And you’ve apologized for that. Get a weekly digest of the week’s most important transcripts in your inbox. Do you know what percentage of veterans, about, rely on the postal service for their prescription medicine? Or do you anticipate it going up or have any dent on it? There were other reasons for the delays in the nation. Still, the postmaster general, a political ally of President Donald Trump, said he would not restore the cuts to mailboxes and sorting equipment that have already been made. So now, do you believe that the money on hand successful seeing that you said the mail volume is down by 15% and the hard work of the over 600,000 postal workers, that you can handle the slight election increases that you will possibly see? During a Senate hearing Friday, DeJoy defended changes implemented during his tenure and argued that the Postal Service is up to the task of handling election mail delivery. Okay. The 2.3 million mail-in ballots that were cast in Florida are a significant amount for one state. … no patterns of misconduct in my background-. Mr. Connolly: (01:53:16) Maloney: (01:14:12) Is she around or not? There is no way the process we have followed can produce results that will help the post office be better and serve all Americans. And one of the reasons people serve in the postal service who have served in our military is they view it as public service. I will be very, very clear that the 650,000 men and women we are working with, our union leadership, our management team, our employees, we will be able to handle all election mail for the 2020 election. Jim Jordan: (01:57:36) Mr. DeJoy: (01:07:21) So you guys can do that here. I don’t know what was more disturbing for me to watch today, listening to Democrats who have never owned a business, much less a logistics business, try to tell you how to deliver anything quicker, or listening to a couple of those Democrats who struggled with what a covered call actually was. We should have a recovery process. DeJoy: (05:23:17) The rally happens as DeJoy is called by the Democratic-run House to testify about mail-in voting concerns. Mr. DeJoy, if you did not order these actions to be taken, please tell the committee the name of who did. DeJoy: (03:11:05) It’s really not your job, is it? This slide reflects nationwide numbers. Duncan: (03:59:45) Ms. Maloney: (05:26:54) And the accusations are that you’re trying to throw the election. The House Oversight Committee will launch an investigation into Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, committee chairwoman Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D … That’s a outrageous statement. And they brought up the same fact that they take us an oath, an oath, to get the mail out on time. Okay, and we got your-. What the postal service is doing and has for years is trying to warn states their vote by mail laws don’t take into account what the postal service can and cannot do. Would that kind of slow the post office delivery down? But Mr. DeJoy, do you take responsibility for these changes?