Former Occupation Mr. Nibs is a Human, but he took on the appearance of Lady E's old Teddy Bear. Michael R. Johnson The Maw is not from the Living Side or the Hidden Side, but however it travels between universes. His enormous suction mouth will make your jaw drop with awe and/or fear and/or disgust. There are definitely spoilers ahead, so if you’re new to Newbury and ghost hunting – stop reading right now! You know she wants to return to Newbury so bad. He’s still busy fighting evil spirits in the Hidden Side while learning about wonders of modern technology. Everyone’s OK with that – we like him just the way he is. No one ever figured out his secret – that he happily started most of those fires he so bravely extinguished in Newbury. Ugh! Ghosts LEGO Hidden Side: Ghosts From the Other Side, Soul Artifacts are objects in LEGO Hidden Side that are connected to the Boss Ghosts. Speed Even though I don’t find the new wave as appealing as the mast one, I had to make a top three of the sets I want most from the new 2020 … What do we have here? Now, as a fire ghost, he can really light up a room with his fiery puns and sarcastic burns! They can summon the Ghost it belongs to. 1 History 2 Known Members 3 Trivia 4 Gallery Add a photo to this gallery Many of the Boss Ghosts are Humans, though a few come in the form of strange spiritual forms of inanimate objects, items, or odd creatures, such as Spewer or The Maw. Rami’s, like, the hottest in sports-themed trick shot videos right now. Bart Chaney was a Boss Ghost in the Newbury Penitentiary. You know, an insatiable devourer of worlds. El Fuego’s story is rad (but also complicated). Newbury Penitentiary And Jack’s biggest hero. LEGO Hidden Side Neuheiten im Juni 2020 Insgesamt erscheinen im Sommer 2020 den aktuellen Infos nach 5 neue Sets, die wohl im Juni 2020 direkt bei LEGO erscheinen und im Juli in den freien Handel kommen sollen. Just in case. However, it's unknown if they actually knew each other. Additional information Now that he’s crossed to the Hidden Side, he flies around with his helicopter backpack, glooming up storm clouds to turn them into weapons. Soul Artifacts, if held by a Human, will free their ghost who will also turn the human in question into a Gloombie. The transformation functions for all the sets continue to be remarkably creative and varied. Cause of Death Soul Artifact Now he’s a massive ghost, as big as the lighthouse itself, with a bad attitude to match. Back in the day, Harry was obsessed with finding a way of controlling the weather and turning it into a tool of destruction – you know, devastating hurricanes, horrific lightning storms, that kind of thing. You thought you knew the Hidden Side, but you’ve never seen it like this! We may have a big problem on our hands, my friend... Half deep sea diver, half angler-fish, this contorted creature looks – and is – all kinds of crooked. He really tried, but he just couldn’t make people laugh. Harry Cane is what happens when a completely insane evil inventor turns into a ghost. Handcuffs Build the truck with Jack, Parker, J.B., TeeVee and Shadow-Walker minifigures, plus a Nehmaar Reem - The Harbinger figure.