In The Lion King, he teaches Simba on what a king is supposed to be, and how the king is responsible for protecting and maintaining the delicate balance of the ecosystem, and mediate problems between its creatures. Vitani: This is another Lion King name. Uncle Max (voiced by Jerry Stiller) is a prominent member of the meerkat colony and relative of Timon and Ma. He went to find water for the animals of the land during a drought and helped the animals get on with each other. List of Species from The Lion King Franchise. He is a lion.In The Lion King, he becomes King of Pride Rock.The character is voiced by Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Matthew Broderick.His name comes from the word for "lion" in Swahili.. Nala. The old baboon that travels his own road, sings his own songs and knows what he knows. Cubby: Because a lion has cubs. Although she is a prominent character in The Lion King, she makes minor appearances in The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, The Lion King 1½, and The Lion Guard. 24. Irwin accidentally causes the boat to sink and Timon and Pumbaa run into him on an island. The Lion King (1994) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Shenzi (voiced by Whoopi Goldberg in the animated films; Tress MacNeille in Timon & Pumbaa and Kingdom Hearts II; Jennifer Lewis in Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom; Florence Kasumba in the 2019 film), Banzai (voiced by Cheech Marin in the animated films, Kingdom Hearts II, and Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom; and Rob Paulsen in Timon & Pumbaa) and Ed (voiced by Jim Cummings) are the three spotted hyenas who make up Scar's henchmen that reside in the Elephant Graveyard. In reality, instead of how clumsy Pumba had acted, Warthogs are actually fast and intimidating by nature. 27. Aardvark. The natives first appear in "Boara Boara". Simba (voiced by Matthew Broderick as adult Simba in the films, Jonathan Taylor Thomas as a cub in The Lion King, Matt Weinberg as a cub in The Lion King 1½, Cam Clarke in Timon & Pumbaa, Rob Lowe in The Lion Guard, Donald Glover in the 2019 film, JD McCrary as a cub in the 2019 film) is the son of Mufasa and Sarabi, Scar's nephew, Nala's mate, and Kiara and Kion's father. Sarafina (voiced by Zoe Leader in The Lion King, Penny Johnson Jerald in the 2019 film) is a lioness who is Nala's mother. D&D Beyond With a live-action movie set to debut in 2019, "The Lion King" continues to reign over our hearts. In "Beast of Eden", the three natives are shown with their leader again where they steal a golden magic tooth that belongs to a beast and Timon and Pumbaa have to retrieve it from them. See more ideas about the lion king characters, lion king, lion. For other uses, see, "What To Expect From The Characters In The Upcoming 'The Lion King' Adaptation - Entertainment Weekly", "The Lion King director recalls James Earl Jones' 'powerful' return as Mufasa", "Wildlife Wednesdays: Zazu's 'Cousin' - Abyssinian Ground Hornbill Chick - a New Addition at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge", "What's behind those wild 'Lion King' masks? He then chases after Mufasa who is rescued by Rafiki. In a confrontation between Kion and Scar, Ushari attacks Kion, and gives him a scar on his left eye, similar to his great uncle's. While spending time with Kiara, Kovu begins to fall in love with her and thus, unable to bring himself to hurt Simba. Years later, Kion and the Lion Guard learn that Kovu and the rest of the Outsiders have rejoined Simba's pride following Zira's death. She appears in The Lion King, Simba's Pride and The Lion King 1½. Jealous of Zira's apparent favouritism for Kovu, Nuka often attempts to gain his mother's approval. The Three Natives (voiced by Jeff Bennett) are a trio of tribes who are really university students taking part in the "Be a Native" weekends. When Pumbaa arrives at the hut, they tell each other that they have never forgotten one another. Last Updated: November 23, 2019 Who voices which animal in The Lion King remake? He considered Pumbaa a disgrace to all warthogs when his mother befriended Pumbaa. Kwaheri is Kopa's monkey friend in The Lion King: Six New Adventures stories Nala's Dare and How True, Zazu? In the episode "Alcatraz Mataz", the Vulture Police throw Timon and Pumbaa in jail after they were convinced by Toucan Dan that they stole the train car full of beak polish. ", "Lion King spinoff voice cast includes Rob Lowe, Gabrielle Union, James Earl Jones, and more -", "Death of white rhino in Kenya leaves only six animals alive in the world", "Rare golden zebra Zoe dies at 19 at sanctuary in Hawaii", Disney's Animated Storybook: The Lion King,, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with unsourced statements from July 2019, Articles with unsourced statements from September 2019, Wikipedia articles needing clarification from February 2018, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. His lifestyle is the exact opposite of Timon and Pumbaa's Hakuna Matata lifestyle: Boss Beaver likes to work while Timon and Pumbaa like to relax. Although the initial battle was resolved, Vitani's guard and Kion's guard share a rivalry at first, but eventually become friends as time progressed. After reaching the Tree of Life, Ono begins his healing process and finally regains his sight, though it isn't as sharp as it used to be. He often flaunts his talents around Kopa to either spark a reaction or just be a show-off. Nala is Simba's childhood friend who later becomes his queen. Here you'll find one of the net's largest collection of Lion King Media. Of course, while the Broadway show inherently had to embrace the unreality of humans playing animals on state, the new movie, like the original, is full of very thorough research on the mechanics and anatomy of the animals it features. … Surabi: This lion name comes from the popular Lion King film. These musicals are wonderfully directed with incredible scenery and even better acting. In some episodes, Quint appears to be a respectable man with an honest job, but he still seems to annoy Timon and Pumbaa. Also appearing in the 2019 remake of The Lion King, Zazu plays the same role as in the original version, but this time, he is introduced to Timon and Pumbaa and helps out in the battle by pecking Kamari numerous times. After Timon and Pumbaa meet for the first time, they see that Tatiana is still alive and rescue her from a cobra. In The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, Rafiki is more closely involved with the affairs and politics of the pride and is often seen with the lions. It is due to him that Taka got his scar after which he renamed himself to Scar. When Tatiana returns to the colony with Timon and Pumbaa, Timon is offered her hand in marriage. Makini (voiced by Landry Bender) is a young mandrill who is Rafiki's new apprentice. Max is a pessimist by nature and very paranoid, believing that a meerkat's fate is to be "food for other animals! The following rhinos, whether they be either black or white rhinoceros, appear in The Lion Guard: The following sable antelopes appear in The Lion Guard: Kion and the Lion Guard helped the Night Pride save some Siberian tigers who are seeking the Tree of Life as their refuge: The following characters as skinks in the The Lion Guard: Ushari (voiced by Christian Slater) is an Egyptian cobra who often conflicted with Bunga and would get disturbed whenever the Lion Guard was near him. In the episode "The Man from J.U.N.G.L.E. In the end, he blesses the union of Kovu and Kiara, and Kovu is welcomed into the pride. Of course, while the Broadway show inherently had to embrace the unreality of humans playing animals on state, the new movie, like the original, is full of very thorough research on the mechanics and anatomy of the animals it features. She has a cameo appearance in The Lion King[citation needed] and is a major character in The Lion King II: Simba's Pride and The Lion Guard. Lowland Nyala. D&D Beyond However, after Kiara and Kovu stopped the fight, Kion and his allies are told what have happened, and Vitani realizes that it was Kion she was fighting, not recognizing him due to his scar. Scar then conspires with the animals in the Outlands to take over the Pride Lands and defeat the new Lion Guard and Simba, who were initially unaware that Scar had returned. 2. She joins the Lion Guard on their journey to the Tree of Life, though she unintentionally reveals the Tree of Life's existence to Makucha. The cast/characters are plentiful in the Lion King. After Scar promises them and the rest of their fellow hyenas that they will have food in return for them helping him get rid of his brother Mufasa and nephew Simba in order to become King of the Pride Lands, the three hyenas trigger the wildebeest stampede which kills Mufasa and then chase Simba out of the Pride Lands on Scar's orders. Speedy also makes a non-speaking cameo appearance in the episode "Washington Applesauce". Years later, Sharla and the three warthogs carry around a big bag of bugs for the rainy season, but come across a flock of Guinea fowl, who are their natural enemies and nightmares. In said movie, the animal was portrayed as this humorous species – despite their intimidating looks. Jan 21, 2019 - Explore Max Korus's board "The Lion King Characters" on Pinterest. A lesser known and much more foreign to Indonesian audiences, the Warthog has made a cameo in The Lion King franchise. In the live-action film, Sarafina's role is still the same. While she only appears in one episode, she is vital for Pumbaa's past. When it was released in 1994, it was the second highest-grossing movie of all time ... of course, this was before "Titanic" (1997) and the superhero boom of the mid-2000s. He is also somewhat reclusive and gruff, as he doesn't seem to understand that there is a balance between species and refuses to share the last remaining water-hole during a drought, which can affect the whole of the Pride Lands. Following Queen Janna's passing, Makini is made Rani's Royal Mjuzi. Zuzu is also known for being loyal and brave, as she was willing to help Rafiki even though she did not fully understand the danger Mufasa was in. In the episode "The Pain in Spain", two Quints are seen together which may prove that there is more than one of him. They have a leader (also voiced by Jeff Bennett) who is also a university student and who usually precedes what he says with "Bungala, bungala." The beloved Disney live-action movie, The Lion King, has introduced audiences to a whole bunch of adorable, loving characters – Simba, Timon, Pumba, Mufasa, Rafiki and many more! Years later, she is engaged to Kovu where she assists him in explaining to Kion on what happened while he was away and what happened to Zira. He also has a romantic interest in a beautiful supermodel named Leslie Lambeau (voiced by Grey DeLisle). Several years later, Nala encounters Simba as a young adult and develops a romance with him. The Vulture Police make a brief appearance in the episode "Wide Awake in Wonderland". It … Big-hearted warthog, Pumbaa is the best friend of Timon. The proverbial ‘king of the beasts,’ the lion has been one of the best-known wild animals since earliest times. Timon (voiced by Nathan Lane in the films and the TV series Timon & Pumbaa, Quinton Flynn in earlier episodes of the TV series Timon & Pumbaaa, Kevin Schon in both later episodes of the TV series Timon & Pumbaa and The Lion Guard, Bruce Lanoil in the video games, Billy Eichner in the 2019 film) and Pumbaa (voiced by Ernie Sabella in the films, TV series Timon & Pumbaa, and The Lion Guard, Leslie Hedger in Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure, Seth Rogen in the 2019 film) are a meerkat and common warthog duo; Timon being a wise-cracking, yet loyal friend, while Pumbaa is gluttonous, yet brave. After Mufasa's death, Zazu becomes a prisoner of Scar before Pumbaa breaks the bone cage releasing him when Simba returns to the Pride Lands. Dec 26, 2017 - Explore Crafty Annabelle's board "Lion King Printables", followed by 19783 people on Pinterest. Kion learns from Kovu that Kiara knows him. He also has different first names that show what his jobs are (in which they all happen to start with C).