The trail was very runnable, but I decided just to hike swiftly and avoid stumbling on rocks in the dark. As far as I researched, the fastest known time was held by Sean O’Rourke (aka Dr. Dirtbag) of 18 hours 50 minutes. It’s mostly open forest, with occasional blueberry bushes to push through. Route takes navigation to hit stream crossings and travels through a lot of dense brush that does not always have a climbers trail to follow. Somehow I’d shaved almost 2.5 hours off the previous fastest known time for Luna. Children refers to the set of objects that logically fall under a given object. I went up the chimney which was a little awkward but went up fine. Most parties climb Luna as an overnight trip, but over the past few summers very fit parties have started climbing Luna Peak as long car-to-car daytrips. For some reason I’d set my mental goal to reach the car by 5pm, and it was now crunch time. © 2006-2020 I think they’re named after a picket fence. I wore trail runners and carried some warm clothing, but otherwise tried to go light. I started feeling kind of miserable after several hours of hiking through the dark at 3:30am after very little sleep, but after eating a snickers bar I cheered up and had energy again. The talus was covered in ice, so was a bit sketchy, but I scrambled up paralleling the creek until I was above the highest grove of slide alder. But I was feeling pretty strong, so decided to run the trail and make up even more time. Luckily I had a GPS track of a good crossing provided by Jake Robinson from his friend Brad who’d climbed Luna back in June. Just adding the trip report for future reference. I did not need to pass through any slide alder or vine maple. He seemed to have that response that sounds like he knew where he was going and was wondering if we knew where we were going. Helping people explore, conserve, learn about, and enjoy the lands and waters of the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Near the summit I dropped down to a ledge to my right, scrambled back to the ridge behind the summit, then climbed up a few 4th class moves to gain the summit from the back side. On the way back to the rocky gully above the basin we passed a couple trail runners who mentioned a pair in the gulley that had an accident and appeared on of them broke an ankle. My time constraint was that I needed to be back in Seattle at a reasonable hour Saturday night to get ready for a hiking/packrafting trip Sunday to Blanca Lake. Télécharger Not sure how long It had been dropped down on the ledges. I managed to jog about half of the uphill, reaching the car about 20 seconds before my watch hit 5pm. I had crossed Big Beaver Creek about a half mile downstream from Access Creek, which was the bushwhacking route. After the bottom two thirds of the bushwhack the climbers trail becomes continuous for the rest of the bushwhack. The summit was close and I figured I wouldn’t need any extra weight on the 4th class scramble. It looked like it would have been trivial to wade across. Another easy 1000ft up to the col put us at the base of Luna Peak in just a few hours. This made me think that maybe if I hustled on the way back I could beat my 20 hour time estimate and get back to. Just as most of our party were down to the ledges a group of three guys came up behind us who were pretty chill about hanging out waiting for us to get over and back since they were camped at the col and it was only about 11:30am. Luna is one of those seven mountains. After crossing the heather I scrambled up some talus and class 2/3 terrain to reach Luna Col. Looking back along the summit ridge towards the false summit. I updated the page. There really isn’t any kind of trail to follow so unless you know just where to find the log crossings it could get really tricky getting through the first mile. On our way down we stopped by and chatted for a moment. Mountaineers Books is a registered trademark of The Mountaineers®, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Thanks for the input. I’d read that this crossing is one of the trickiest parts of the whole trip. The creek, though, wasn’t actually very deep at all. My alarm woke me up at midnight and I officially left the car at 12:30am. The next six miles are mostly flat all the way to the Big Beaver Creek bridge. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. It also appeared that I would make it back home for dinner, and have time to pack up for my packrafting trip to Blanca Lake the next morning. Unfortunately this time window wasn’t really compatible with my schedule, so I just decided to hike all those extra miles. On the way down from the summit instead of heading straight over I had gone down a couple ledges and wound up finding an old rusty metal film canister. Somehow I have an ability to fall asleep almost whenever I want to, which is pretty useful on trips like this. Tax ID: 27-3009280. The start of the trail was a one-mile descent to Ross Dam, then the trail crosses the dam and ascends the slope on the other side. Now, 13 years later, I am probably more inclined to just go for it and not bother with ropes in spots like that. I first dropped about 5ft from the false summit, then scrambled across the narrow and exposed 4th class ridge. I snapped a quick picture of my watch at the trailhead, then finally rested at the car. Now, 13 years later, I am probably more inclined to just go for it and not bother with ropes in spots like that. If anyone goes up anytime soon it could use a new register. But we never ran across a couple ahead of us all the way to Luna so not sure where they went. So the stream isn’t as high. The rock is quite solid on the traverse and easy to navigate across o or just a few feet below the ridge crest on the east side. Scramble up steep but very easy boulders for about 35 minutes to the false summit. But neither this ridge nor the difficult traverse between the summits is the real "crux" of the climb. The party of 3 waiting for us then took off for the true summit while we took a lunch break before heading back. I packed up the gear I’d stashed, then scrambled back down to the heather slopes. I will again include Jim Brisbine’s account of the traverse for those who wish to know the details, “...possible routes to the true summit, which sits about 100 yards away along a gruesome-looking ridge. The Sean has most of the fastest known times for mountains in the pacific northwest, so I figured this would be a lower bound for the time required to climb Luna. I filled up my Nalgene at a small stream below a snowfield. I honestly believe a rope would make this short traverse even more dangerous. Figured shooting for Luna Col would have had us there in the dark so Access Creek was a good spot to stop with views of Luna and the boulder field we needed to go up in the morning. This meant I had a good chance of getting a snow-free ascent of Luna, which is pretty surprising for late October. There was only one or two real class 3 spots on the traverse with the rest being exposed Class 2. Overall the bushwhacking on the north side of Access Creek is some of the tamest I’ve encountered compared to other Bulger peaks. I carefully crawled across on all fours and made it safely to the other side. We did eventually spot him just topping out on Fury as we were on top of Luna the next day. It is also, according mountaineer Sean O’Rourke, possibly one of the toughest dayhikes in the lower 48 states. The Ross Lake Resort operates a water taxi between 8am-5pm that will drop you off and pick you up, shaving about 14 miles off the trip. But I needed all the extra capacity for the fall-season ascent, so didn’t complain. A couple people in our party had thought the Luna signpost was for a trail split to where you head off to Luna and told the guy he was taking the wrong path. I hit the climbers trail back on the north side of Access Creek, and it was actually good enough that I could jog it for short sections. Luna Mountain – San Bernardino Mountains – San Bernardino County – California ... Related Posts After ascending a few hundred vertical feet I noticed the north side looked more open, so I crossed over. Parents refers to a larger category under which an object falls. up in the back of the car and was asleep by 7:30pm. By now it was 7:30am and it was finally light enough for me to turn off my headlamp. (Granted, I may have just picked a really good route to follow and other routes could still be bad). At the base of the cirque, past a few bivy sites, I turned left and hiked up a gully leading directly to the ridgeline. 24 Trip Reports for this trail, below The tallest peak in the Picket Range of the North Cascades, this peak features some gorgeous mountain views and glacier travel, but requires route-finding and navigation skills to tackle. Never caught up to him to say sorry about that. Successful summit (of the true summit) of Luna Peak. Next morning, we took off up the narrow rocky gully, but going wider right and up and then across through the trees works too (probably a bit easier too).