It hints at the the eternal fight between good and evil and presumably the continuation of the mission to revive Bi Yao. I stuck with it through 2 seasons for Li Yi Feng. not going to watch it anyway because i’m stick with the original cast,look what happen to the sequel of The Journey Of The Flower when they change the lead totally fail. If it was an older cast, you can argue with the character”growing up” but Han Dong look about the same age as Li YiFeng This is too stupid. The Ghost Lord finally revives Bi Yao, and passes to her an overwhelming force of cultivation. Topic is a specific subject of discussion. Below are some dramas that we’ve covered: The Learning …, There’s no more need for guessing as Zhang Ruoyun and Adi Kan Qingzi who both starred in Sparrow are indeed reuniting …. Zhang Xiaofan spends ten years trying to revive Bi Yao, but his efforts are futile. But if they change the whole main cast it will be absurd, it will surely fail. If they get new actors they might as well just change the story to a different time period in my opinion, the movie will be less attractive if the party is changed, I hope the lender is not replaced, When will eps 3 come out? Sigh. – Cdramas Airing Schedule 2020, ♦ Ongoing ENGLISH SUBBED Projects: I see it listed as year 2020, so if it isn't out then when does it start? First it was the rumor princess agents sequel with changing of the whole cast and now Chusen? In December 2017, Legend of Chusen topped Vlinkage's compilation of dramas that have been viewed online more than 10 billion times. Se hizo la temporada 3, vi una noticia que en 2013 había comenzado con el rodaje y hay un video donde se muestra a bitado en el presente. – Let’s Shake It 2 Master Puzhi, woke up his original heart, and obtained the fourth volume of Tianshu in Yuzi Yuyu. The Legend of Chusen season 3 episode 1. Season 1 and 2 were filmed continuously and split into two seasons. Your email address will not be published. I barely watch Chusen 2 because it was stupid and it actually have the original cast. Honestly, what is with these Chinese dramas? While I don’t support another season of this show (BORING, BORING!! Forced to make difficult choices along his journey, Zhang Xiaofan eventually realizes the true meaning of good and evil, as well as life. One night, when Zhang Xiao Fan was eleven years old, everyone in his village was killed, leaving only his childhood friend Lin Jin Yu and a villager Uncle Wang survived. It was difficult for Gui Li to accept and left again. Sign Up Now! We have sent instructions to the email address you provided during signup. Faced with his former lover and the world's life, Gui Li finally realized that the righteousness and evil are in his heart, and with the help of Xue Qi, he reinvented the fairy sword. She returned to her original heart and changed back to Zhang Xiaofan and Xue Qi for a lifetime Edit Translation, Gui Li returned to the Central Plains, personally destroying Xi Xianjian to resurrect Bi Yao, and met Lu Xue Qi at the moon platform. someone please provide some (legitimate) answers for all of us who would like to know. For me it will really be wierd to change the characters of this series, i personally wont watch it. Gui Li's ten-year-wish to revive Bi Yao suddenly falls empty, and realizing the importance of true love, he decides to go look for Lu Xueqi. He attains the fourth heavenly book from the back mountains of Tian Yin Pavilion. Gui Li entered the 100,000 Mountains to slay the beast god, and experienced a life-and-death battle with Lu Xueqi, embracing each other. I might even end up watching it too. When you changed the main cast of drama with over 80 episodes, you are always at risk to get rocked at….. not to mention, all three leads have strong fanbases. Chinese film production companies are either too greedy or too stupid. Lu Xueqi defended Qingyun Gate and destroyed Dao Xuan while being forced to kill the controlled Tian. T.T i really wish for the cast to remain the same…. I guess we’ll see if it turns out to be good, but I’m not holding my breath. What’s up with China and keep making sequels and changing their whole cast? To add a video paste video url directly into your comment. Making use of Zhang Xiaofan's guilt and love toward Bi Yao, the Ghost King sends Zhang Xiaofan to various places to find the spirit beasts needed to revive the Beast God. A fragment of her soul was locked inside her Jin Ling bell, and Bi Yao falls into a deep sleep. This page was last edited on 4 November 2020, at 12:54. There was a time when the airwaves seemed to be constantly overloaded by fantasy action. Lu Xue Qi is from the same faction as Zhang Xiao Fan, the Qing Yun. Season 3, Episode 1 | Aired on.