0000001646 00000 n uG��J�`��]�v���a1{(� �u�5'�D�A�:hb"4*Н�`����kIfe����@�b�aBb�.R櫉a�=��63!�k��M �F��Ь��](��G��f *�K�QA�N�|��_��F����nR��;Z!p�N���b��dgRk�U�5x>EB����zD�Ǭ�6?���n������z����[���Ȟ�:�n�ߑ����mbs1]bB���5��!���W!|�1o2��h�*��:��3$}w�O�a���d2�m��0 )�% If the Logical Framework approach is taken up it is recommended that regular project reviews are undertaken and Logical Framework project documents kept up to date. Advantages and Limitations of Using the Logical Framework Advantages Limitations • It helps you ask the right questions. We have called the organisation in the example Molayezo. LFA is a project preparation methodology, whereas the LogFrame is a document with a special structure, produced at the end of the LFA … B.1 Reviewing an Existing Logical Framework Matrix Table B-1 gives an example of a logical framework matrix that has several weaknesses and could be improved. • It guides systematic and logical analysis of the key interrelated elements that constitute a well-designed project. The Logical Framework Approach is taught now in government and academic institutions in the U.S. and in developing countries.2 New applications are being developed. The Logframe and the Logical Framework Approach The use of the logframe is sometimes described in terms of the Logical Framework Approach, which is about applying clear, logical thought when seeking to tackle the complex and ever-changing challenges of poverty and need. The logical framework is often used as a basis for monitoring and evaluation. convenient, logical summary of the key factors of the project. 0000054855 00000 n Logical Framework Approach Logical Framework Matrix Norman Pearson Reykjavík/Egilsstaðir/Akureyri 29 th October 2012. ��$��y�t�:��`�( 4k!������UP6�Ť�B�h3Z��j�RCů��v!�`C�����!- F�Xk�����MG��BC��"�8�{�n"��ЇH�0_�������2^���E��JmSД%�ν�����&e��)�D֢ӹhl�fT(���Z�������YY9ŪDW�z�}\�,�ʣ.6-�=�t]���{o���Ku�3+�������vL|@W While the upper part of the matrix, which includes the goal, the purpose (or outcome), and the outputs, is very similar in most formats, the parts that are related to the activities, the LOGICAL FRAMEWORK (LF) MATRIX 1 Joint vision ‘The Kolarctic CBC Programme area is flourishing, environmentally-friendly area with viable economy, fluent mobility of people, ideas and technologies, and where people to people cooperation is an essential value’ Thematic objective TO 1. Business and SME development TO 6. LFA, the Logical Framework Approach, is an instrument for objective-oriented planning of projects. 4.2 Logical Framework Approach in Steps The LFA process can be divided into the following five steps: Logical Framework Approach is often confused with the Logical Framework Matrix. However, a few pitfalls make it … The concepts described are illustrated by different examples. • Clearly structured. MDF Tool: Logical Framework ref:08 Logical Framework.doc08 Logical Framework HA-KZ.doc MDFMDF Page 8 www.mdf.nl MDF copyright 2005 2004 subsequent phases of the project cycle. FRAMEWORK. 0000004553 00000 n endstream endobj 36 0 obj <>stream 0000002926 00000 n 0000105219 00000 n ���cX�����L�v9���a;[/^�Jy�E�}���l��Z��c��J���bMD"�œ�(1�����u��@'��ԏX�X��!���҆=Hr��M����jr9Qo�h���@�@Q��%;*e �,{� �1h��NU�����w�ߋ2���\����i��p��N�a��7�����65}Qϼw4F:2�6���Q�������.>�N���鷲���]2 �3�l�[�A��)n���� ��N ����B�0��g`�o�$�D}T�{r��%#�0����? 0000004392 00000 n 0000006064 00000 n 0000054599 00000 n The logical framework matrix is a way of presenting the substance of an intervention in a comprehensive form. They can be used to appraise project proposal, they serve as an instrument to monitor projects and they can serve as … 0000066414 00000 n 0000105057 00000 n 0000067192 00000 n 0000050624 00000 n 2 Logical Framework Approach Current situation Overall objective Input Activities Results ... example. Figure 2: Example of a logical framework. In other words, it is about sensible planning. The Logical Framework Objectives: By the end of this session you will be able to: • Explain why Logical Frameworks are useful •Understand the causal relationships for each levels (cause and effect structure) •Develop LogFrame description statements •Overall Objectives (Goal) •Specific Objectives (Purpose) Logical Framework Analysis (Logframe) and its variants as a required method for planning and monitoring illustrate how procedures can reinforce relationships of power and control.