film that, production pending, could end up on the Disney Channel or another cable channel as a made-for-TV movie. Quinn’s run of success came in spite of the difficulty in finding roles consistently. A few months later, Kevin was signed on to portray the character of Johnny in the Steppenwolf theatre’s ‘Lord of the Flies’. © Blended Media and Arts, LLC 2020. the 1975, give yourself a try, new music, band, matthew healy, album, pop-rock. I didn't have a sense of direction in my life, but at the end of the song it's just kind of like cherish it, you know it's a "wild ride." Now that he has accomplished the goal he set in 2013 to land a film role so that he could see the difference between film and stage theater, Quinn considers himself a more well-rounded actor. His parents are Brian Quinn, an advertising professional and Tamara Quinn, a social activist. This is how the story went, I was 15 years old and I was home sick one day from school, I was a sophomore in high school. Growing up, Kevin Quinn was involved in Musical Theater productions at the Children's Theater of Winnetka, a lesser known theater company near his hometown.,, There might also be outerwear, overclothes, street, city scene, urban setting, long trousers, and long pants. I don't think it's that hard for a lot of synergy in the business, like I feel that a lot of musicians will do acting gigs and a lot of actors will do music. Kevin spent most part of his adolescence playing basketball and developed a strong inclination towards performing arts in his teenage. I eventually thought I should just try my luck in LA, I moved to LA, and ended up getting this gig with Disney Channel -- bless their souls. I made it to the Hollywood Group Rounds. “I just remember walking in on the first day of rehearsal and reading the script and thinking, ‘wow I have a lot of work to do.’ I ended up accomplishing and understanding the play and its characters, and it is now one of my favorite plays.”. [1], Before being on Disney, he auditioned for season 12 of American Idol. Kevin Quinn American Idol and Music Endeavors. He is known for Disney Channel’s ‘Bunk’d’ where he can be seen playing the athletic and charming, Xander. Kevin Quinn Movies and TV Shows. As of now, Kevin has played several roles, which makes him a well-known face among the family audiences and side by side, he is preparing to take out his first EP. Quinn’s musical ambitions didn’t stop there. Quinn was cast on the spinoff Disney Channel series Bunk’d in 2015. [1], Before being on Disney, he auditioned for season 12 of American Idol. Who Is The Greatest Female Warrior In History? Contestant # There might also be outerwear, overclothes, street, city … My first day back: Some thoughts – and tips – on returning to school and surviving. Applying to schools outside the U.S. puts students in driver’s seat. Not even a week later, I get this call from a producer saying that they want me to come out to LA to audition for their show.