I didn't know I could blow the bombs up earlier, but I mamaged to beat the game. Dive will move his arms to the side before firing a torpedo, so try to stay as far away from him as possible and be on the ground when he is about to shoot. You’ll also have to be ready to use the Skull Barrier quickly to destroy his torpedoes as well. Weaknesses: Rain Flush (best), Mega Buster, Skull Barrier (good for defense). Arm cannon: This attack consists of a series of shots (about four) that are aimed at your position. Jump: Skull will leap towards Mega Man like many other bosses. Ring Man will do the exact same move on this side of the room, so jump over the first ring, slide, and jump over the boss as he charges towards you. Thanks again. Some kind of...canister thing? Drill Man, Bright Man, Skull Man and Ring Man tend to be more difficult to deal with and I advise fighting them first since the easy bosses can be saved for when you are low on life. Skull Man's weakness is the Dust Crusher, Dive Man is annihilated using the Skull Barrier and finally, Drill Man is best defeated with the Dive Missiles. Charge the Mega Buster up, wait for Wiley to fire about three shots (there is a pause between each volley) and hit him. CapcomPublishers: Capcom (JP/US), Be ready to slide, because this boss breaks into horizontal sections that fly across the screen from right to left or vice versa. These two parts have their own energy bars, and both will need to be defeated in order to defeat Sigma. The shot will arc up if you are jumping or come in straight if you on on the ground. Dust Man’s shot attack has an obvious tell: you’ll see a block of trash appear in the opening on top of his head a split second before he fires. Dust Man often, but not always, uses the same move two or three times in a row, so if he fires a shot after jumping, it’s pretty safe to expect another. Drill Man isn’t a fast jumper and you should be able to slide under him. The bot will usually move along the walls and ceiling in a clockwise manner, pausing momentarily to fire at you. It’s best to attack just after it fires a shot (you should be able to get about two hits in before you have to dodge the next projectile) and when it’s lowering its spike to damage the floor. Staying near this boss (about one body length) also helps guarantee that the missiles will lock into him and not his projectiles. Four or five hits should end this battle. Sigma's first form will be a grim reaper-style form. Each boss strategy covers what weapon is best used on a particular robot master, the weapon/item you’ll receive after defeating it, and how to fight the boss effectively. Nintendo (EU/AU)Platform: In the Japanese version, the Cossack Catcher starts moving earlier. He has written words for Den of Geek, Collider, The Irish Times and Screen Rant over the years, and can discuss anything from the MCU - where Hawkeye is clearly the best character - to the most obscure cult b-movie gem, and his hot takes often require heat resistant gloves to handle. The following guide will showcase the weaknesses of Mutos Reploids, Sub-Bosses and Bosses in MMZ1-4, as well as Pseudodroids, Sub-Bosses and Bosses in MMZX and ZX Advent, Rock Man Zero 1/Mega Man Zero 1: Boss Weaknesses, Defend The Base/Resistance Base Perseverance(Resistance Base), Rock Man Zero 2/Mega Man Zero 2: Boss Weaknesses, Golem E – Ice; Golem F – Thunder; Golem I - Flame, Rescue Reploids (Forest of Dysis) + Chase Elpizo(Forest of Notus), Rock Man Zero 3/Mega Man Zero 3: Boss Weaknesses, Neo Arcadia Army Recon (Aegis Volcano Base), Track Dark Elf Signal (Oceanic Highway Ruins), Thunder Body Chip + Saber Smash (EX Skill), Engage Neo Arcadian Army (Twilight Desert), Engage Neo Arcadian Army (Forest of Anatre), Engage Neo Arcadian Army (Frontline Ice Base), Quick Foot Chip + Reflect Laser (EX Skill), Double Jump Foot Chip + Soul Launcher (EX Skill), Spike Foot Chip + Orbit Shield (EX Skill), Shadow Dash Foot Chip + V-Shot (EX Skill), Absorber Body Chip + Gale Attack (EX Skill), Neo Arcadian Army Recon (Aegis Volcano Base) and Search Facility (Energy Facility), Burst Shot, Buster Shot(Charged), Z-Saber(Charged), Recoil Rod(Charged), Orbit Shield/Blizzard Arrow (Bee Server); Anything, lol (Mellnets), Shield Boomerang, Orbit Shield and Saber Smash, Rock Man Zero 4/Mega Man Zero 4: Boss Weaknesses, Z-Saber(Charged)/Tractor Shot (Tyrine); Tractor Shot/Z-Saber(Charged)/Ice Javelin/Burning Shot(GlassCannons), Z-Saber(Charged)/Flame Fang/Ice Blade/Sky Chaser, Mavericks Detected/Troop Reinforcement (Area D), Search the Plant (Area E) + Find the Survivors (Area F), Defend Grand Nuage (Area X) + Repel the Army (Area O), Flying Mechaniloid Types D(Dragon) and O(Orias), Recover the Disk (Area J) + Repel the Army (Area O), Rock Man ZX Advent/Mega Man ZX Advent: Boss Weaknesses, Mysterious Lab 2(Grey) [Intro Stage] / Raider Pursuit(Ashe) [Intro Stage], Model ZX: Aile (as Grey)/ Model ZX: Vent (as Ashe), Best guide ever for a game like this.