Which is why their Snooze Cruise campaign is so smart. I've just pulled the trigger on the 12" Koala King mattress. Ecosa Group is an Australian bed-in-a-box company specializing in mattresses. All because they found a way to get the message out about their product in a creative and interesting way. Each Koala mattress is made with certified US memory foam that conforms to your body and regulates airflow, so you stay cool and comfortable all night long. Webprofits USA I can’t say it prevented me from tossing and turning. KEY TAKEAWAY: Emails are an effective and low-cost way to follow up with customers who are ready to buy. The founders of Koala really nailed the digital strategy. It’s not necessarily because of the weight, but more so the size – my arms couldn’t wrap all the way around it. By November previous year, they had reached $30 million in sales. Here’s the first email (notice how they’re using their ratings in the subject line): And then this one the following day (the timer was counting down at the time it was sent – it’s now finished): I also added a product to the shopping cart but I didn’t receive any abandoned cart recovery emails (note: they use Klaviyo, which can handle all of the above emails PLUS abandoned cart recovery, but no cart recovery emails were received). They have a home page, a single product page, and a few other miscellaneous pages that aren’t really required to make the sale. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. Koala mattresses come in various sizes and thicknesses, all using gel memory foam. Having a great product is important but more important advertising creatively is the key. We helped one company grow from $25M to $190M revenue in 4 years, and we work with challenger brands that want to make a serious impact in their industry and have the resources (and the will) to make it happen. Privacy Policy. I first heard about Koala after seeing this post on Facebook: It shows how much advertising they did on Facebook (and how good Facebook is for getting the word out about a new product). The dual-sided, ventilated design of the Koala memory foam gel pillow gives you a life-changing night's sleep. KEY TAKEAWAY: Make sure you have a mobile responsive website. Koala Mattress - Mark U. I am ex infantry soldier, incomplete paraplegic and double amputee Australian Para Athlete and 50yrs old. Consider including an on-boarding video that shows your customers what to do next. I first heard about them on Facebook (I’ll show you the ad that made me take notice later in this article). Doorstep delivery in a surprisingly small box. Im Nutzerforum findet ein Austausch zwischen Betreiber, Entwicklern und den koaLA-Nutzern statt, um die Bedürfnisse der Anwender bei Betrieb und Weiterentwicklung optimal zu berücksichtigen. Hopefully one day! Connecting with Koala Mattress. If you have a small car, or are by yourself, opt for delivery. My biggest issue with memory foam is the heat. Then 48 hours later they sent this email: Then after 2 weeks (almost on the dot) they sent the following 3-email sequence (obviously trying to drive my purchasing decision with a BIGGER DISCOUNT). Available now: Nintendo Switch Lite announced, Panasonic Genius 4-in-1 Microwave with Air Fryer Review, Enter for a chance to win the uHoo Indoor 9-in-1 Air Quality Smart Sensor, Enter for a chance to win an Aura Digital Frame to display your memories.