|   We would go every year and we’d try to get the same car and run times for bragging rights. Special thanks to BaT reader Harvey F. for this submission. Go! Believe it or not, you had to have one to drive them. Great for vehicle restoration projects or adding seat belts to vehicles. $80.00 Gyrocopters Hover Kart X4 Ottawa 02/11/2020. I want to buy those karts! This 1978 Lola 506 is one of a surprisingly large production run built during the 70s and 80s. Essentially a go-kart with fully adjustable double wishbone suspension and mini F1 car construction, dozens were used at the defunct Action Park, widely considered to be one of the most dangerous–and fun–theme parks of all-time.Find it here on Craigslist. That sucks! Race Cars - Single Seat Race Cars. Is there any interest in the LOLA 7/10 cars made in 1978 and 1979 and again from 81 till 84 ? Privacy Notice Sold for $25,250 on 10/9/20 No Reserve: Tice Engineering Sport Go-Kart. They were a small piece of that legend.   |   There are things that pop up on eBay for sale that can be considered bad ideas. Site designed by, eBay Find: Someone Is Selling 37 Lola 506 Go Karts From The Most Dangerous And Insane Defunct American Amusement Park Ever, BUY THIS OLD LOLA 506 GO KARTS – ACTION PARK HISTORY, Ural 375 Russian Military Truck Manufacturers Test and Promotional Video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8L00b2GbEs. Something is hinky. So fun. Yeah, I don’t see it anywhere, not even in completed or sold listings. 1 2. They weren’t shifter-kart quick, but they had a car feel and you could get your ass in a sling if you weren’t paying attention. Your California Privacy Rights For sale, LOLA T70 3B, chassis number SL76/144. This place was beyond description and frankly anything we write would be immediately disbelieved. Rack and pinion steering was another notable feature. I have a question. Question of the Week: What Events Are On Your Motorsports Bucket List? These karts were likely one of the more tame attractions at the joint and even they are pretty wild. Find it here on Craigslist. Only $30!   |   Did you mean to enter this number as a bid? I actually did lose control one time and got friction burns. The person selling these things must have bought the entire stock from Action Park when it closed down and now they are trying to off-load them. This 1978 Lola 506 is one of a surprisingly large production run built during the 70s and 80s. Never went back as I was NEVER gonna do it THAT good again. Bet you could come out, if you had a few bucks to invest and a willing sanctioning body! I ended up with one of the cars when action park shut down the Lola track. We dug up some stuff from a couple of years ago when the stuff was already for sale and at that point the seller had like 20 of them that were complete runners. 18 Lola for sale. Copyright © 2020 BangShift.com All Rights Reserved. Action Park is a legendary place because it is largely considered to be the most off the wall, dangerous, and full throttle amusement/water park in the history of such venues. or Best Offer. The car is race ready. Lola 506 go karts that came from a place called Action Park in New Jersey. Previous auctions (16) No Reserve: Porsche 924 GTR-Style Kart For Charity. View as: € 4,500+VAT. Originally rotary powered, eh? That is important to note because when the rotary engines died, many of the karts had two stroke snowmobile engines installed. Please enable JavaScript to engage in the discussion on this site. This car competed in the SCCA Autocross with 3 championships in the last 5 years. That’s a claim that could be worth the $20,000 asking price. Now, if only I could find the time, money and space! Assets On. 78 watching. If you have something to share let us know. That place was a little nuts. Its reopened now I believe but with a new name. Gemini Karts Dominator Go Kart with Honda GX200 Engine. He is now down to seven running karts and thirty chassis that are in different levels of completion along with bodies and all of the other stuff. There’s an alpine slide in Park City, Utah. Datsun 280ZX . Here’s the chassis tag. When combined with the rest of the equation you have something that could be really, and we mean, REALLY fun to drive. US $15,000.00 SPEC SHEET - PHOTOS. It’s so dang fun. These karts were likely one of the more tame attractions at the joint and even they are pretty wild. Are we right? I totally forgot about the Spead Boats!!! Action Park rocked!!!! Sale includes trailer and spares. The eBay link is hosed. 1978 Lola 506 Runs and Drives Very Rare LOLA 506, Great performer. Check out the size of those slicks! Call mark 416-738-5988 hurry! I have a chance to by 30 frames and bodies and enough parts to build about 20 cars and a tractor trailer of NOS parts. 37 watching. Even with that swap we bet these things are stupid fast. Sold for $5,900 on 10/23/20 1981 Porsche 936 Junior. Driven by Ryan Hunter-Reay Herdez Competition Featured € 75,000. But when I squeezed in a drove, they were a BLAST! The proof is in the stories of those who were there, video of the rides that you won’t believe and the tales of workers sucking beers and living it up while sending kids into incalculably dangerous situations. WANT! 14 watching. Awesome at Musselman Honda P1 Track or SCCA Solo at Marana airport.”. They had a retail price of about $6,000 a piece when new and they weighed 650lbs a piece.   |   This place was the anthesis of the bubble wrap world we live in today and these hauling ass go karts? US $6,500 SPEC SHEET - PHOTOS. Originally fitted with small single rotor Sachs Wankel rotary engines, many such as this example have since been fitted with twin cylinder snowmobile engines. LOLA 506 go carts. Action Park is a legendary place because it is largely considered to be the most off the wall, dangerous, and full throttle amusement/water park in the history of such venues. This was illustrated perfectly by the iconic T70, which competed against the Ford GT40 in the sports car races of the late 1960s. I used to work the Lola track when I was a kid for two summers ,87′ and 88′ looking back it was probably the funniest job I ever had! Interest Based Ads Did someone scarf ’em up already? 5 in total. Eveything “Lola” but the karts. We are always looking for good bang shifty stories, projects, photos & videos. They recently (under new management, I think) opened the worlds longest ‘Slip and Slide’ over there… or Best Offer. There was a Grand Prix park near my home with these Lola cars … Wankel and all … and unfortunately the seats were narrow (on those) for my posterior. Executed the prefectest 4-wheel drift ..in one drift .. around the last 3 turns last time I was there. Damn, talk about a flashback! Collection in person. Wish the place was still opened with most of the same rides. I’m predicting in less than a year we’ll be seeing these things on youtube doing crazy things. Other than someone with a ton of money and the want to create some sort of hilarious personal go karting terror dome we’re not sure how else you would make heads or tails out of all this stuff. Action Park was in the news for all the wrong reasons, mostly because people crashing down the mountain in the luge. Interest Based Ads 25 Search Results for "go kart" Models (3) Chevrolet Corvette C3 . I’m never going to have to sell mine. I used to live an hour from Action Park and never knew about the Lola race cars! Probably not. The seller’s original intentions were likely to take them and make them into some sort of attraction but obviously that never happened. Aug 19, 2015Brian LohnesApex Online Find, BangShift APEX19. For sale here are 37(!) Those things were a frigging blast to drive! Terms of Use, All contents © 2020 The best vintage and classic cars for sale online | Bring a Trailer, No Reserve: Porsche 924 GTR-Style Kart For Charity, No Reserve: Tice Engineering Sport Go-Kart, No Reserve: 1934-Style Ford Roadster Go-Kart, No Reserve: 2009 Tony Kart Ayrton Senna Edition, 1977 Italycar Ferrarina 312T2 Children’s Car, The Winner: BaT People’s Choice Best Feature of 2018, Era-Correct Two-Stroke Power: Restored 1961 Scorpion Kart, Grown-Up Go-Kart: 2012 McLaren MP4-12C Display Chassis, Super-Detailed Custom: 1975 Corvette Shifter Quad/Kart, Mini Mac: Half-Scale 1969 McLaren M8 Race Kart.