A Twitter user caught word of the incident and posted a screenshot of the emails on Thursday. Professor Who Asked Student to ‘Anglicize’ Her Name Is Put on Leave Matthew Hubbard, a mathematics professor in Oakland, Calif., said his emails to Phuc Bui Diem Nguyen, a … “I love that my parents want to keep my culture alive by keeping our Vietnamese name.”. All rights reserved. “Your request for me to ‘Anglicize’ my name feels discriminatory and I will move forward with filing a complaint with the Title IX Office if you can not refer to me by my given birth name. He has worked as a writer on the NBC comedy series 30 Rock. pic.twitter.com/0CulBh49Jb, "I love that my parents want to keep my culture alive by keeping our Vietnamese name. Nguyen,” he said, calling on the freshman. “P. LAUSD board elections bring a charter school-backed candidate and a teachers union-supported candidate to the policy-making table. Endorsement: The Times endorses Hoffman, Anderson, Henderson and Han for LACCD. He later went on to attend Harvard University where he was an editor for the Harvard Lampoon. ", Hubbard declined CNN's request to offer any additional comments on the incident other than what he told, "The first email was a mistake, and I made it thinking about another student willing to Anglicize," Hubbard told The Times. Where to vote. Our business went to a whole new level and I owe the credit to Dr. Matt! ", "This teacher had the ignorance and audacity to tell my sister to anglicized her name is disgusting," wrote a person who identified herself as the student's sister on social media, alongside screenshots of her sibling's correspondence with the instructor on Thursday. He asked all of the students to rename themselves by their last name and first initial during the Zoom class. “We understand the need to challenge and eliminate racism and white supremacy in all of its insidious forms, including the suppression of native cultures and languages and its demands that people of color conform to norms of ‘whiteness,’” board President Julina Bonilla and Secretary Regina Stanback Stroud wrote. Another student in his 30-person trig class had changed his online name, Hubbard told the New York Times. Sturgill is a student at Duke University, where she studies journalism, French and political science. L.A. County reports its highest single daily case count. "But it's a big difference with someone doing it voluntarily and asking someone to do it. The coronavirus didn’t respect borders. Authorities say the man also stabbed himself several times in the stomach and was taken to a hospital. He offers a truly practical approach to breaking through ceilings that we all go through.” Matt joined the faculty of EEOB as an Assistant Professor in the Fall of 2013. But also forgot that my sister also spoke English and that’s not his language.". ‘Unless we can all get back to protecting each other, our recovery will stall,’ official says. Filmografia, nagrody, biografia, wiadomości, ciekawostki. Get up to speed with our Essential California newsletter, sent six days a week. By Thursday, Hubbard had thought of an alternative. "We take these allegations seriously and immediately placed the faculty member on administrative leave pending an investigation. "I was so shocked and I was so disappointed at his ignorance and at the school. An Oakland college professor has been placed on administrative leave after asking an Asian student to “Anglicize” her name, saying the pronunciation “sounds like an insult.”. Fax: 515 294-1337. Through this incident, Nguyen said she was able to raise awareness of what's happening and has helped others be prouder of their culture and identity. Nguyen replied back to Hubbard's email and told him his request feels "discriminatory" and warned him she would file a Title IX complaint if he did not refer to her by her birth name. Later that day, Gilkerson announced that Hubbard, who has taught at Laney for 15 years, had been placed on administrative leave. It’s not clear whether an unofficial voting site under investigation by Orange County authorities was in violation of any election laws. If you can’t say it then ask," the student's sister wrote. But when Hubbard received Nguyen’s email, he did not relent. Stewart Kwoh, the founder of Asian Americans Advancing Justice-L.A., says learning names and the background of names should be part of the education process for professors and students alike. Copyright © 1998-2020 Filmweb Sp. On the second day of class, Laney College mathematics professor Matthew Hubbard asked Phuc Bui Diem Nguyen to "Anglicize" her name because … W 1996 roku ukończył Beverly High School w Beverly (Massachusetts, USA). Nguyen’s sister later posted a screenshot of the emails to Instagram, stressing the professor’s “ignorance and audacity.”, “As a professor, he should be trying to learn her name and culture and not try to whitewash her name. Fake polling place or service to the community? But on the second day of trigonometry class last week during the summer semester, Nguyen said she received an unsolicited email from her professor. 958 views; 10 years ago; 4:35. Matt Hubbard is an American television writer and screenwriter who has worked on many television shows. "I understand you are offended, but you need to understand your name is an offensive sound in my language.". El Paso faces a major postelection crisis: one of the worst coronavirus outbreaks in America. A Laney College professor is on leave after refusing to call an Asian student by her given name, saying it “sounds like an insult.”, Federal judge slams U.S. OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Laney College professor Matthew Hubbard issued an apology on Twitter one day after our ABC7 News exclusive interview … "I decided to fully embrace it and let everyone know that they should be proud of their name," Nguyen said. Endorsements. Matt Hubbard is a producer and writer, known for 30 Rock (2006), Forever (2018) and Parks and Recreation (2009). Previously, she has written for the Charlotte Observer, 9th Street Journal and Duke’s student newspaper, the Chronicle. Laney College professor Matthew Hubbard refused to call a student by her given Vietnamese name, saying the pronunciation "sounds like an insult." L.A. County sees another big jump in daily coronavirus cases. Laney College has more than 17,000 students, nearly 30% of whom identify as Asian. ‘He’s our Satan’: Mega music manager Irving Azoff, still feared, still fighting. Matt's research spans both the evolution and ecology of crops and their wild relatives with a particular focus on maize and the teosintes. Matthew Hubbard is a professor in the Mathematics department at Laney College - see what their students are saying about them or leave a rating yourself. Sign in. Man with machete breaks patrol car windshield, stabs Oceanside police dog. On the second day of class, Laney College mathematics professor Matthew Hubbard asked Phuc Bui Diem Nguyen to "Anglicize" her name because "Phuc Bui sounds like an insult in English," Hubbard told Nguyen in an email obtained by CNN. The second email is very offensive, and if I had waited eight hours, I would've written something very different.". Nguyen told Hubbard that his request for her to change her name felt "discriminatory" and that she planned to file a complaint with the Title IX Office if he did not "refer to her" by her "given birth name," according to the screenshots. Matt's research spans both the evolution and ecology of crops and their wild relatives with a particular focus on maize and the teosintes. Nine minutes later, the professor fired back. It is all here. “While our mission has been bold and unrelenting, we also recognize that our college and its community is a reflection of broader society and we must actively fight ignorance with education. 2010 CORE PROMO Dr. Matt Hubbard & Dr. David Jackson - Duration: 2 minutes, 5 seconds. Phuc Bui sounds like an insult in English,” the professor wrote on Wednesday.