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All Rights Reserved. “Honey, you got here at 11, and you go home at three, and you guys say ‘$500?’ That’s a blessing!” Out of all the years, I think my ’89 squad of girls might have been the most understanding of that. A strip-club DJ is different from a normal DJ because we’re literally controlling the entire club—making sure the girls are getting money, making sure you tip the waitress, making sure you take care of the bartenders, calling the girls out for each stage set. This fake hair and the fake titties, fake butt, has damn-near taken over. They had ballers back then, but Easy was special. DC: People still came to Magic because of the name, but the Gentlemen’s Club was doing it. He didn’t teach them how to be hoes; he taught them how to be women. Big Boi: The first strip club I ever went to—it’s in the “Player’s Ball” video—it’s called Montre’s. He was so good at the job he earned the nickname “Magic.” After visiting his first strip club, Foxy Lady Lounge, he decided the concept could be improved. And Magic always showed love. Jermaine Dupri is more reserved. I got a lot of respect for André, Big Boi, CeeLo Green. I arrived the summer of 1989, and I went to Magic City. You knew the dancers by name. The people did it. I used to go to City Hall and hand out flyers. I had a job at CNN. Jermaine Dupri (Atlanta music producer, executive): The best way for me to describe Magic City is “hip-hop adult Cirque du Soleil.”, Barney, Big Boi, and André 3000, pictured in 2016. Even $500 in one night. Barney: It was an opportunity type of thing. That’s just the way the music industry has gone. I said, “Look, Strawberry, you’re gonna have to act like I’m gonna beat you up real bad. While in Atlanta for the occasion, Williams admits he made a pit stop at the famous strip club Magic City. It’s not necessarily who you are. It means the team’s third leading scorer will miss Thursday’s season restart. DJ Outlaw 3000 (Magic City DJ since 1990): I started working at the Birmingham location first, in 1990. We rapped about it, but we hadn’t yet been able to get in that motherf--ker yet. He would come in, and he’d do it big. Big Boi: I kind of gauge it like, if I’m gonna go in the club, I know I’m gonna throw about 20 PlayStations. Ryan Cameron (radio personality at Majic 107.5, Atlanta native): DC was the first guy to use videos with the girls. Barney held his workers to high standards of behavior, professionalism, and beauty. Don’t lose confidence.”. It wasn’t no “magic” behind it. For the best experience possible, we and our partners collect usage information and use cookies to show you relevant advertising. Barney turns 65 in December. Big Boi: In strip-club etiquette, if you go in and they’re just running your songs back-to-back, you give them a couple hundred dollars or something. Barney: I was incarcerated when the building caught on fire. There was a guy named Easy. L.A. Clippers guard Lou Williams was allowed to leave the NBA bubble in Orlando to attend the funeral of a family friend—but has admitted he also went to a strip club. Dupri: You can take your music into the club, and if you pay the DJ, he’ll play your record. Dope boys started telling on other people. Making it rain started at an afterparty in 1991 in Magic City. They would be shocked to learn that I was in a same gender–loving relationship. “You ain’t doin’ that!”. We were in one of the biggest rooms they had, and everybody was trying to get in the room. Is an order of chicken wings from Atlanta's most famous strip club worth getting slapped with a suspension from your job and missing out on six-figures? There are a lot of people that like what you have. No one was ever charged. And if they show love, you show love back. I always imagined if I could get a higher quality of women, how it would go. She had these two Pippi Longstocking braids, and she was the prettiest thing you ever seen. They’ll put it in the music videos, countless movies. It was a bullshit case, but that was when they changed the RICO [Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations] laws. That’s why so many of them are so loyal. So we would go on BET, and they’d ask “How is Magic City?” We’d be like, “Shit, you’ve gotta go there!”. When you came in the door, we felt like you came to see us. Nobody did anything like that back in the day. They go overseas and come back and get them again every year. I owe it all to the people. You used to have Whyte Chocolate. I try to coach beautiful women: “Stand your ground; stand for what you are. Big Boi: With Magic, he’ll come out and shake everybody’s hand. Easy took bottles out of the Champagne bucket and poured it on them, and they were just wet. Strawberry, Destiny—you would go to the club specifically to see these girls dance. You’re actually tipping the DJ for your record. Kevin Harlan got in on the fun Tuesday night. The athlete came under scrutiny when rapper Jack Harlow posted a photo of them at the club on Thursday night, quickly deleted it and then said it was an old photo—even though Williams was wearing a face mask distributed on the Orlando campus known as the bubble. Barney: In the last 15 years, they don’t even look at the girl no damn more. The guy used to give a girl $40, she would jump up and kiss him, because it wasn’t no making it rain back then. She was one of the comedian dancers. I would be the only one he’d let get his Coke from the bar. He has his entourage throw money. It is durable. “Reggie Miller, Harlan’s TV partner, is apparently happy with Harlan’s idea.”. You’d go in and sit down, play around for a couple hours, and get out. He’s got a good eye, goddammit. It wasn’t like Magic. The running joke was, whenever you’d ask Magic for something—if you saw a really special girl and wanted her to come over—you knew if Magic was on the floor, you could ask him. DJ Outta Space: The number one classic song at Magic City since I’ve been there is “Dreams and Nightmares” by Meek Mill. In 2001, Barney was released from prison. I never liked it around me because I always dreamed that sexually something bad would happen, and we would get the blame. Back then, there was Montre’s, Purple Onion. Dominique’s pulling up in a [Mercedes-Benz] 500. Reggie Miller, Harlan’s TV partner, is apparently happy with Harlan’s idea. The arrival of Glenn, aka DC the Brain Supreme, as Magic City’s house DJ was a pivotal moment. At my funeral, don’t cry. It was incredible. In 1978, Michael Barney graduated with a history degree from Duke University. So, what other people are doing now, I used to do it specifically just to hit the ceiling because then the money would just splatter everywhere. In 1989, Barney opened a second strip club, called Magic City II, in Birmingham, Alabama. We became great friends but we lost contact. Magic City is a prominent strip club in Atlanta, founded in 1985 and currently owned by Michael “Magic” Barney . You’d be out of date. Barney: It became a theme: Come to Atlanta, come to Magic City. You don’t know who you’re being introduced to, or what. Powered by BizBudding Inc. LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - MARCH 04: Lou Williams #23 of the Los Angeles Clippers looks on during the first half of a game against the Los Angeles Lakersat Staples Center on March 04, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. It shut everybody down; everybody was out of work. Every aspect of life. They didn’t really play rap on V-103, but Ryan would play the instrumental as he talked, and that’s when people got on it in Atlanta. So, I try to tell everybody, the way you treat people is so important. I went to court, they found me guilty, I went away, I think, from about 1994 to 2002. Inside the Atlanta Strip Club that Runs Hip Hop | Magic City It was the night. You be forgetting how hard that is to do in the real world, so there’s a disconnect. Right then and there, I knew I was gonna move from California to Atlanta. OG India, she was always fit. That day, as soon as I put my fingers to those turntables, the girls looked up and heard my voice. And they would be a bit confused, because I was such a great actress in the club. Big Magic, the founder of Magic City (left), along with one of his lieutenants, Wolf (right), and the rapper T.I. He spends much of his time on real estate and other investments. It was closed for about a year. . I got off the plane with like $500 to spend the whole week, and the first place he took me was Magic City. He watched me for years and started to become a good DJ around 1998. When I first started, I think I made $400 a night. The recorded announcement on the MARTA train when it approaches Garnett station namedrops all kinds of nearby points of interest, from City Hall to the gloomy Greyhound terminal just down the stairs. . We were like New Kids on the Block, but we were Atlanta’s own. But others stepped in and defended the club's cuisine, including Manziel. We all were family, but you know how it gets when people get locked up. The Clippers shooting guard was caught at the club when rapper Jack Harlow posted a picture of himself and Williams at Magic City on his Instagram story. Barney: The next thing you know, we started dealing with Jermaine Dupri. That was my mentor. You pay everything on time and you let [City Hall] get their money, because they’re running off you. Barney: You don’t know who’s coming across the door. Young Thug, Rich Homie Quan, Migos, when I first started, these artists weren’t even around. DC: “Whoomp, there it is” was a saying people had in the clubs. Barney: They tried to say I was the money man. If you believe that any content of this Website violates your copyright, please see our Copyright Policy for instructions on sending us a notice of copyright infringement. She was the one who made us superstars. There were times when I would be out in public with my girlfriend, and I would run into some of my customers. Magic City though has taken full advantage of the story. The other day, when I went to the Toyota place to pick up my truck, I had my Magic City shirt on. Things happen. Paying Magic extra money to have his friends fly in and have an extra afterparty.