Your email address will not be published. Using a lever action rifle is a skill that used to be so common it went without comment. Take a gander, why don’t you? That is Safe. The Marlin rifles are not long range guns and are designed for intermediate ranges. The internals have been modified and redesigned to handle the .45-70, and that is all it needed. At 1x, with both eyes opened the shooter can utilize it as a red dot. When it came time for accuracy testing, I considered using a magnifying optic with a lot of Xs to it. Brownells has made that possible with their BRN-Proto... Dr. Will Dabbs tells you why the Citadel Boss 25 is the way to hunt birds or deer with a shotgun in the 21st century! Performance was excellent. The Dark Series sling is….interesting. The safety is a crossbolt in the rear of the receiver. In fact, Marlin themselves had already tried to replace the old buffalo cartridge, when in 1964 they introduced the .444 Marlin. Patrick Sweeney heads to the range to look at suppressors from 3 Ring Silencer Corporation. Part of the locking blocks job is to push up on the rear half of the two-piece firing pin. In fact, Marlin themselves had already tried to replace the old buffalo cartridge, when in 1964 they introduced the .444 Marlin. The .45-70 round is a powerful beast and a lesser scope could be broken to bits by it. Like situational ethics, standards of accuracy vary according to circumstances. Experimenters, testers and gun writers of the time disagreed. The standard-issue ported 18.5-inch barrels and cushioned recoil pads on the .45-70 and .450 Marlin Guide Guns provide substantial reduction in felt recoil. It utilizes both the forward receiver screw-holes and the rear sight dovetail in the barrel for maximum strength in attachment. The Caldwell Hydrosled took the impact. So I hunted with "borrowed" guns--which, since everybody had tags for two deer, was part of what Marlin's Tony Aeschliman had in mind by having such a selection available in the first place. It seems odd purely because the weapon is such an old design. The Marlin 1895 Dark Series is a new take on an old idea. All Shooting Times subscribers now have digital access to their magazine content. It is hard to top the “hitting hard” of the .45-70. Two days later, back in the woods closer to base camp with the little .44 Magnum 1894CP again, I filled the second tag with an antlerless meat-rack animal that fell to a point-of-aim neck shot at 30 yards with Winchester's 250-grain Partition Gold bullet. For normal cleaning, you do not have to do any more. It’s also waterproof, fog proof, and shockproof. The lever action design is awesome for rapid fire in a pinch. When I looked at that printout tape from the Oehler M35 chronograph the first time, I thought: "Uh-oh, false reading." The Nikon Prostaff line is varied, but the best model for the Marlin 1895 is the 2 to 7 power variant with a 32 mm objective lens. With the Primary Arms Advanced Micro dot (see full specs), you have the ability to rapidly put a round on target. The Marlin 1895 is a cool, powerful, and effective rifle. We look at the futuristic .450 Bushmaster and how it compares to the tried and true .45-70. If you drop it and overlook it, your rifle will not eject empties at the next range session. The Marlin 1895 is an intense rifle. It would be not much of a joke for you to use a cartridge that was “good enough” and then suffer a heart attack trying to haul your deer back to camp. The .444 is a slightly tapered case that uses a bullet of .429 of an inch diameter, and that was part of the problem. Invented and perfected here, it has not received the love overseas that it has had here for generations. All feature solid-receiver side ejection, which allows scope mounting on the drilled-and-tapped receiver top. The lever-action rifle; it's one of the famous classic American firearms, a tool of history and just as much a symbol of the Old West as the six-shooter. A trigger block also prevents the trigger from being pulled until the lever is fully closed. Once I hefted each of them, my ardor for the two Winchesters faded quickly. This particular model is in 1.5 x 4.5 power with a 32mm objective lens. The full panoply of .45-70 loads from the ammo companies could be used, and even better, the Marlin action was so much stronger than the Trapdoor Springfield that experimenters could boost velocities significantly. Replacing screws and trying to buff out the scratches got old after a while. Keith Feeley of Tactical Solutions sat down with Michael Bane at SHOT Show 2018 to talk about the new X-Ring Takedown SBR .22LR rifle. Remington said the bullet they loaded in the .444 was not the same as that used in the .44 magnum. It was the reloaders who got into trouble. Press it the other way, and not see Red? Then I got a T/C .45/70 SS ported hunter barrel for my SS Contender and … To make aiming more precise you have to make the aperture smaller, and that hinders speed.<. I was actually aiming at another dot for one of those groups. In the golden age of daily carry options, the Springfield Armory Hellcat OSP pistol is a... Hi-Point has YEETed its way to internet fame with the new YEET Cannon G1. For rifles, they are called slings. Marlin brought it out in 1972, when the .45-70 was not exactly a spring chicken. It’s waterproof, shockproof, and fog proof. The optics sits low on the rails on your rifle and would give you a nice compact and lightweight option for fast and rapid shooting. The large circle reticle makes shots at 25 yards simple, and shots at 200 yards possible. Press it one way, and see Red? There was only one fps spread showing between the fastest and slowest rounds. The push button controls are very simple and the design is robust. Parkerized parts come out of the “park” tank a light or medium gray. Insert the ejector into its seat in the receiver wall. Stop halfway, weasel the lever up from below and insert its front tab into the bolt, and line up with the pivot screw. It is a gently tapered case, with plenty of neck to hold whatever bullet you choose. Now, we have to offer guidance, and offer tips. Subscriber Services. You need to react fast. His go-to guns are a Smith & Wesson 642 Performance Center for carry and a Ruger GP100 in the nightstand biometric safe (he has kids). It also makes it easier to run the lever, and speed up follow-up shots. Loads ranged from Winchester's light and fast 300-grain Supreme Partition Gold to Garrett's rhino-busting 540-grain +P SuperHardCast HammerHead (which is designed to be used only in Marlin lever-action guns). If you can see that it is all there, it is ready to go. The simple Nikoplex reticle is quick to the eye, and also makes it faster to get on target. The lack of (at the time) heavier bullets also didn’t help. The barrel of the 1895 Dark Series is threaded at the muzzle for a flash hider, muzzle brake or suppressor. Ruger American Rimfire with Go Wild Camo I-M Brush Stock, World War II German Elefant Tank Destroyers, German Sniper Rifles of World War I and II, 2020 Gun Rights Policy Conference Is Online Event Due to COVID-19, Anarchy Outdoors Introduces Upgrades For T/C Compass and Venture Rifles, L1A1 7.62mm Rifle vs. CETME Modelo C Rifle, Marlin 1895 Dark Series Lever-Action Rifle Review, Firearms News Issue #13 — Ruger Mini-14 A-Team. This is just one of the modern, 21st century, details you have to keep on top of. A medium-caliber bullet, at moderate velocities, does just as well on deer, and you can get a follow-up shot a lot faster with a lever action than a bolt action rifle, before the deer crosses the ridgeline. In the old days, you’d use a properly-fitting screwdriver and remove that screw. That part is spring-loaded so as to not line up with the firing pin unless the locking block has pushed it into alignment. After all, 1895 isn’t just a model number here. In other words, they won’t benefit from high-powered optics. If there's a trend in new rifles for 2020, it is surely toward .22 rimfires, with a nod to the... Finnish-made Mosin Nagant M39s are considered by many experts to be the best of the type. However, on the morning that I was helicoptered to a remote area of the island with more extensive open areas to be dropped off solo for a full day of trackless compass-wandering, I opted for something with a little more reach and carried a scoped stainless Model 336SS in .30-30. It is a hollow tube with a follower and coil spring. The Full power Black Hills Honey Badger, and the Hornady Subsonic seen in the photo did not strike that close to each other. Even after they did introduce rifles ready for scopes, there were still a bazillion Marlins out there lacking the scope mount holes. This is not the fault of the Marlin 1895, it is caused by physics. So, sight in with what you are going to use, and don’t’ trust another load until you have checked it, too. Thanks to the gun/load's superb accuracy and modern compact rangefinder technology, I could be confident anywhere within that zone. The hunting on Anticosti island proved successful for Dick and Marlin's Tony Aeschliman (R). The paracord can take much of the sting out of that rap. On the back of the receiver there is a ghost ring sight, aka an aperture sight, and that is mounted to an extended rail that extends out over the barrel. When the rifle arrived at my door, I went right to work checking its performance with several varieties of ammo and setting it up for hunting. If you are using the rifle for defense in the bush, this is a great alternative to a magnified optic.