former Oregonian and Portland Tribune columnist Phil Stanford said in 2010. On Jan. 18, 1989, a security guard found state prison director Michael Francke sprawled on the pavement outside the corrections department’s headquarters in Salem. The initial shock was replaced by public outrage over the fact that Mr. Dodd had a long history of sexually assaulting children, but had never spent more than four months in jail at any one time.”. Just like in “Chicago,” a play inspired by Illinois’ “beauty-proof” all-male juries of the 1920s, jurors ended up giving the killer the benefit of the doubt. “When the jury’s verdict was read at 1:40 p.m., Mrs. Harington’s only reaction was a single audible sob,” The Oregonian reported. But when Portland police took him seriously and hustled him into the station at 5th and Taylor, he insisted, "I just wanted the publicity.". Melina's aunt says she learned some people heard arguing before her niece was stabbed.Melina is survived by her two young children.Melina's aunt says Melina loved music, making people laugh, and was always eager to help her family. Payne was put to death by the state in January 1953, two hours after the ultimate sentence was carried out on Morris Leland in the same facility. You need to include the city’s history in your calculations. Some amateur sleuths believe Peyton and Allan were victims of the infamous California serial killer known as the Zodiac. When the new marshal confronted him, the drunken Carey threatened to kill Westfall. It could have been a scene from the musical “Chicago,” except set 2,000 miles to the west. The prosecution argued that he had been shot while he was sleeping. Court documents indicate that police were investigating the murder of a man named Pedro Padilla. Lane County District Attorney Ed Luckey “asserted that one bullet passed through the slain man’s right eyelid, proving he was asleep.”, The reason for the shooting: Virginia allegedly thought her husband had been out with another woman. We had food and clothes. Rogers paid prostitutes for bondage sessions, then tied them up and tortured them. “She sees a camera and her whole world brightens,” Rule said of Downs. Publishing of such content does not consent to support. "It might just be the biggest mystery in Oregon politics. Ralphene divorced Brudos, changed her name and left the state with their children. “I hope the people of Oregon appreciate it.”. Dayton Leroy Rogers has been called "Oregon's most prolific serial killer. Portland’s chief of detectives called the killing “the most brutal murder I’ve ever heard of.”. “It would have been better if they had kept me in the hospital and not turned me loose,” Leland said in 1953. But they also couldn’t believe that his pretty young wife -- the mother of two infants -- would shoot him down in cold blood. The town of Westfall would never again receive such widespread attention. A road crew outside Washougal found 16-year-old Diane Hank’s body on February 27, 1954, six weeks after she’d gone missing. Dupuie, however, says Longo doesn’t deserve the attention that the book and movie have brought him, the attention he craves. Klamath Falls News, does not support or endorse any one side of an issue, candidate, viewpoint, or opinion from any person, organization or political group/party. "Murder and Scandal in Prohibition Portland,", 1954 death of teenage babysitter led to an enduring Portland mystery, a 2010 article in Glamour magazine related, a press release for a January 2018 segment. The problem: The evidence pointed to Hank dying from an accidental drug overdose -- and the Fongs discovering her body and, in a panic, dumping her in Washington state. Downs received a renewed burst of attention when she escaped from Salem’s Oregon Women’s Correctional Center in 1987, sparking a nationwide manhunt. were involved in a standoff with police at her home in Malin during 2013, the Herald and News reported at the time. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement, Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement, and Your California Privacy Rights (each updated 1/1/20). The 23-year-old Virginia Harington, sporting a blank look, claimed that her husband had threatened her with the gun. The jury quickly acquitted Mitchell, and he was “mobbed by friends and well-wishers” in the courtroom. Investigators said that Hill "arranged to have Mr. Padilla killed," and she refused to give a statement before being taken into custody. It's unclear at this time what the relationship between Hill and Padilla was, but their involvement over a number of years has been documented in both court records and media reports. J.D. "The most sensational double murder, and they let [Jorgensen] out on parole after three years? Oregon State Police arrested 58-year-old Tori Devon Hill of Malin on Christmas Eve, holding her without bail on Aggravated Murder and Criminal Conspiracy charges. (Williams was separately convicted of second-degree murder “on his own plea.”), Wrote The Oregonian: “The unanimous verdict [against Broadhurst] ... seemed to stun the pretty defendant, who walked into the courtroom confidently in the same two-piece black dress and small, veil-like headpiece she had worn during the trial.”, The newspaper noted that the state had “never sentenced a woman to death.”. Twenty-seven-year-old Ethiopian immigrant and graduate student Mulugeta Seraw was returning home from a night out with friends when three neo-Nazis spotted him. The suspicions of larger forces at play led to a 1995 movie about the case, "Without Evidence," which starred Angelina Jolie. One of them bludgeoned the Ethiopian man to death with a baseball bat. Stanford, author of "The Peyton-Allan Files," suspects a career criminal named Edward Wayne Edwards was the real killer. “I have no more actual knowledge of the death of Mr. Butler than you have,” he told a reporter. The next day Peyton’s body was discovered in his car in Forest Park. 21-year-old Uriah Vargas is accused of fatally stabbing Melina Ghost this morning.NewsWatch 12's spoke with Melina’s aunt who says Melina didn't know the suspect, Uriah Vargas, very well.She'd consider them acquaintances.She says she met the suspect a few days ago and she got a weird feeling from him. We had to end this list somewhere, but others -- such as the Richard Marquette, Ward Weaver and Freeman-Jackson cases -- also rocked the state and the rest of the nation. Over the years these high-profile crimes have ranged from the twisted acts of serial killers to racially-driven attacks to, just maybe, a “deep state” political assassination. The Peyton-Allan murders Larry Peyton and his girlfriend Beverly Allan headed to Lloyd Center at around 9 p.m. on Nov. 26, 1960. By then the killer was in Mexico, where he took on the identity of disgraced journalist Michael Finkel. She didn't confess, but murder charges soon landed anyway. Create an Account - Increase your productivity, customize your experience, and engage in information you care about.. Sign In