Multiples of the start price has been invested in this motorcycle. Subscribe for the latest car reviews, listings, products and more right in your inbox. *The windscreen is cracked – it was “stitched” together with zip ties and continued racing. Your email address will not be published. The Can Am is a Street legal Senna GTR rarer than the LM with only 3 unit made, we are offering you plate #1 . Bidders with less than 10 or any negative feedback must contact me prior to bidding or else expect your bid to be cancelled and removed. Some of the photos show the bike with a left side gear change, rear-sets and clip-ons. Check it out here, and Good Luck!! Bright Orange Breganze Beast: 1977 Laverda Jota for Sale - Rare SportBikes For Sale stone guard film If you’re not familiar with Moto Borgotaro, they’re a restoration shop over in Brooklyn, New York and have had a number of very nice Laverdas pass through their hands. Spam free! It was discovered in Wales after being ‘laid up’ for many years, and is one of the very few [Mark 1’s] brought to the UK”. Just in time for Halloween comes this bright orange Italian beast. Laverda Jota 1000 Years produced: 1976-1981 Number produced: NA (Approx. The last thing I thought about doing when I bought, imported and titled it in the US, was racing it. No claims, warranties, or guarantees are implied by for items displayed at this site or any site referred to from this site. Pricing, availability, and circumstances pertaining to displayed materials are the sole liability of the individual seller. The “SF” models from Laverda refer to Super Freni, which translates (roughly) into Super Brakes. © Copyright 2019. It will only increase in value as they are becoming rare. Featured Listing – 2008 Ducati S4RS Tricolore. Bonus: Bidding is down below $3,500 with a reserve still in place. We usually tend to stick with bikes from the 80s, 90s, and 00s, but a classic Laverda Jota is just too cool not to post. Too precious to race, he saw no obstacle to making an exact clone, particularly the specification of the motor: The rest is simply bodywork… on an SF2 frame. As technology evolved, the implementation of disk brakes became the next big thing. Period. My good friend Kenny Cummings, the owner of NYC Norton had been taking care of another parallel twin of mine, a Norton Commando. Known here mostly for bigger GT’s, Laverda tried to tap the European mid-size market in the 1970’s with a 350 and 500cc twin. If you watch the video the bike sounds great (love those carbon cans) – and let’s not forget about that fantastic frame! Mike restored the bike. Slater Brothers Laverda in the UK saw the performance potential of the regular 3CL and upgraded the already pretty fast machine with high-compression pistons, higher-lift camshafts, and a freer-flowing exhaust to create what was basically a hot-rod version. I can unsubscribe at anytime. These correspond exactly with the bike, as does the license plate mount and orange wheels. On 21 August 1976 Motor Cycle magazine clocked a Jota at 140.04mph at the MIRA test track, noting it was “easily the highest recorded top speed for a road-going production motorcycle.” While the phrase “the Lamborghini of motorcycles” – especially in Lamborghini Arancia (orange) like this one – is appropriate, it is also quite fitting to see the Laverda Jota as the Brough Superior or Vincent Black Shadow of its time. Le véhicule est encore à paiement je peux aussi donner les paiements. This bike was set up to race at Riverside in the 80's but never got the chance (AMA changed the requirements) so I am told by the previous owner. Rare SportBikes For Sale. Menani clip-ons had a forward offset to stretch the cockpit as did the sand-cast alloy rearsets. These motorcycles were targeted by me for my collection many years ago when the best of the best were available and that is what I purchased. No time for nonsense please. Recognizing the performance of these machines, Lance Weil imported a number of the “silver bullets” into SoCal for resale. —. A friend had a later model, and it sounded fantastic. If you look closely on the pictures you will notice the frame was reinforced in the air filter area. Comments will automatically close after 30 days. Featured Listing – 1986 Honda NS400R in Rothmans Livery ! The second rule is that the bike has to look good; as we all know, style sells. Featured Listing: 1991 Kawasaki ZXR750R for Sale. The bike is 20 years old and it has some blemishes and scratches, but nothing mayor. . Intended as a rider, this SF2 sports some minor upgrades picked up along the way. electric comfort heating VEHICLE DETAILS Price Call for price Year 1982 Make Laverda Model RGA1000 (JOTA… No claims, warranties, or guarantees are implied by for items displayed at this site or any site referred to from this site. 1 for sale on eBay, Featured Listing: 1974 Laverda SFC-Spec SF2 Race Bike for Sale. While an Italian cafe racer from the mid-1970s is somewhat outside of the usual focus of RSBFS, one look at this surviving hot rod told us that it belongs here. The powder coating on the frame, wheels, and fork sliders is very thick and shiny. They have all the great looks you would expect from the Italians – even verging on the precipice of appearing to be Japanese. To me, that says about all you need to know about his passion and enthusiasm. Powered by MotoringBlogs. Venir en pv merci. Boyhood dreams fulfilled and then some . Featured Listing: 1990 Honda CBR250RR MC22 for Sale, Featured Listing: 1979 Yamaha RD400F Daytona Special, Featured Listing: 1991 Kawasaki ZXR750R for Sale, Featured Listing: 1996 Yamaha YZF600R for Sale, Featured Listing – 2006 Ducati Paul Smart 1000 Limited Edition, Featured Listing: 1959 Ducati Elite 200 for Sale, Featured Listing – 2008 Ducati S4RS Tricolore. It’s all killer and no filler, built to race. Only 20 examples exist in the world and Grand Touring Automobiles is offering one of them for sale. The paint was recently done, it has an almost new seat, almost new exhaust (small scrapes here and there) even has nice Conti clamps. The earliest three-cylinder bikes used a large drum brake at the front, but that was soon updated to a twin-disc setup, although a drum was retained at the rear for a bit longer. Featured Listing: Air-cooled Ducati 749 hot rod superbike! glare reducing interior package Laverda JOTA 180 Very Rare AND COLLECTABLE Only 8000 Miles. Probably overtightened at one point. how does a 5000 mile bike have a non original ft brake master. If you would like additional attribution for your work we are happy to accommodate. MOT until August 2021. Its sister motorcycles, one higher numbered VIN, one lower, are part of the Laverda scene today. This bike only has 1684 Kilometers (about 1000 miles) – it is all original. While today drum brakes conjure up images of Fred Flintstone, the SF brakes were a definite step forward when it came to performance. 70HP, it’s fun, fast and vicious– to me the SFC is the pinnacle of 70’s Italian sport bikes, it hits all the marks and its built like a tank. I forgot to take a picture of under the seat area and battery. From the Seller: 1980 Laverda Jota for Sale. We analyzed similar vehicles in your area and calculated that this vehicle is priced a bit lower than the average making it a Good Price. Zany Personality: 1999 Laverda 750S Formula, 1999 Laverda 750S Formula for sale on eBay, Double Espresso – 1998 Laverda 668 Ghost Strike, 1998 Laverda 668 Ghost Strike for sale on eBay, Featured Listing: 1974 Laverda SF2 Cafe Racer, The Other Woman – 1979 Laverda Formula 500, 1979 Laverda Formula 500 Mk. For information about the bikes and the auction itself, please visit – You can also contact Michael Caimano directly at 929-666-2243 or, Check out all Joe’s bikes that are being offered at Bonhams. Lance, inducted into the AMA Hall of Fame … All rights reserved. I bought it a couple years ago and thought I would ride it here it Texas however things have changed and I am now offering it for sale. E-Commerce Content is independent of editorial content and we may receive compensation in connection with your purchase of products via links on this page. Over the years it was ridden in and around the NY city area, proving the reliability of the Laverda. Up for auction is my 1999 Laverda 750 S Formula. The bike was completely disassembled and modified slightly. At this point the front suspension was re-freshed the clutch was upgraded to softer springs and a “easy clutch extended arm” the next round of repairs and upgrades were all functional, the wiring harness was completely remade with new fuse panel and micro relays, the original switches were kept in tact to keep the correct look. If you’re saying the RZ is ugly, I’ll agree with you there… Anyway, it was the freaking 1970s we’re talking about and the Jota was the fastest bike available at the time. When it rains, it pours, and the past couple weeks have seen us feature several different Laverdas. Laverda was a powerhouse in the late 1960s and early 1970s, and continued to push the envelope of performance and displacement. Handles beautifully. Sale price: £10995 ≈ $14233 ≈ €12212 ≈ ₿1.03 btc. The seller clearly knows bikes, and the collectability of the Jota is undeniable. This is what gives the motor its unique power and especially its unbelievable thundering exhaust note. BREMBO FRONT/REAR CALIPER - ORANGE BRAKE CALIPERS W/BLACK GRAPHICS. cup holder Waugh was well-known in the Laverda community. You don’t judge a ’63 Corvette on 0-60 performance compared to modern cars. Or maybe it’s just that all serious sportbikes are racebikes for the road, but they’re just not really all that much of a compromise now, with 200hp, a gel touring seat, and heated grips…. I have more photos and entirely too many receipts. Provided the miles listed on the odo are actual and that unit was not replaced, this looks to be a solid example of a rare breed. Honda : Other 1976 honda cb 750 cafe racer brat. -dc, The auction is scheduled to take place on Thursday, January 23rd 2020 at Caesar’s Entertainment Studios, beginning at 12 noon. I spent a decade looking for the best one and this is the best one I have ever seen. The bike obviously isn’t a “real” SFC, but it is a real Laverda, and the engine specifications are, as he describes, SFC-spec. Spam free! Motive force came from a DOHC parallel twin, expanded to 668cc and updated with Marelli injection and 70 hp. This particular example has been in private ownership for the last 10 years, the current owner had the noted Laverda craftsman Scott Potter do a complete frame up rebuild with the intention to ride her on the beautiful California coastal roads. Slight clarification of the seller’s information below: all of the early Laverda three-cylinder models, including the 3C and the original Jota used a 180° crank that basically fired “like a four with a miss.” The Jota was basically a hotted-up version of the regular production triple and used the same crank as the 3C.