She would discover her real identity of being the "Lotus princess". It is difficult to find a good cloud rendering service platform that is well connected with the film and television industry in China. Wuji in this segment dies and comes back to life. The throughput and unique rendering environment to the film industry is the best choice for us to solve the huge rendering needs, reducing the investment in rendering assets, helping us save costs and improve efficiency. And schedule management, and even achieve automatic management of budget, time and other aspects to maximize efficiency. In recent years, the emergence of cloud computing has gradually changed this situation. Fuyao is assisted by Wuji, who is impersonating the heir to the Taiyun Kindgom for the future stability of the five kingdoms. Along the way, she keeps running into a handsome prince who has a hidden agenda. I struggled to finish this series and the only reason I persisted was because I liked/still like Ethan Ruan and Yang Mi. The special effects of the series are relatively large in production. I also had real issues with the fragility of Fuyao (our titled female lead). Q1. Wuji love for fuyao to ensure she is always safe. The CG characters and effects in the Legend of Fuyao are realistic, making the effects more physical and practical. Despite that, I loved Wuji and Fuyao so much and watched till the end which had me really confused. With Legend of Fuyao, the overall effect of the swaying is nearly 1,700 minutes, and the total number of shots is nearly 30,000 shots. With this research and development, for the latter The real performance of the ingot shows the practical experience, so that the ingot's fur, bones, and muscles are closer to the real animals in the movement, achieving better animation effects. From here, a multitude of different storylines begin to form (with numerous new characters) which distract from the original plot (which at this stage I have forgotten)… I will say that this part does have some epic fight scenes (especially at episodes 34 and 47). I hope that the cloud computing industry will truly penetrate the film and television industry in the future and provide more technical support for the film and television industry. Fuyao would ultimately succeed in destroying the evils forces and bringing peace to the land of the Five Kingdoms. In March 2007, Fuyao landed a contract supplying Bentley. On Fuyao’s travels her companion (Xiao Qi) gets abducted and she meets Prince Zhang Bei Ye (portrayed by Vengo Gao) and his stalker/admirer, the Princess of Qiongye Tribe, Ya Lan Zhu (portrayed by Zhang Ya Qin). Official Sites Although, her identity crisis is resolved, Fuyao (who becomes a town magistrate?) 10 Billion Clicking Breakthrough Chinese domestic TV drama Legend of Fu Yao was broadcast both in Chinese and English on major video websites of Western countries such as YouTube. The special effects lens of the movie is generally around 2000. Before the shooting, the precise setting of the character, including the image, the size of the body, and the special effects props that are ready to interact with the actors can make the actors have the sight-seeing auxiliary performance during the shooting period, and the direction is clearer and more emotional when performing. He was far and away the standout character. very difficult to stop watching, this goes for my SO as well, we are both addicted to this series. I could only see it once pointed out to me. | It is the fastest-ever Chinese TV series to hit 1 million views on YouTube. Special protagonists such as ingots, The male and female actors have a lot of movement interactions and emotional interactions, and we will give them more emotional and soulful performances in production. Notably, it was viewed over 1 million times on YouTube within 48 hours of its debut. Scientific process management can improve coordination rate, and the development of visual effects technology helps us to improve production efficiency. Presenting a more textured picture experience, the producers set Legend of Fuyao as the benchmark for the realistic style, while adhering to the principle of respecting the original script. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. However, with the maturity of production technology and the improvement of the audience's aesthetic level, the time and funds required for special effects production have also multiplied, and the completion of high-quality rendering content in a limited time has become a major problem for film and television producers. The drama is currently one of the top popular Chinese shows on, an online platform where Asian TV shows with multi-language subtitles are available. The special effects help to improve the quality of the film and provides a strong guarantee for box office and high ratings. All I can say is that at least we get a happy ending . Fuyao then begins her journey of cultivation and quest to collect the seals of all seven states, while also meeting the love of her life on the way. We learn of the impending doom of the five kingdoms and the power struggle within the Taiyun Kingdom. Take the movie Suprise(万万没想到) that we have done in 15 years. It was incredibly difficult to finish this drama, if I hadn’t resolved to write a review I would not have done it and even then I skipped a lot of parts. (I didn’t get it). Chinese dramas are always so hard to continue. | (they do). ILLUMINA has participated in the production of many excellent movies and TV series. I believe the audience can also feel the same as seen in previous TV series. I guess we have other „eyes“. There was a feeling that this cast got along off screen and enjoyed doing this film. At the same time, the virtual assets in film and television production are relatively large, the production environment is complex, and the technical requirements for network transmission, security and confidentiality, rendering environment and fault tolerance are also extremely high. is mortally poisoned and not even the (very attractive) miracle doctor Zong Ye (who is in fact the heir apparent of Taiyuan) can save her. Many complex technologies like this are generally developed by the product group, and then converted into specific application plug-ins by the software group, and finally put into mass production. Today's cloud computing and cloud storage are just the beginning of cloud services. Seems like they are in heaven and talking about reincarnating as humans? It was a great show with mix of love & fighting scene. Company Credits The future is right upon us. As a cloud rendering service provider that promotes special effects rendering, Fox Renderfarm interviewed its special effects production team, ILLUMINA (聚光绘影) Fox Renderfarm Strategic Partner), to elaborate on the difficulties and difficulties in special effects production.