Go ad-free with a FictionDB premium membership. Kindness Goes Unpunished takes Walt, along with Cheyenne buddy Henry Standing Bear, to Philadelphia, to see his daughter, Cady. For a series of books praised for their humor, death haunts Craig Johnson’s Walt Longmire books prominently, even by murder mystery standards. A decades-old cold case might be connected to a serial killer; by J.K. Rowling, writing pseudonymously. Nouriel, Ana Goren and a figure known as "the prophet" return as revelations are unlocked. agent are baffled by a cross-country killing spree. See the. He also finds more purpose, discovering he still is very much a father. More about us. Johnson has set up several situations and emotions for Walt and company to work out. And listen to us on the Book Review podcast. After surviving a plane crash, a death doula travels to Egypt to reconnect with an old flame who is an archaeologist. List contains all Longmire main character names and features lead Longmire roles from all six seasons.If you're looking for the most famous Longmire characters then you're in the right place. When America’s power grid is shut down, Mitch Rapp goes after a cyber terrorist. They both lead to a somewhat cliff hanger involving Bidarte. The sense of community, humor, and Native American spirituality are all set up for Johnson to explore and weave throughout the books. #6: Kill Shot. This is a hero’s journey through the underworld. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Someone is picking off a group of boys who got off with a slap on the wrist after Walt arrested them for raping a Cheyenne girl who suffers from fetal alcohol syndrome, and Walt has to hunt down the vigilante. Signing on to do a series with a lead character past fifty, Johnson decided to make each book a season, “Like doing a Vivaldi.” These seasons can be seen as a cycle that guide us through the life of a man figuring out where he is and what he’s capable of, just as that owl comes more into view. In keeping with contradictions, the first book in this cycle is the most amusing. A follow up to American Assassin and the second … The name comes from the Basque word for “between.” Johnson weaves him through the rest of the books, making his presence known even if he is not in direct confrontation with Walt —as Craig Johnson has described him, “Bidarte is the antithesis of Walt Longmire, who is a fervent believer in the rule of law; Bidarte is the embodiment of chaos.”. An Obvious Fact is a book that gives Junkyard Dogs a run for its money for humor. Walt is forced to stay in Wyoming close the local case and help his family deal with the tragedy. Longmire solves crime near the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation with the help of his longtime friend, Henry Standing Bear. Follow New York Times Books on Facebook and Twitter (@nytimesbooks), sign up for our newsletter or our literary calendar. Fast paced – it was a very, very good book and I highly recommend reading it if you were on the fence after Flynn passed away. The books were made into a TV series in 2012 for A&E and then moved to Netflix in 2015. 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The book is an amazing debut—not only does The Cold Dish have the craftsmanship of something usually written by a seasoned pro, but the narrative establishes almost every major character and theme in the series. The first book in the series, The Cold Dish, was published in 2005 and Johnson has been adding books to the series ever since. The lives of twin sisters who run away from a Southern Black community at age 16 diverge as one returns and the other takes on a different racial identity but their fates intertwine. The 16th book in the Chief Inspector Gamache series. Dry Bones has Walt working a case that puts him in the middle of a political fight concerning the discovery of a fossilized Tyrannosaurus Rex. One is whodunit on a moving train full of Wyoming sheriffs with Walt as a freshly minted deputy in the early seventies. Walt uncovers bad family blood and Peyton Place shenanigans in Absoroka County when looking into the murder of the local junk man who belongs to an accident-prone clan. Walt has to go into narco-occupied Northern Mexico to save his daughter and take care of Bidarte once and for all. We learn the tragedy is less about the longing of a life mate and more about wondering what he has done with his life and where he has ended up. The 16th book in the Longmire series. Authoritatively ranked lists of books sold in the United States, sorted by format and genre. In a quiet town on the North Carolina coast in 1969, a young woman who survived alone in the marsh becomes a murder suspect. Way too many books in this series, boring unfunny and text isn't fun. We also see the first sparks of Walt’s romance with Vic, as well our first introduction to series character Deputy Saizarbitoria, who enters the scene to help Walt gain understanding of and entrance to Wyoming’s Basque culture during the course of the investigation. The last two novels have Walt taking a more aggressive move toward Bidarte. As The Crow Flies concludes the cycle with the idea of renewal as Walt and Henry visit the Crow Reservation to confirm a location for Cady’s wedding. Crossing this mastermind causes one of Walt’s deputies to get killed and leads to an unexpected tragedy for Walt and Vic. Full Longmire characters list with photos and character bios when available.