i hurted alot .konanki kartheek should be added.try to get full surnames of khamma's...if not try to get as soon as possible..... HiPlease Gothram: Niumaalato the surname: maddipati, Please add the Gothram: Nirumaalato surname: maddipati. till now i think my gothram is paperla but now i know it is prepalla and my surname is palepu. There is no kamma surname VIPPERLAwith gothram 'SANDHIPUDI'so please add this to the list of kamma community. The Mala leaders have tried hard to convince their madiga brothers about the ill effects of categorization but their efforts were in vain as madigas under MRPS have been aggressively working hard to pass the SC Categorization bill in Parliament, Malas oppose SC Categorization on 4 main grounds. They now form part of the upper middle class sections of society. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. On 9-7-98 the National commission for SC,ST has officially invited Shri DV Srinivas,State General Secretary,UFASC,AP, as he was the main petitioner in the case to present his case on behalf of the MALA community. Naresh Chowdarysurname Chundurugothram Pinjarlaplizzz add me....... there is no surname called KUNKU with gothram 'Inakunkala'. They have made very good use of the Christian educational programs, considerably elevating their social position and now form part of the upper middle c lass. KAMMA -- KNOWN PERSONALITIES(UNIVERSITES VICE CHAN... Surname (House name) Village/Place of kamma people. Hi Brother,Please Add My Surname "YEPURI" and Gothram is Vipparla..Our Native is Bhadrachalam(MD), Khammam (DT). SURNAME IS VEJELLA AND GOTHRAM IS CHIRUMAMILLA. Please add...Regards Sathish Inturisathish.inturi@gmail.com, There is no surname called Burujupati with sekunulla gothram add it in the existing list of surnames, PLEASE ADDSURNAME; THANDRAGOTHRAM; CHERUKUPALU, PLEASE ADDSURNAME; APPALANENIGOTHRAM; GUNTOKKA. There were kin-communities of Malas such as Baindla, Pambala, Jangam, Poturaju, Mashti, Mala dasari / Mala Dasu / Mithaalayyalavalu, Dandems, Nethakani or Mala sale, Mala Jangama. At the same time they are said to be always thinking about some shortcut scheme or the other, somewhat lazy . In old Hindu religion the weavers who we called as Sale or Shali or Padmashali, Chowdary and the tailors Mera or Merugu people hesitate to weave or sell or stitch cloths. They are prominent in the Andhra Evangelical Lutheran Church (AELC), Church of South India (CSI). HI,I NEED GHOTRAM FOR THE SURNAME RATAKONDA.PLZ WOULD U ADD IT FOR ME ASAP... U can add surname chittabathina with gotram pachala, there is no surname called MUNTHA with gothram KONDAPALA please add it in the existing list of surname, THERE IS NO PALUKURU GOTHRAM IN THIS LIST, There is no Surname called Kesanapalle in this list,so pls add Surname Kesanapalle with mudutla Gotram.....Thank you..Yours Naidu.kr. These missionaries, later eatablished educational and cultural institutions of great significance, across the erstwhile state of Madras. History  Malas employed to see the irrigation in villages called Neerati, Neeradu. Today  87     Ginjupalli                        Ginjupallivari palem, near Prattipadu, Guntur Dsit, Kankanala                    Kankanalapalle village: 1) near Sattenapalle, Guntur District, 2) near                                                 Tripuranthakam, Prakasam Dist, 54      Kommineni                   Kommineni vari Palem: 1) near Ballikurava, Prakasam Dist, 2)                                                             Kommineni-palle: near Sullurupet, Nellore Dist, 155      Konanki                       Konanki village: near Piduguralla, Guntur District, 156      Kondamaneni              Kondamaneninayuni palem village: near Dharmavaram, Ananthapur                                                   District, 157      Kondapalli                    Kondapalli village: near Vijayawada, Krishna District, 158      Kondaveeti                   Kondaveedu village: Guntur District, 159      Koneru                          Koneru village: Gunjam District, Orissa State, 160      Kongara                        Kongaravaripalle village: near Chandragiri, Chittor District, 161      Korrapati                       Korrapadu village: near Medikonduru, Guntur District, 162      Kotapati                         Kotapadu village: Prakasam district, 163       Kotha                            Kothavari palle village: near Madanapalle, Chittor District, 164       Kothapalli                      Kothapalli village: near Kodali, Krishna District, 165       Kovelamudi                   Kovelamudi village: near Vatticherukuru, Guntur District, 166       Koya                             Koyavari palem village: near Prattipadu, Guntur Distict, 167       Kuchipudi                     Kuchipudi village: 1) near Pamarru, Krishna and 2) near Tenali,                                                        Guntur District, 168       Kudapa                        Kudapa village: near Reddy Gudem, Krishna Dist, 169       Kudaravalli                   Kudaravalli village: near Gudivada, Krishna District, 170       Kukkapalli                     Kukkapallivari palem: near Chilakaluripet, Guntur Dist, 171       Kunamaneni                 Kunamaneni Vari Palem village: near Cheemakurthi, Prakasam Dist, 172       Kuntamukkla                Kuntamukkala village: Near Mylavaram, Krishna District, 173       Kurapati                       Kurapadu village: near Sattenapalli, Guntur District, 174       Kurra                            Kurravari palem: Near Medarametla, Prakasam District. Soo Many Surnames and Gotras are missing here..Plz update properlySurname DayaneniGotra Pidugunollaone more Surname NagandlaGotra Pogonolla. Mala dasoos were another set of priests who reside with Mala settlements. According to the story by Gurram Malla; Mala’s are the descendants of Mala Chennappa, the son of Lord Shiva. Thank u for this valuable information of our caste. Mala military exploits form an important part of Kakatiya history, culture and tradition. please add surname is SANGAMANENI gothram LEVI in our community.than q u. from SANGAMANENI CHAITANYA NAIDU.HYDERABAD. They were also experts in the art of black magic. Overall, at least in Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra, the Mala-Mahar are forging ahead very rapidly. This had led to a mass upheaval in the cultural orientation of caste Hindus, as well as converted Malas. Henceforth, a large chunk of the Mala population embraced a biblical culture interspersed with traditional characteristics from Hindu culture. [citation needed] In Kakatiya military Malas are used to be called as Mohari (Telugu: mohari), the street which they lived is known as “Mohariwada”. There are many in government service. On 7-7-1998 ShriManda Krishna hearings were noted by the commission on behalf of MRPS(Madiaga Reservation Porata Samithi) and Madiga Community. Establishing, or upgrading village protecting goddess Bodrai called Boddu Rai a stone which symbolic to a village protecting goddess is a heavy process maintained by Pambala priests. Posted in Mala Caste | Tags: malas community, malas Group, malas mahanadu. This comment has been removed by the author. Poturajus were another group of priests serving the village spirits both benevolent and malevolent. Overall the community today clearly understands education is the key. There is no gotram for Anugula Surnamegotram---- Veyinulla, Hi,Gaddam is missing from the list,Gaddam - Musileela gothramPlaces- Nellore( Udayagiri Madalam)Thanks,GMB, Surname: Anantha,Gothram: veeravalli,is missing from the list can you please add it. Baindlas were priests assisting at Mala festivals and sometimes at sacrifices for the whole village when epidemics like cholera visit the village. Malas still live in segregated settlements in rural Andhra,but in urban areas it is not so. SOME PEOPLE WITH SURNAME BHAMIDIPATI ARE KAMMAS!THERE IS NO NAME AT ALL IN YOU LIST!PLEASE ADD IT! hi this is bharath. A senior pambala priest cuts the sheep neck with his teeths and kills it. R. Ambedkar. Very Very thanks for you, because of try to our caste all surnames collected. This has its roots in the landholdings of the Reddis, where Malas are said to be traditionally employed. Gothram - Vaarneelu, add our surname VANKAYALAPATI and gothram VELPULA, Please add ERLA as a surname in Kamma community. This has led to a curious rivalry between the scheduled caste communities for government benefits. MADALA gotram pogunoolla srinivas madala. According to researchers like Ambedkar, the malas and similar communities were actually warriors of some defeated kingdom: they were pushed down in social status. ” The apex court pronounced its Judgement stating that State Government has no power to sub-categorize Scheduled castes into groups to implement reservations in the field of education and employment in exercise of its power under Article 15(4) and 16(4) of Indian constitution as public employment and education.”, Some prominent leaders who are currently serving the interests of Malas. The rivalry is legendary and traditional, going back to tribal times and manifested clearly in national and regional politics. The case is pending with supreme court since 2005 when it was filed on behalf of Dalit Christians & Dalit Muslims(Pasmanda Muslim Mahaz). Replies. Origin of Caste : The division of warrior class into many castes and their consolidation commenced in the time of Prataparudra I (1158-1195 A.D). Surname : KodavatiGothram : SrinellaPlease add the above surname and Gothram as it is missing in the list.. Rajakondalu of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu with Pempilla Gothram is missing in the list. Mala Christians, are the result of conversions that had their origin in early 19th century, when missionaries like Father Heyer evangelized parts of Andhra Pradesh.