JavaScript is disabled. Osteopathic School-Specific Discussions <2020. I’m assuming that’s for the Elmira campus which is being held in Erie? Thanks a lot for taking the time to provide that info. “They have a reputation of building high quality housing. Has anyone else’s been updated who interviewed 1/6? But that facility won't be finished until next year, and there were some concerns where 120 students would stay in the meantime. Cost of living? “Elmira College and LECOM chose to collaborate with Riedman because of the success we already established in that market. They are really friendly, and will do anything in their power to help you feel at ease! Schools? “Six67 College Avenue” will have a four-story residential building with 115 apartments on property adjacent to the college, which officials say will help meet the housing needs of medical students attending LECOM in Elmira next year. I'm a female looking for an apartment, and would like a female room-mate for cheaper rent. Was it pretty much like the Erie interviews discussed on SDN? Elmira College is trying really hard. Did you just apply to the Erie campus and they automatically consider you for elmira? It is hard to find info on Elmira and I don't know which I should indicate for first choice. Some are from California. There's the gorges at Watkins Glen that are nice to hike and my fiance still goes home to attend the 6 hour race every summer at Watkins Glen International. I'm originally from Rochester, NY and I've honestly only ever been to NYC once because it's far away. Sorry yea, I'm interviewing at Erie too 01/06 for Elmira*, Was accepted to Elmira Campus, currently looking at apartments... Would love to find a roommate in order to split rent and afford housing!! Hi, was accepted to Elmira NY class. Can someone clarify if the Elmira campus is only PBL or do they have the traditional lecture curriculum as well? Did you all put Elmira as 1st choice on the secondary? If interested, please message me! Train them and retain them.". Even though I interviewed in Erie, I was able to stay in New York.". Which is great because the professors there are amazing! I lived in Pine City with my fiance and our two dogs and it was a very nice area. I just got ‘the decision has been made and can expect letter in mail in about 30 days. But students were able to find adequate housing for this year, and many of them arrived on campus on foot or by bicycle, Terry said. So, it's not really a city. I am not trying to scare anyone and just my 2 cents. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I can't find a post about this yet. Can I raise kids there? There will be a lot of virtual instruction in the first 12 weeks.". About 120 students comprise the Class of 2020, and Friday was orientation day. Can someone answer. Lecom Elmira. “We look forward to the vibrancy of the ‘Six67 College Avenue’ residents utilizing our spaces on campus and enjoying the growing development in Elmira’s downtown area.”. Crime? We are not affiliated with LECOM. We have more than 300 apartments in Elmira -- many are just 5 minutes from Arnot Ogden Medical Center and the new LECOM campus near Elmira College. The purpose of our page is to WELCOME & INTRODUCE LECOM's students and faculty to our City of Elmira, NY solely. ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) – Elmira College, along with the Rochester-based Riedman Companies, have announced plans for new residential housing units for students attending Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM). Crime is also not a great topic. "It is a great opportunity and it's also nice because it's their first location in New York.