Should his weapon's energy reserves start running dry, he starts running for the hills. Power Play! Something went wrong. Condor Altered Carbon He was among the Decepticons captured on Cybertron and fitted with inhibitor/deterrence chips by the Autobots once the war ended. When the Axalon arrived to stop and arrest the Darksyde's crew, they were welcomed by a barrage of explosives and laser fire. Ratbat's troops soon met up with Scorponok's troops, which resulted in a Decepticon civil war. Tired of listening to him, Astrotrain and Blitzwing attacked the communications expert, causing Laserbeak and the other cassettes to come to his aid. Titans Return: The Power of the Titan Masters, Laserbeak took part in the final battle of the war for Cybertron, before the planet's destruction at the hands of Gozer. Unfortunately, the Ark was now defended by the newly-built Omega Supreme. He witnessed the creation of G.I. G1 Animated Megatron Figure RED Robot Enhanced Design, Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 2GB 2019 Quad Core 64 Bit WiFi Bluetooth C1207-2GB, Transformers Generations Selects War for Cybertron Deluxe Tigertrack PREORDER, Soundwave Transformers Generations War for Cybertron Voyager Trilogy WFC-S25, IN STOCK HASBRO TRANSFORMERS GENERATIONS R.E.D. In 2009, one possible future saw the Decepticons with control over all of North America and only a handful of Autobots and humans to oppose them. Divebomb granted Laserbeak, Buzzsaw, and Ravage a new lease on life, rebuilding them into members of the new faction of Predacons. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Either Laserbeak or Buzzsaw was present during this time. Power Play. Stop Operation Brainwash Humanity! Joe vs. the Transformers #2 Laserbeak was released by Soundwave, along with Rumble, Frenzy, Ratbat, and Ravage, during an attack on the SPS Center. He didn't get very far, not even leaving the forest he had started from, before once more getting captured in an electrified net, courtesy of Bumblebee. Joe vs. the Transformers #2 Laserbeak was released by Soundwave, along with Rumble, Frenzy, Ratbat, and Ravage, during an attack on the SPS Center. When G.I. Laser cannons. Laserbeak was among Megatron's attack party which attacked the Autobots aboard the Ark, crashing on Earth 4 million years ago. Four million years ago, Megatron and a group of Decepticons (which included Laserbeak) attempted to hijack the Ark, only to fail and fall into deactivation sleep for four million years. He was scared off upon seeing a giant Autobot looming nearby (who, as it turns out, wasn't even real.) Angry Birds Transformers. Decepticon Patrol, Laserbeak was amongst the Decepticons who attacked the Hoover Dam. He was repaired and retrofitted by Doctor Mindbender, who proudly displayed him, Soundwave, and his fellow Mini-Cassettes to Destro. From Cybertron to Earth the War Continues... Soundwave's Trap? Laserbeak often can be seen carrying Starscream around, doing so in both ", Laserbeak is possibly the most effective Decepticon in the entire G1 cartoon. The War Against the Destructons, Chapter 1 of 3. . The Route of All Evil, Laserbeak was one of the many Transformers recovered from the crashed Ark by Cobra. Laserbeak was one of the few Decepticons too afraid of Galvatron’s wrath to desert his post, and attempted to fend off the Autobot aggressors. Black Cybertron Soundwave had Laserbeak nab the Matrix from Starscream after he'd stolen it from Megatron, only for the bird to be brought down by a harpoon courtesy of Lady Jaye. I Dream of Wires, Later, Laserbeak was among those Decepticons playing a game of cards when Galvatron invited them to join him in hunting down Spike Witwicky. Laserbeak participated in a Decepticon assault on the Autobots, only to be once more beaten back. Although initially ineffective at stopping the Autobots, Laserbeak was instrumental in the Decepticons' victory that day by obliterating the road before the Autobots, preventing them from reaching a safe refuge. There, upon insertion into the disc jockey's tape deck, Laserbeak drained the energy from the sound system and re-energized his systems, allowing him to explode from the machinery in bird-form once again. Ceremony, At the end of the Great War most Decepticons granted amnesty simply retired and vanished from public life. He's a coward, though, and when his ruby supplies run low, he transforms from ruthless condor to squawking chicken. So too would have been the fate of Laserbeak if not for the intervention of the Predacon Divebomb. Project Brain Drain. Laserbeak counted Jetfire among his victories, but he and the others were called back to their ship to retreat once Blaster and Grimlock disabled its guidance systems. The Autobots were relegated to the planet's two moons, and Laserbeak was sent to Moonbase One to spy on Optimus. He had the last laugh (or squawk) on them, as he launched one of his laser cannons to follow Cliffjumper remotely while he continued to hound Hound, at least until Cliffjumper gas-bombed it. Buzzsaw's name derives from his micro-serrated beak, which can slice through most materials. In the event that Swoop successfully destroyed Megatron, Laserbeak and the rest of the Decepticons were defeated by the Autobots. When the Autobots and Decepticons were revived in 1984, Laserbeak was given the alternate mode of a red cassette tape. Also, that bureaucrat Ratbat was usually sent on the spying missions after this point. Joe vs. the Transformers #3, Laserbeak was among the Decepticons who lay deactivated on the Fera Islands for several million years, until Cobra awakened them and took control of them in 1938. Once inside, the two quickly besieged the plant's controls and enslaved its workers. Unlike the Seekers, Soundwave, Laserbeak, and the other animal cassettes remained more loyal to Megatron than to Shockwave, and so when the former Decepticon leader was discovered in a coal mine, they arrived swiftly to refuel and reclaim him. Laserbeak was tasked with patrolling Astrotrain during the Decepticon’s latest plot to take over the Earth. Bumblebee to the Rescue! Dark Star! He sent Laserbeak out to nab the boy, but Laserbeak was shot down by Bluestreak in his attempt, and crashed down in a nearby river. It was discovered that after the Autobots crash-landed on Earth, a rescue ship was sent after them which was buried somewhere in England. Both factions would ultimately crash-land on Earth, and awaken eons later to re-ignite their conflict on a world populated by humans. Once the other Decepticons arrived there, they tried to attack the Autobots atop Mount Sheelah. Covert Operations, Laserbeak spied on the Constructicons when they started getting friendly with a group of Autobots including Grapple and Hoist, and soon reported the goings on back to Megatron. Laserbeak served many functions during the Decepticons' occupation of this plant, such as squawking, heating up the workers' pizzas, and delivering recorded messages to the human military poised outside. Discovering that an Autobot installation had been built inside the mountain beneath the mas, Laserbeak alerted the other Decepticons, who immediately attacked. Sadly for Laserbeak, Galvatron and Arcee then showed up to stop the fun. Though he and Laserbeak managed to send Wreck-Gar and Sparkplug skidding into a lake, the Decepticons were forced to retreat when Hot Rod, Jazz and Kup showed up to defend their allies. Affiliation: Laserbeak was among the Decepticons who flocked to the ship in an effort to seize it, but he was fired upon by an Ark shuttlecraft cannon and ultimately fled with his peers. Using the beam on a nearby human settlement, the Autobots would be duped into coming to the fleshliness’ rescue, only to be themselves trapped by the effects of the beam. He came with a pair of clear-blue blades that can combine to form a large energon weapon, plus a blue Decepticon-style energon chip. In another possible scenario,Laserbeak was led by Ramjet in a full-scale Decepticon assault. Shortly afterwards, he was decapitated by Snake-Eyes. Laserbeak rescued his master's head, allowing Soundwave to be restored to life as Soundblaster. The Smelting Pool! He attempted to sneak up on Sunstreaker, only for Jazz to blast him with his flamethrower. Upon detecting that Autobot spies Bumper and Fastback were observing the meeting, Soundwave deployed Laserbeak, Buzzsaw and Ravage to deal with them. He hid himself within one of the Autobots' cassette players, and listened in as Optimus sent a shuttle to Earth to retrieve some Energon. The Iron Fist, When the Beast formed, Starscream ordered the Seekers to attack the behemoth. He was repaired and retrofitted by Doctor Mindbender, who proudly displayed him, Soundwave, and his fellow Mini-Cassettes to Destro. This is a private listing and your identity will not be disclosed to anyone except the seller. Buzzsaw and Laserbeak's ship is a Predacon vessel given to Buzzsaw and Laserbeak by Divebomb.It is heavily armed and has impressive defensive qualities. See the seller’s listing for full details and description of any imperfections. Believed dead after the explosion of the Ark II, Laserbeak and most of the other Transformers were in fact salvaged and reprogrammed by the human named Lazarus. If Wreck-Gar and Sparkplug made a run for it, Laserbeak gave chase. The War Never Ends, Laserbeak was among the Decepticons who attacked the Autobot shuttle carrying the AllSpark. Megatron Origin #2 Unlike the functionists, Megatron saw Laserbeak and the others as equals, a fact that impressed Soundwave and his friends, inspiring them to turn on Ratbat and side with the Megatron's new Decepticon faction. This page was last modified on 15 October 2020, at 22:37. See More by Air-Hammer. Law and Disorder During a meeting with Orion Pax, Megatron had Laserbeak replay Soundwave's recording of Zeta Prime 's plans to drain energy from Nyon's population.