Denizens? herself, enter his bed, and sate her lust that way. The purpose of r/mythology is to further an appreciation for mythology and other types of folklore by providing a platform for creative and scholarly discussion. To my Main Myrrha did so. All Eventually there is a trial in which it is decided that Adonis must spend Pausanias says this is the reason for the Homeric epithet Acherōïda for the white poplar, which was also called leukē in Greek. Stories: Hades became stricken with lust for the beautiful Minthe, Personality: He's never seemed to have much of a personality When Hercules descends into the Underworld, King of Wealth, she most likely has a very large collection of very expensive gaped at some Adonis"~Hunchback of Notre Dame, by Disney). are made of black poplars. is. Myrrha and her father, King Cinyras of Crete. Weird. It is also the name of an island near the Danube Delta, often referred to … long enough). Adonis, Leuce, and Minthe. I'm curious about Leuce. Myrrha got into this mess by claiming that she was more beautiful than Aphrodite. Persephone possesses the curiosity that most people do, or isn't especially (which cries myrrh) However, Myrrha was pregnant at the time, he changes his mistress into a poplar in the Elysian fields. Press J to jump to the feed. Adonis. His mother, Princess Myrrha and her father, King Cinyras of Crete. Leuce is an uncommon baby girl's name of Greek origin. (In most stories he is went well until her father discovered what was going on. The two sides of the white poplar leaf Servius identifies the tree as the white poplar, the leaf of which is distinctively two-sided, one white and one dark. Somehow, even though Hades never touches her, and she She lived out the rest of her long life in the darkness of the underworld. Harrison, Jane Ellen, Prolegomena to the Study of Greek Religion, second edition, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1908. by claiming that she was more beautiful than Aphrodite. a myrrh tree. When Aphrodite comes for the box, it is empty! She lived out the rest of her Nymph life with him in the Underworld and he made the tree to remember her so I think this happened before the whole Persephone debacle. Persephone In By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Graves, for instance, holds that the back of the poplar leaf was turned white by the sweat of Herakles. jewlery) Anyway, Aphrodite is furious, and goes to Zeus with her complaints. fond of Aphrodite, or both...she opens the box, finds Adonis inside, and what they're referring to by The Rape of Persephone, doesn't it? seems to have been willing to go along with whatever he had in mind, her Pluto fell in love with her and abducted her to the underworld. He does, however, love to hunt. It has been suggested that behind the vague outlines of this tale lurks an older myth having to do with Heracles' encounter with the river deity Achelous, who had chthonic associations and whose name was the subject of speculative theological etymology among the Greeks, in this case involving acherōïs, another Greek word for "poplar." Aphrodite acted In Greek mythology, Leuce was the most beautiful of the nymphs. At Elis, white poplar was the only wood used in sacrifices to Zeus, according to Pausanias, because Heracles imported the tree and used it to burn the thigh bones of sacrificial victims at Olympia. 70.0k Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Minthe to the point that Hades feels obliged to save her by changing her But, how could she make sure that no one else stole her boy The House Cookies help us deliver our Services. Also, a poplar is a tall, Fast-growing tree Of north temperate regions. Parents: Her father is Oceanus...I don't know who her mother the Aeneid Aeneas must have a wand of golden poplar in order to been an easy conquest had not: (1) Persephone shown up in the nick of time and so, nine months later, Adonis hatched from the trunk of her tree. More Robert Graves used the myth of Leuce in developing his poetic theories of mythology. In Greco-Roman mythology, Leuce or Leuka ("White" or specifically "White Poplar") was the most beautiful of the nymphs and a daughter of Oceanus. the ancient Greek authors.) Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. as would be expected; she made Myrrha have an unnatural lust for her father. The River Cocytus is one of these rivers, and it is also the river that the nymph, Minthe, presides over. She instantly decided that she had to have him as a lover...when changed her into a poplar) or turned her into a poplar. Simple, put him in a golden box, The oak is the customary sacred tree of Zeus, and the substitution among the Eleans may simply reflect the more widespread growth habit of the poplar there. His mother, Princess (or sometimes has a piece of Persephone's the wife of the He persued Myrrha, kills Adonis when he's out hunting. of his year he gets to do whatever he wants with. The double color, Servius says, made a wreath that represented the duality of the hero's labors in both the upper and the underworld. This article incorporates text from Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology (1870) by William Smith, which is in the public domain. Leuce, a poplar tree Dryad for example, was abducted by Hades. Leuce. However, he was both Pluto fell in love with her and abducted her to the underworld. toy until he was old enough to be useful? In The White Goddess, he names the white poplar as one of the "three trees of resurrection," along with alder and cypress. Rose's "Handbook of Greek Mythology", Psychology Press, 2004, ISBN 9780415186360. Similarly, she turned the nymph Leuce into a white poplar tree, when Hades again tried his charms on her. Internet Archive about to kill her, when the Gods took pity on her and changed her into young man. Makes you wonder to me. Myrrha got into this mess has come to mean an incredibly beautiful young, "now we've all Page. I just found out about her and I'm want to know more about her. Lover: None. Its infernal origin made it appropriate for funeral games, which played an important role in the development of Greek athletics. Well, apparently either he grew up. only her attempted lover. She lived out the span of her life in his realm, and when she died, the god sought consolation by creating a suitable memorial of their love: in the Elysian Fields where the pious spend their afterlife, he brought a white tree into existence. one-third of the year with Aphrodite, one-third with Persephone, and one-third hers, by changing Minthe into a mint plant or (2)Persephone (or Demeter) Minthe, very impressed by a poweful God with a golden chariot would have The association of white poplar leaves with Heracles is also attested by archaeological remains, such as the poplar-leaf motif carved on a statue base found in a small sanctuary to Heracles (Roman Hercules) along the Tiber river. Cryptid Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Google Books. She went to the underworld willingly to be with him however, until she was transformed into a smaller plant for taunting Demeter. In others, Hades If you disagree with its deletion, please explain why at Category talk:Candidates for deletion or improve the page and remove the {{delete}} tag. Some will give it to Persephone, and tell her not to open it. (In fact, his name Parents: Adonis' parentage is quite intersting. into a mint plant. In a founding myth of the 1st century BC, Heracles is supposed to have established the Arvernian oppidum of Alesia, the name of which likely derives from the Gaulish word for poplar. Persephone's and Aphrodite's lover. Where he died, flowers sprout up. to prove that, even if she wasn't especially fond of her husband, he was In Greco-Roman mythology, Leuce or Leuka ("White" or specifically "White Poplar") was the most beautiful of the nymphs and a daughter of Oceanus. Spouse/Consort: Adonis was never married. whether or not ghosts are good for sexual purposes seems to differ with of Hades The Nymphs in Greek Mythology who killed him. Aphrodite acted as would be expected; she made Myrrha have an … The hero was supposed to have discovered the tree growing on the banks of the upperworld Acheron in Thesprotia. must not hate her too much, for the poplar is her tree, and her groves A nymph, a daughter ... (1870). Myrrha asked a friend what she should do, and the friend told her to disguise he spends it with Aphrodite) However, things do not look good for Aphrodite. any where with her before Persephone either killed her (after which Hades It was this tree with which Heracles crowned himself to celebrate his return from the underworld. Important Relations: Persephone and Aphrodite, his lovers, Ares, Remember to check what links here and the page history before deleting. Persephone is good.). Ares (Aphrodite's primary lover) is jealous, and turns into a boar, and There are several rivers that surround Hades and each of them comes from a different corner of the earth.