Lola says, a smile creeping up her cheeks at the memory of their tea sessions and the archery lesson he had treated her to. And I give you an opportunity to raise in their eyes, and you fail at it willingly! "Stay away from Narciesse, Lola. After bemoaning over the fact that she's still single at thirty without kids as her friends have both, Mary decides to fix the second part by enlisting the help of her guy best friend since childhood, Francis. There's no "Let me think about it more.". Please consider turning it on! Lola cried. Francis swears. They always were nothing to him!". Francis, pelase, speak. he states quietly. It couldn't happen. It is said her parents forbade her from horseriding because of her haemophilia, fearing her death. "He told me what you did. Hadn't Kenna told her that? "You're having nothing more to do with that man.". Si trattava del suo primo gesto veramente indipendente, sapeva che né Francis né Mary avrebbero approvato il suo matrimonio ma Lola aveva bisogno di felicità, la meritava si disse mentre firmava il registro di matrimonio. Mary and Francis, now reunited, continue to face opposition from Protestants and foreign powers. "We-" she paused. "Promise me, Lola. Join Facebook to connect with Lola Fleming-Narcisse and others you may know. she squeaks, her cheeks flushing in embarrassment. Had he already succeeded as she fought his cause? Lola non avrebbe saputo spiegarlo. So she searched, never expecting cross paths with the Mikaelsons again. He's ruling France through me.". You don't believe me, yet you believe him! Lola admits her feelings for Narcisse to her friends. Francis scoffed, turning around so quickly that Lola honestly thought that he was having spells of madness. Perhaps Mary would have recognised when she had pushed too far and left it at that, but Lola did not. she lied, sounding so small and pitifully pathetic, even to her own ears. Any sane person may have left the King to his own anger, to calm. One year after her departure, Lady Kenna is back to French court. Although Narciesse was indeed dangerous, Lola did believe him when he said that he wanted nothing but her. Lola whispers. Francis, in case you have forgotten, I am no tool that you can use when you want to!". I believe he is so full of revenge and grief that he tries to benefit himself from it." Modern AU. The two had one stillborn son (1538) and three miscarriages, the first five months into the wedding. But then, he threatened my wife, my mother, my brothers, my son." he asks her, almost desperately. Francis cried out, growing more exasperated by the second. You are nothing in the eyes of the world, the least you can do is follow whatever orders I have for you!" "Do you hear how foolish and brainwashed you sound right now? La cerimonia fu completamente diversa da quella che avevano avuto Mary, Greer e Kenna, persino il suo primo matrimonio era stato diverso ma questa volta era diverso. He fell in love with Lola Fleming, a Scottish noble with an illegitimate son. his voice gave no room for argument. "My mothers spies tell me that you visit his estate more than once since the last you and I spoke of matters such as this." For their wedding two months later, she gifted him his favourite horse, Arion. she hisses. Lola quietly argued. Set in 2x07. he asks. While staying with the Boinel family in 1554 Plague hit and killed Duchess Boinel and Sophie Narcisse. Lord Narcisse pressured them for an heir. Much of Kenna's life has been relatively uncomplicated, largely because it has been blessedly unconstrained by the whims of kings or queens: the years she can barely remember before her first departure for France, the early years in France before Mary was sent to the convent and her ladies home, the years in Scotland before her mother’s death, her time at French court before her dalliance with Henry, the period between the plague and Francis’s descent into madness, and the time after she and Bash arrived in Scotland until Mary's return to rule in her own right. ), "The beginning is often promising... the trick is to go on that way.". Elizabeth, Lola, Catherine and Mary musing about each other. Lola whispers. Quello di cui si rese conto Lucian, e gli altri con lui, fu che la piccola Zsuzsanna non era più tanto piccola perché era chiaramente incinta e soprattutto che anche lei aveva un collare, lo stesso che avevano avuto loro[-]> chiese Lola osservando lo stemma di Stephane, quello sembrava un lupo ma era più grande e più massiccio, lupo nero su campo bianco e i gigli di Francia che Charles li aveva autorizzati a inserire da quando suo marito era divenuto Reggente.