I am from Ranchi,Jharkhand. i cant describe the size but i will rate it like this.. “the regular khaki campbell egg i rate it as 10(highest) and the one that my khaki laying is only 6.. it is like the egg of native chicken..”” can you please give my some advise what to do with these matter? is there khaki campbell available? Thank you! And Khaki Campbell ducks are very friendly and are of good temperament. You can keep 1 male for 10 female Khaki Campbell ducks. 8820990062 & 9635746925. And cost of 3000 ducks indian ruppes..and you give me 3000 ducks in address illambazar…birbhum..west bengal..india.. We don’t know any Khaki Campbell duck breeder in your area right now. Thanks for your kind consideration! please reply me thank you my contact number is 09004697896. Buff Orpington Duck - Eggs | Care | Male | Female, Khaki Campbell Ducklings Care | Male | Female | Week by Week, Least Bittern – Profile | Habitat | Sounds | Flying | Nest | Range, Eurasian Spoonbill – Profile | Facts | Range | Lifespan | Color, Purple Heron – Profile | Facts | Call | Habitat | Range | Diet, Grey Heron – Profile | Facts | Juvenile | Habitat | Communication, Little Egret | Small Egret | Egretta Garzetta – Profile | Facts, Clark’s Grebe Bird – Profile | Facts | Habitat | Sound. Please suggest me & give me a guide book on this matter. Dear sir…i am establisted 3000 khaki kambrel farms.. One of my friend will start his own farm and he needs training. I want 5000 piece duck 1-7 day ages so how much your price and time needed please reply me. Currently we don’t know their contact numbers. 1) You can use poultry chick starter feed for feeding the ducklings for the first month. The Indian Runner duck (for its high rise), Rouen and Mallard (which gives it its resistance and good taste to … so please tell me whare is the collect place in west bengal. I am from Naogaon.Rajshahi Bangladesh.I need 2000 pic khagi camble duck.where i Jenuin Khaki Camble duck for buy? Obviously you can. Thanks for your consideration! Thank you! A straightforward method to intercourse your geese as they age is to have a look at the beaks: Females can have darker beaks, whereas the males develop a lighter, olive-toned beak. Hi can you advise me please can you get white Khaki Campbells? You can keep them over the wire net, so that they don’t get affected by diseases. Thanks for your kind consideration! If you keep 50% male and 50% female ratio then it will increase feeding costs only. sir plz hlp me?! Will you be able to supply me with khaki Campbell fertile eggs for hatching? The egg production of the Khaki Campbell duck breeds can exceed even probably the most environment friendly of egg-laying home chickens, with the breed laying a median of 300 eggs a year. Contact me 7908140970. We don’t know any Khaki Campbell duck breeder/supplier in your area right now. Eggs of the Khaki Campbell ducks have pearly white shells and weigh about 2.5 ounces, which might grade it as “extra-large”.Khaki Campbell ducks seldom hatch out others’ younger; nevertheless, in very communal conditions do hatch massive broods collectively. So it’s really very easy to manage ducks, and you don’t have to spend whole day for caring your ducks. Will you be able to supply me with khaki Campbell fertile eggs for hatching? I need khaki Campbell Ducks kindly inform me, how I will get address. La densité maximale d’élevage dans le local pour le canard khaki Campbell est de 5 canards par mètre carré. my my egg production is not expected . Can you provide me & how is the cost per duck? Stunning, quality birds, from excellent example parents. Please address me where can I get the ducklings in this area. Appreciate if you could provide me the details from where I can buy it. plz contact me on 923457664321, I want khaki kampbel duck for production of egg…1day baby duck rate …….. Duck Farm, Gobardanga, West Bengal Nice to hear from you, I have been looking for khaki campbell hatching eggs for quit sometime now but in vain 8447522328, Hello Sir, r u seller of khaki Campbell duckling? thank you. Anybody who’s interested in retaining geese for eggs, exhibition, or simply as pets, can be pleased with the Khaki Campbell duck. Need 500 baby duck (khaki camble). 8292631268, I want Khaki Campbell duckling ;what is you max. Respected sir thanking you very much for your kind information on khaki campbell ducks farming. +256-758219355. 8513936231, I need first 100 khaki campbell….i am from Purba Midnapore, ….if you can supply me plz contact 8536831460, Sir , l am D.k Rowani from Birbhum district ( west bengal). Silver Appleyard Duck: A Heritage, Dual-Purpose Breed. Mrs. Adele Campbell commenced poultry-keeping round 1887 and later bought an Indian Runner Duck of the indiscriminate sort which was a distinctive layer (182 eggs in 196 days), and which shaped the premise in creating the “Campbell Geese”; in her personal phrases “Numerous matings of Rouen, Indian Runner and Wild Duck had been resorted to supplying them”. best production is when they are 28 weeks old which is 6.5 months but i also need to know that how important it is to keep them . And they lay 5 to 6 eggs daily. On an average, Khaki Campbell ducks consume about 130 grams food daily. I am in Tanzania, Africa and I am looking to buy fertile eggs for hatching Thanks for your kind consideration! Contact No. I am from haryana bhiwani district. Khaki Campbell ducks have brought the quite revolution in duck farming business. You should not raise 2000 Khaki Campbell ducks with 50% male and 50% female ratio. I was reading about Khaki Campbell Ducks… we live near a state park my husband and I drive through often for the past 3 days we have seen one of these Ducks at this Park at the creek under the Bridge…He is so pretty and we were wondering if they can fly? Because almost all types of people like duck meat and eggs. The Campbell duck is a light-weight weight chicken that on common weighs Four to Four 1/2 kilos. we suppliers of duck eggs and ducklinks .call me :08897223016:09000455756, I have two hundred fifty khaki campbel eggs every day at my farm for sell,cal me 7271063442. I want your phone number … WhatsApp Number – 7097230326, I want khaki campbell ducklin can you provide me india bihar. Chicken Pls contact 9830050808, please send me your price list including delivery charge UpTo Guwahati Assam. 09954697635, Our kaki Campbell played her first 3 eggs today they have been laying in the nest in our yard all day. From Ranchi jharkhand, Hii Khaki Campbell ducks Historical past. waiting for your kind reply. at 24pgs(n) Basihat, Baduria. Sir I have duckling my phone nmbr 9695689419, Am small duck farmer in Tanzania east Africa i need agribusiness partiner in both Duck and chicken keeping in Tanzania. BL college). sir, Thank you! i really would want to know more , i wanna farm on their eggs . 8820990062 & 9635746925. i want buy 1000 khaki campbell ducks in pakistan. Thank you! Govt. You can use either soybean meal or whole soybean. Hello Mr. Tapas Kr. Job Circular Comilla. Contact no 8597238088. PH – 9091727975, Please contact me