He opens their Aura Nodes and, after a few seconds of panic, Gon and Killua manage to contain the leaking aura. He almost fails the trial,[21] but passes the amended phase when Chairman Netero intervenes. [194] He performed Ten successfully on the first try with next to no instructions, a feat which Wing described as both "amazing" and "terrifying",[44] and learned Ren and Gyo in only one night. [50], One month later, Killua and Gon reprise their training under Wing. Bracing for Razor's throw, Killua, Gon and Biscuit activate Ken. [87] The three Spiders phone their companions to let them know where they are, which Killua deduces will allow Kurapika to know as well, through Melody. Gon and Killua manage to follow his lightning-fast passages and warn Tsezguerra, who reacts to the throw-in time to survive, although he is forced to leave the court. [156] Only Gon, Killua, Kite, Stick, and Podungo are able to cross NGL's border stop due to the country's strict rules. Feeling someone's gaze on him, he resumes running. Barry, Kess, and Rodriot best their opponents, after which Razor plans to enter the game himself. Unbeknownst to them, Biscuit is spying on them, keen on ruining their friendship. In the end, he enjoys her company, possibly influenced from when they spent two days together during the fourth phase of Hunter Exam. [40] He lets himself be tortured by his brother Milluki for three weeks, until he tells him Gon, Kurapika and Leorio are awaiting him at the butlers' quarters and threatens to have them kill the three. Of course it will be what he was acting like I can't write the whole wedding for all 9 now, can I? Hearing a commotion, they run towards it and find Jeet dead, his midsection having blown up from the inside. Finally he had to face Biscuit's prophecy when he encountered a Chimera Ant while Gon (who could not use Nen at the time) was not far off and had no way to defend himself. Killua asks Wing if they can be back by midnight, to which the teacher replies it is up to them. To Killua's surprise, Hisoka lets them read the names of the players he has encountered, among which there are no members of the Phantom Troupe. [193], Enhanced Stamina: Killua was able to complete a long-distance run more than 80 kilometers long, and taking place on uneven terrains such as ascending stairs and a swamp,[18] and was the only non-user among the applicants not to exhibit the slightest sign of fatigue. To get back at Razor, he has Killua hold the ball for him while he charges Rock. Killua watches silently as Gon allows himself to be beaten by the manipulated Hunter. After a few moments of hesitation, Gon and Killua disclose the numbers of their respective targets to each other. Killua is a member of the legendary Zoldyck Family, and the son of Silva Zoldyck. [13] He fell asleep (or pretended to) while his brother Milluki was whipping him, and did not react when the latter burned him with a cigar. [42], The match continues as before, with Killua scoring point after pointing without managing to KO his opponent. Although the two Spiders can sense them, they cannot determine their position. [134] Goreinu takes out "No. [17], 60 kilometers later, Leorio becomes extremely exhausted. [202] Seven minutes before midnight, Killua begins to argue with Ikalgo again about unexpected scenarios, one of which leads the group to consider the possibility that Palm has become the King's concubine. She relieves his emotional pain, telling him it is thanks to his words she freed herself from the Ant's control and that he is the only one who can really help Gon. The five applicants are declared victorious, and Killua invites Bendot to fight to pass the time, an offer the convict fearfully declines. However, his ruthlessness and aptitude in killing show the other side of him—deadly, violent, and bloodthirsty. Despite Zepile's intervention, customers hesitate. Gon's words inspire Killua into getting into the business of trading "Leave" cards to weak players in return for rare cards, raising their total number to 57[125] and later to 61 (51 without duplicates). This needle was responsible for forcing Killua to retreat and jailing himself in his comfort zone whenever any situation would potentially endanger his life. Hanging out, doing stuff with Gon. [13], As a Transmuter, Killua's most efficient in changing the properties and shape of his aura. [120][123] Despite Knuckle being his senior, Killua also presided the strategic meeting before the invasion of the palace. In spite of his young age, his way of thinking, knowledge, and pragmatism give him the attitude of an adult. Gotoh is assigned to be his escort, to which he adds Canary so she can take delicate care of Alluka. Enduring electricity. キルア゠ゾルディック He orders Gotoh not to follow him and leaves the Zoldyck estate behind. Kurapika leaves them a message warning Pakunoda not to share what she discovered. On the elevator, they sense Gido, Riehlvelt, and Sadaso awaiting them. After paying a fee they learn that Greed Island was created by Nen users, that players are transported into it, and that seven copies will be auctioned off in Yorknew City. Finding the estimated and then corrected chance of success to be satisfactory, Killua agrees to leave the game to him and chase the Spiders, provided Kurapika assists them. [54], The following day Wing introduces his students to Hatsu. Before they listen to the tape, Killua recommends setting the stereo to record. He glimpses Kastro sitting in a chair, then a voice causes him to turn around, and he sees Kastro standing behind him. Monta and Banana recognize Killua's surname, although he explains he quit his profession as an assassin. [230] He can easily lift boulders several times his own weight[113] and bisect massive trees with a single strike. However, later in the Chimera Ant arc, Killua is seen using a yo-yo that has a pentagram on it. Just like Gon's, Killua's talent is said to be absolutely astounding, found only in one out of ten million people. He is also often seen holding a yellow skateboard. [243], Killua and Alluka accompany Gon to the World Tree, where he is due to meet with his father. This needle was responsible for forcing Killua to retreat and jailing himself in his comfort zone whenever any situation would potentially endanger his life. [23] An examinee with experience in rock climbing begins his descent from the side, but is devoured by a flock of flying beasts under gon's and Killua's eyes. [115] After one month of Shu and Ken training, she teaches them Ryu, the instantaneous redistribution of aura through Gyo for combat purposes, and has them hone it by sparring together. Goreinu uses his own ability so they have eight players and, after the rules are explained, the match begins. When showcasing his abilities and turning his Nen into electricity, both Netero and Biscuit have noted how truly tragic his childhood must have been, with the former stating that it's a miracle Killua is even able to smile at all. By the tenth day, both he and Killua become strong enough to defeat him. Zigg Zoldyck (Unknown relation)Maha Zoldyck (Great-Great-Grandfather)Great-Grandmother (status unknown)Zeno Zoldyck (Grandfather)Grandmother (status unknown)Silva Zoldyck (Father)Kikyo Zoldyck (Mother)Illumi Zoldyck (Older brother)Milluki Zoldyck (Older brother)Alluka Zoldyck (Younger sister)Kalluto Zoldyck (Younger brother) Zepile reveals he made the vase they two boys were bidding on when he was working as a counterfeiter and, impressed with them and smitten with Gon complimenting his craftsmanship skills, offers them his services. To get stronger so they can continue chasing the Troupe, Killua proposes asking Kurapika for help, as he believes he is the "Chain Guy". Stopping in his tracks, Killua counters that as long as Alluka's safety is not one of their priorities too, they will remain his enemies. Gon confesses he was bothered by the way Nickes talks about Ging's creation, and that players would go to such lengths to acquire cards. Zeno Zoldyck (Grandfather), Silva Zoldyck (Father), Kikyo Zoldyck (Mother), Illumi Zoldyck (Older brother), Milluki Zoldyck (Older brother), Meruem, Hisoka Morrow, Menthuthuyoupi, Chimera Ants, Phantom Troupe, Illumi Zoldyck. [222] Killua takes Komugi while Palm opens the underground hanger, in an attempt to figure out if Shaiapouf's target is Komugi or Meleoron. Melody, a Hunter renowned for her hearing, commented that she could hardly hear Killua's footsteps even when he was running alongside her. Ah yes now I remember, then why did the message show that Gon was still 12? Its removal caused Killua to snap free of his brother's conditioning, thus regaining the full control of his mental capabilities in battle. [144], Ten days later, Killua notes that Gon has made no progress in Emission training, and begins to wonder the trade they made with Tsezguerra was unwise since his team would be two cards away from completion after they give them the card. Hair Color [12] At around 8:10 p.m. they exit the elevator, but a wall of bloodlust prevents them from walking down the hallway to the registration desk. Chapter 6 However, Nobunaga cuts his retreat, having entered the room through the window. Killua's temper flares, but he eventually complies and is allowed to meet with his sister. Nonetheless, they agree to go for it. To Killua's irritation, Zushi is made out to be the front runner. Blue (1999; 2011) Green (OVA) [179] After the removal of Illumi's needle, he became more assertive and prone to deadly blitzes, making the most of an opponent's distraction[6] of vulnerability even if it means chasing them. It is revealed to be a tournament in which a single win results in clearing the exam. [13] Whirlwind is also effective as an offensive ability. She assures Gon that once she has had Killua to herself for a while, she will let Killua play with Gon again. [14], He calls Knuckle, whose phone is snatched by Morel. He manages to avoid Shoot's next two attacks while chiding himself for only running away. He is most commonly known for having a sweet tooth; he loves everything sweet and spent almost 200 million Jenny on snacks when he was at the Heaven's Arena. During his time taking the Hunter Exam, Killua met Gon Freecss, a boy his age who also wanted to become a Hunter. From the start of his life as a baby, he has been taking on electricity to learn how to endure it. Shortly afterward, they are targeted by Latarza, who casts "Trace" on Killua, who fails to outrun the spell. Bendot informs them they must win three out of five matches against his group of five prisoners to advance. Expert Tracker: He chased Nobunaga and Machi around a town with the two of them failing to spot him (although they clearly sensed his presence). Gender He wore a hoodie with his trademark blue coloring, grey pants, and shoes. Killua wants to test him first. She starts by having them run to Masadora in three hours and back in two and a half, both trips leaving Gon winded. Killua once stated that even though he has strong resistance against electricity, he is still able to feel the pain. Killua recommends trying. Lightning PalmThunderboltGodspeedWhirlwindSpeed of Lightning This was inspired and made possible by the years of electric shocks he received as a child, both as training against torture and as punishment. However, they lose the ball when "No. [196] Killua gets severely injured from the darts as they pierce him through every part of his body, and suffers from extreme blood loss as he counts down the points. He possesses extraordinary agility and strength that makes Killua a one-man killing machine — definitely not one to be trifled with. Catching the ball, Killua is unsettled by the momentum it retained even after bouncing off Tsezguerra and the floor. Satisfied, Illumi retreats, albeit still convinced that Killua is hiding some rules, since he supposedly made two wishes in a row. [97] He makes rapid progress while Gon is stumped. Immense Strength: Killua has displayed his strength on many several occasions. Hmm! With Bungee Gum, he sticks the ball to Razor's arms, pushing him out of bounds. When he demands it again more forcefully, Nanika, crying, retreats into Aluka. Later, he and Gon discuss the treachery of their three opponents, and Killua asserts they will never do anything of the sort again. How could I ignore you?Trust me I adore you. He notices that Gon struggles for real against a young woman.