Uenoyama can be very attentive to the feelings of others, particularly Mafuyu. Complying with the message he sluggishly gets out of bed, checks outside the window to see him there and answers his phone call.[47]. Ritsuka says he heard Mafuyu went for an interview, pausing before asking how it went. [33], The atmosphere around Ritsuka seemed to shiver for him and after Mafuyu finishes, he hastily lowers his face. He begins to note everything kept moving on and Ritsuka pays specific attention to Mafuyu’s merry laughter. Mafuyu has the answer to why Ritsuka is so popular - he is genuinely kind to everyone. He cannot do things others can do well and Mafuyu finds himself running. He began playing the guitar in sixth grade when his dad gave him an unused guitar and Ritsuka practiced around Yayoi. Although he tries to be patient the look on Mafuyu's face causes some inner rage to bubble through, more so when he is told Mafuyu does now know if he has a favorite song. [23], Preparing the pizza, Ritsuka reflects that he cannot remember much and considers if he were to teach a beginner from square one, he would have a lot of responsibility. [32], At work, he is tending to a drum kit when Tsubaki points out Hiiragi is here and says he knows him. [21], Noticing something behind Mafuyu, Ritsuka pulls him aside from a car driving too close. As he finds his fingers not working well, and visualizing Yuki through the blinding lights in the crowd, Mafuyu looks over to see Ritsuka checking on him. 佐藤 真冬 hanareta dareka to darekaga ita koto 離れた誰かと誰かがいたこと [43], He confirms with Mafuyu that he has been doing something recently, namely composing a song for him. [52], Nodding off at school un-awakened by Shogo’s enthusiasm about basketball, he takes Ueki's suggestion to find a place to nap before the match. [5], Asked if the guitar can be fixed, Ritsuka is outwardly confused but internally observes that he spoke. Wondering why he is offering a seat, Ritsuka takes it anyway sitting beside him with Ritsuka initiating conversation that he could have just said something. [46], With the teacher telling the class to pair up for an art project, Ritsuka is asked by a beaming Kasai to be partners. Working at the concert venue, Mafuyu is found by Hiragi and they leave to discuss the past including Yuki's guitar. Mafuyu thinks that love is taboo for him now, but even in the end if he even covers it up, it is not like what is inside is going to disappear. Salmon pink Anime Debut He answers him that Yuki’s mom told him to take the guitar, and both Mafuyu and Yuki’s parents pretty much acknowledged their relationship. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Height "It was a chance for me to fix the guitar, so I became attached to the summer." [38], After a practice performance, Mafuyu is standing close to Rituska. Agreeing and beginning to draw her he is unsure of what to make of Kasai wondering whether Mafuyu likes him. He remembers Mafuyu asking whether he could fix his guitar, and runs out at once. [7], The repairs complete, Ritsuka demands he be grateful, respect him and pay for the replacement strings when he receives applause. Yano, Shougo (Japanese)Dallas Reid (English) Ritsuka is speechless at this news before informed further that Mafuyu’s boyfriend committed suicide last year. Chapter 1, page 4 The fog piled at the bottom of his heart has already started to turn poisonous.[36]. This shocks him and when Mafuyu hears Yuki's name spoken, Mafuyu turns and runs. He did not want to face them so ended up running away. Meeting him again he is unsuccessful in persuading Ritsuka to teach him even with the offer of money and bread, to which Ritsuka Uenoyama offers the thought of visiting the Light Club at their school. Mafuyu deems the idea impossible before his face is cradled by RItsuka and is encouraged to do it with his face cheeks squished by him as well. Answering it is fine if Hiiragi and Shizusumi attend the concert, Mafuyu states he vented his anger on him and that he himself does not understand his own feelings. Confirming that he is riding on the back of Akihiko’s motorbike, Ritsuka contemplates that Akihiko said it happened in the past. Hair Color Ritsuka ponders he did not indeed think Mafuyu would turn down his offer but remembers how good Mafuyu’s voice was. [30], In class, Ritsuka is confronted by Shogo pointing out that he has been hanging around with Mafuyu a lot lately. Presently, Mafuyu mentions his concert on Sunday next week. anata no subete ga He is glomped by Shogo wrapping his arm around him who has arrived with Ryou, yet has the answer on why Ritsuka is so popular. Uenoyama shows little consideration for small talk and can be quick to be irate. Blood Type tada soredake no hanashi Kanji [44], As days pass Ritsuka spends time working at the convenience store to pointing out to Haruki that Mafuyu can sing. nē [37], When Mafuyu simply turns and runs, Ritsuka calls his name and immediately follows him. Seeing the youth behind him, Ritsuka looks to Mafuyu to ask if he knows him. His signature animal is a munchkin cat pictured with a bell collar. まだ解けない魔法のような Guitarist [43], Inquisitively listening to Akihiko's proposition with a week before the live Mafuyu looks to Ritsuka spluttering on his drink with the suggestion they stop practicing. One winter, Mafuyu remembers not feeling lonely despite not being able to see someone again. [9], Present at the studio, Mafuyu is hiding behind Ritsuka as he explains to Akihiko why he was brought along. Spending time with daily events, in one case Mafuyu is taken home by Akihiko and told if he is not able to settle his past we will not be able to write lyrics. He wanted someone to completely understand how hard and painful it was, to want to scream and cry but not be able to express it, yet even understanding a little is okay. Questioned on his guitar he says it is not from his father, he does not have one. His attention is grabbed hearing Akihiko has brought something good and gives the go-ahead for his laptop charger to be used. Listening to music CDs he has been swallowed by the music and when he entered high school he decided to pursue music just as he planned. Note, this is the anime page for Mafuyu, for the manga page: Mafuyu Sato. He interprets that to mean that things did not work out even with a great guy like him. Image Gallery, "I'm definitely worse at expressing myself than other people are. With Ritsuka having seated himself beside Mafuyu, he slides over onto Ritsuka’s shoulder.