Adjacent to the hotel is the 2-million-square-foot (190,000 m 2) Mandalay Bay Convention Center and the 12,000-seat Mandalay Bay Events Center. Experience the ambiance of a Mediterranean mansion, with terrace seating that overlooks the Four Seasons pool. PRESS MORNING Skip to Content. Cover: You can also have breakfast, lunch or dinner here. Skyfall Lounge is a carefree escape from the noise and stress of the city, in Mandalay Bay Las Vegas. Table Reservations:  Anything you can imagine can be created with ice from your corporate logo to large scale replicas. We visited the Sky Lounge numerous times during our stay at the Waldorf Astoria and each visit was more pleasant and entertaining than the previous. When the sun goes down, peruse Hazel’s distinctive cocktail menu for a range of time-honored classics as well as adventurous new creations. See more ideas about mandalay bay, las vegas, vegas. The 30,000-square-foot Spa Mandalay has warm and hot whirlpools, a cedar sauna, a eucalyptus-scented steam room, a cold plunge, and 23 treatment rooms. The lounge is laid out and designed with attention to detail and a flair for creating a calm but buzzy vibe. Les clients sont ravis par les chambres agréables. The drinks are well 107 Sky Lounge & NERD BAR!!! The reimagined Sky View Suite is an experience of heightened proportions in this luxurious 1050 sq. Please see the Rí Rá Irish Pub Page for more information about this restaurant. M life Rewards gets you access to the best MGM Resorts has to offer. Guest Lists: #BestViewInVegas, Two is always better than one. Menu. 3940 S Las Vegas Blvd. Mandalay Bay Club de golf Bali Hai est à quelques minutes. Guest Lists: .icon-directions:before{background-image:url()} Discover our top picks for hotels on the Las Vegas Strip and Downtown! View more info on Hazel Coffee & Cocktails. Everything that surrounds you is made of ice from the walls, the seats, the chandeliers to even the cocktail glasses you drink from.