There is a locking notch at the bottom plate. The model has an ergonomically designed, comfortable non-slip grip. The gun can be loaded in two ways – by bulk or by the cartridge. You can also paste a meter to the end of your applicator to gauge the precise amount of grease you squeeze out. Simply, the coupler should provide 1/8″ NPT thread in order to connect to the grease gun hose. DEWALT DCGG5702 Right Angle Grease Coupler, 10. This is not achievable in a cut thread process, as the threads become brittle on the periphery, Dome type riviting completely covers the spring enabling the spring to be firmly secured in its place, 3705 Centre Circle  |  Fort Mill, SC 29715  |  (t) 704-940-6988  |  (f) 704-940-6993, 1/4"-28 Taper Thread (SAE-LT), Straight (LX-3007, Qty: 40), 1/4"-28 Taper Thread (SAE-LT), 45 degree (LX-3013, Qty: 10), 1/4"-28 Taper Thread (SAE-LT), 90 degree (LX-3019, Qty: 10), 1/8" P.T.F. The steel cylinder can be inserted with a new cartridge, can be bulk loaded, or by using a grease pump. The model presses out the grease at 10000 PSI or 690 bars in low and high settings. This grease is not driven by any machine. 90 adapters for reaching fittings in confined spaces that require a 90 bend. In some cases, you need to grease the zerks which are tight-spaced. LX-1403 Heavy-Duty Quick-Release, Grease Coupler. There is a check ball accessibility to clean the contaminated and hardened grease. There is an 18-inch extension tube, two metal pipes – one straight and one bent. These can be exchanged to reach fittings far and near. The coupler greases very well and it is suitable for long day use. ... Lumax LX-1152 has an 18-inch flex hose, 4 hardened jaws on the hydraulic coupler with ball check, and a non-drip cap. Lumax LX-1152 has a user-friendly design with a LuCast aluminum head that is reinforced to make it heavier. The other basis of the variation of the gun models is based on how the grease is loaded – by cartridge, by bulk, or by suction fill. Each Grease Fitting goes through several Quality Control Checks to assure the Highest Quality Level: 3705 Centre Circle  |  Fort Mill, SC 29715  |  (t) 704-940-6988  |  (f) 704-940-6993, 1/4"-28 Taper Thread (SAE-LT), Straight (LX-3007, Qty: 40), 1/4"-28 Taper Thread (SAE-LT), 45 degree (LX-3013, Qty: 10), 1/4"-28 Taper Thread (SAE-LT), 90 degree (LX-3019, Qty: 10), 1/8" P.T.F. Your gun is primed and ready. So, it’s suitable for a high-pressure grease gun. All Lumax Grease Fittings meet the Specifications as per SAE J-534 and other International Standards. Very effective for lubricating various parts of vehicles. There is a check valve that helps clean the gun without disassembling it. The plunger rod has markings to indicate how much grease is remaining in the barrel. Lever Action Grease Gun . Then you squeeze the trigger to activate the motor that reduces the effort to extrude grease. This prolongs the guns life. And the maximum pressure it can handle is 4500 psi. Lincoln 1884 package includes a cordless grease gun, a slide-on Li-ion battery, a charger, and a carry case. Things can so much easier with this tool. This game changing Gurtech Grease Coupler is able to solve all of yours greasing problems. Lumax strives to work with the customers who demand excellence. Backpressure is built pushing the butt of the gun. Lincoln Lubrication 1242 kit carries a 110V quick charger, a 12V NiCad battery, a 30-inch flex hose with a spring guard and a carrying case. Most are battery-powered or air-powered grease guns, so it's easy to handle. And to decrease your trouble there are many excellent grease gun coupler in the market. It means the recommended and the maximum pressure it’s operatable. The T-handle offers a better grip in any position. In this case, the small diameter of the coupler barrel will suit tight space. It has a coast head made of aluminum and has an ergonomic grip for better handling of the gun. As a result, it will no move and effectively inject the grease. There is an on-board LED light to illuminate dark workspaces. You could use a caliper, and find it nearly 5/8″. They are used to apply grease to a grease fitting. It has knurled body and it is also zinc plated. At the back, it’s a replicated zerk fitting in which the coupler will attach on. This is a heavy-duty grease gun of the deluxe range with an 18-inch flex hose. The head of this coupler is slightly shorter than the standard straight coupler. It works very perfectly so it is usable for every fitting. There is a pressure relief valve built into the gun. It swivels in full 360-degree circles. Just push the spring-loaded barrel sleeve until the fitting comes up and your grease coupler can attach on it now. If you are working on small projects then smaller guns with lever or pistol grip should suffice. More. The wall of the cylinder is heavy to withstand the pressure of 7000 PSI. In terms of pricing, it costs more but gives you more return by saving more time and money. However, Lots of grease gun coupler in the market I loved LockNLube and it has some awesome features. It’s a bit smaller than the other general couplers in terms of the outside diameter. The rod has markings on it. This prevents wastage and mess in the workplace. You could now let both your hands to pump the grease gun much more freely. It can be easily greased in a narrow space by a small-diameter connection. The gun develops up to 7500 PSI of pressure. These tools will make easy your complete lubricating process without loss grease. If you are an auto mechanic or an engineer then you will finish a handful of autos in a matter of minutes. Lumax LX-1172 is ideal for automotive, industrial, RV, handyman and farm applications. It is easy to clean and store the gun due to the integrated handle clip and loop along with the Lock storage technology. It is designed in a way so that you can use it for hard-to-reach grease fittings on your car, ... LockNLube Grease Gun Coupler. The replacement is available along with the package when you’ve purchased it. It also has small and large quick-disconnect adapters. Economy – These guns have a lower front-end cost; they are low maintenance and simple to use. Resources. This coupler is also designed to fit most grease fittings. This coupler serves as a helpful accessory for any grease gun. The grease is pushed forward by a precision machined and hardened piston. There is a Ball Check and a filler nipple to assist with the filler pump. Home. The unit is supported by a 1-year warranty. Lnchett LN011kit has six accessories to the cylinder and head that make up the grease gun. Fortunately, most grease gun coupler has been designed with this thread. The coupler has a height of 2.9 "length x 1.2". Therefore, when you have to use this one, consider the pressure of the grease gun you’ll apply. Lumax LX-1406 Silver Grease Gun Coupler, 9. There is a 42-inch hose to reach under the hood and the body of machinery. Lincoln 1844 kit comes with the gun, the hose, the two batteries and charger in a tough molded plastic box. The coupler is made of very high-quality material so you can use it to work in a shop or garage all day long. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Therefore, this made with high-quality material so the coupler does not leak easily. Ans: Firstly, set the grease gun then screw the 4 jaw construction. If the coupler can handle pressures below 10,000 psi, it must be operated with a manual gun. It is fitted with a machined piston that has been hardened. A grease coupler has been included. Method 1. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Lumax LX-1403 Silver Heavy-Duty Quick Release Grease Coupler, 1/8" NPT, 1 Pack. Insert the cartridge. It is also strong, durable, and long-lasting. It is suitable for applications such as applying grease to automobile fittings, aeronautic, industrial and construction equipment. It registers the vibrations related to the friction of parts. There is a work light that can be switched on and off as per your requirement. The coupler can work perfectly. But the right grease gun coupler can make greasing a pleasing experience. They come with many features. However, we found the seller said it’s actually 12.000 psi rating. LockNLube Professional 4350281679 is a professional tool with the LockNLube Grease Coupler. The high-volume pump pushes out 5 ounces of grease per minute. All kinds of work you can do with small diameter grease guns. 10), 1/8" P.T.F. Lumax LX-1152 has a pistol design. Step 1- Remove the head of the grease gun from its barrel. The clear-bodied ones will carry a label with the information on the lubricant. Moreover, it is also bulky and heavy. Lincoln Lubrication 1134 has a jam-proof handle-return mechanism.