All that’s left is to wait for the cable to arrive, grab the Celtx file, and off I’ll be   I’m using this time to study more and jot down future plot points. I had been studying the end of days myself at that time, and what I was learning wasn’t what is being taught in most churches. I worked really hard to get exact costs when possible because I didn’t want to under estimate, or over estimate for that matter. Data includes synopsis, reference pics, research for the subject matter, all that good stuff which would be nice to have. Leap 3, though a 97 page script, should run 93 minutes according to the count. When I shot Leap 2, I watched the Bourne films over and over. I can’t even hook up an external monitor   This means two things for me. Just two days after placing the order for the firewire cable I needed, it arrived (I’m going to give the seller an amazing review). I’ve spent since then looking for a good replacement for scheduling but nothing was turning up. “Leap: Rise of the Beast” is just about to hit 1000 views, so I’m pretty excited about that. I made a list of other options like trying multiple fluid objects, smoke instead of water, deforming a mesh with a lattice. I’ll now be using Reaper for any music scoring that I do personally. Stupid me, the last time I backed the script up to the Celtx cloud was at the start of the month. Cut a teaser the other night to Carmina Burana. See more of Leap: Revelation on Facebook. I’ve made quite a few new friends lately that have seeing either the film, or the messages I have. This time it’s AE and more specifically, it’s Element plugin. Now the breaks are unnecessary and I can just write. It contains 13 folders for my past and future feature films. Been staying busy doing some more effects testing, did a shot of a lake having turned to blood that came out pretty good. Lots of screen replacements, the gunshot wounds, etc… I had one scene that was all greenscreen, once shot with roto, and one set extension as well. So when people told me what they thought, I’d say, “Praise God”, or “Praise the Lord”. Now I have two cameras, plus a GoPro, shoulder rig, nice tripod, slider, real movie lights, Glidecam, reflectors, diffusers, real greenscreens, a few lenses and decent mics. Log In. We’ve come a long way. The storyline for the Leap Crew was pretty well fleshed out, but I knew I really need help adding character development to the CDF. She may have even found an actor to play Blake. This list would grow over time. Alex took the script and brought a lot of ideas to the character. I was so shocked that I decided to go back and rewrite the last half of the script, just to incorporate it. We’ll see what God decides to do. In dealing with the concept of family, one of the questions the film raises is, “What happens when you do put your love for God above that of family?”  The Bible says that families will turn against each other in the last days. Directed by Chris Tempel. The cleaner interface of Trelby with proper count and formatting has won my heart. The Vatican took control, just as the Bible said and now they're hunting down all who oppose them. It goes without saying that there’s a lot involved to take a movie from script to screen, but few realize that the process to get that good script can be just as much work, if not more. I had things I wanted to say in the film were still on my last (which I had added to) and this served as our foundation. Anyway, please keep the film in your prayers. First thing I did was import my half completed Celtx script for Leap: Revelation. When we finished Leap: Rise of the Beast in spring of 2011, the plan was to spend a year prepping Leap: Revelation and to shoot it the summer of 2012. The script is now locked! Unfortunately the presenting program of the LibreOffice suite wasn’t up to my standards, so I went Office 2013 mostly for PowerPoint. Element’s biggest strength is also it’s biggest drawback: In order for E3D to be realtime, it’s rendering engine is basically the same found in video games. I may have to find more instances for this effect now. Please take a few moments…, Sound mixing! It’ll be a strange collage, but with a project this ambitious, every bit of pre-viz helps. In the meantime, I’ve set up an older laptop that my Grandpa gave me with Ubuntu and Celtx. I’m also playing with a few other story ideas since I’m not sure if he and I will agree on the story for this film, I hope we can though. I still had a lot of items on my list that needed to be addressed, and this was my last chance to do it. God is moving and causing those that need to see it to find it, so I really can’t complain. While I’ve used this amazing piece of software since high school, they’ve been making some major  changes as of late, especially for visual effects work. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge adrenaline junkie, I love getting the juice going. None of those worked. I sent him my version of “The Blueprint”, as well as “The Beast and the Mark”. Even more exciting was when I saw that it was available for free (remember when things were free?) I unplugged the primary, tried to restart again, and no issues! God is good and does not force or persecute people to keep his law. Just typing the name of a program in the Terminal will open it. I should be nervous with this being my first big effects piece, but I actually feel pretty calm. Just find your .celtx file and hit OK. Once my script was up, I started poking around the settings. The spiritual battle was intense. The script is done, budget is done, and the even the schedule. WAY back when I was in eighth grade, I actually had used Sophocles to write my first attempt at a feature script. Other than that though, everything looks pretty solid. Inside of After Effects, I scaled down and animated the position of the shot of the figure so that it accomplished the actions where they needed to. Then I had a wild idea! Not only did it work out, but went better than I imagined it could. I auditioned her last week for the role Kati and she did a good job. In the past four years, my understanding of God, His character, His plan, and last day events has changed pretty dramatically. I grew rather fond of it quickly. How I wished I could get an accurate page count in Celtx. That controversy would be my hook. We will be shooting on my T2i, and though it’s an older HDSLR, it’s still running strong. I also came up with yet another method for stabilizing the thing. I began to cast the film and met Alex Bonds who would go on to play Shane. We’re also bringing makeup effects into the pipeline with the plague of sores and we’re taking parkour out of the city and into the mountains. I was torn between Blender, Sketchup and FF. I also gave the budget module a once over and I think it’ll do the job nicely. Once upon a time I woke up one morning with an idea for a movie. Can I hire them to join STARS Digital? Due to the nature of my beliefs, and thus the beliefs expressed in the film, it is pretty controversial. It’s a shame that the company went bankrupt, but I’m glad I found the beta copy. That makes seven completed feature screenplays that I’ve written, the fourth I’ll actually produce (fifth counting Twinkle Adams’ film “Run”). When I wrote the script, I had planned to shoot the film in both Montana and in Spokane, WA. It’s big. Sketchup confuses me. So far the response to it has been mostly positive. The one downside to doing almost everything myself is that the final sequence in the film is going to take a very long time to complete. and getting familiar with the fluid simulator so I can do the end of the film where tsunamis take out cities. The movie ends with Christ’s second coming, and the creation of the New Heaven and New Earth. Then I added the starfield (used Particular for the stars), ripped the starfield in the center, added a shot of some nebula thing, then added a cloud, the rainbow, and a VC Optical Flare. I was blown away by what they were doing, and the understanding they have of the software. I did leave my masks up though and I also put up the two shirts from the first film. After writing countless shorts and my first feature (“Wulf”) in it, I decided It was high time to upgrade four years later. If I know a shot will have a digital double, there’s no point in having the actor there. By tilting the tripod head 90 degrees then laying the legs across my upper arm, I’m able to basically have a shoulder rig for the camera! In particular, Nathyn has some good ideas for pacing and cutting that I’ll be implementing when I do the next version while Matt was kind enough to help me with the render settings for the web. I can live with that. And I sent it out. I finally decided to try a Photoshop/After Effects combo. I also missed the simpler interface of Final Draft. Even did a mock test that turned out pretty nice. First-ask anyone to name 10 movie stars/music artists. That is why I became a filmmaker. From being challenged? However , many members of society start hearing this truth for the first time in their lives and they become well informed about the global political and financial deception. I may be better off finding locations an hour from Spokane and then I can either cut that cost or put the money elsewhere. After that, I’m not even sure if I’ll get to make another film again. I list them all here for a few reasons. When I think back to Leap 2, I was just learning After Effects and was so excited about point tracking and corner pinning. Anyway, just before I lost my job and the house, I launched a kickstarter campaign for “Derek” and prayed that if the Lord wanted that film made, He’d open doors for funding, and if not, he’d shut them. With the presets made up, you just load a set, add and pose the actors and camera, then start experimenting! Last week was one of the most difficult weeks I’ve experienced in some time. I gave the first draft to Alex, and seven versions later we shot it from August thru December 2010. I’m so thankful that the Lord has given me the skills needed to pull this flick off. I mean, who am I to preach to a congregation? If I have one feature suggestion though, it’s this- A scene list that can be brought up and allows you to move scenes around when you’re reworking a story. On to the updates! Since I’d been thinking of this film for three years by this point, I held off on writing and outline and just started writing the script. When we finished Leap: Rise of the Beast in spring of 2011, the plan was to spend a year prepping Leap: Revelation and to shoot it the summer of 2012. It won’t help me edit, but I’ll be able to finish the script at least. I’ve printed out draft five, and I’m calling it finished. I started mapping out a story outline in Microsoft Word that began in present times and would take the viewer to the second coming of Christ. It started when I came to some startling revelations about what the saints go through during the time of trouble.